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Herald's Guide to INVOKER

May 23, 2018 by SirDeRp25
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DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Herald's Guide to INVOKER

May 23, 2018


Hi fellow Dota players, i have been playing dota for 4 years, i had 6K mmr in the olden days, the new revamp of rank, i achieved herald due to my teammates being incapable of comprehending my intellectual abilities of my main, Invoker.

But due to my rank being Herald i have been able to grasp the basics again and provide tips n tricks to you all about how to dominate in herald and become a pro player such as myself. With this stradagy i have obtained ranks such as Guardian 0 only being dragged down again to the depth of herald rank by my incompetent teammates.


We want to start with a basic understanding of the INVOKER COMBOS.
We want to begin by covering the ability Quas, Wex, Exort. These abilities are bound to your Q. W . E keys respectively, activation of a 3 sequence key bind is conducted through the pressing of R button to invoke.

Basic Combo
Quas Quas Quas Invoke
Cold Snap This ability snaps your enemies

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