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Hello Goodbye - Earth Spirit

November 16, 2013 by VnRMrFUBAR
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Defensive ES

DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Boulder Smash

1 4 5 7

Rolling Boulder

3 12 13 14

Geomagnetic Grip

2 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello Hello all of you lovely people who have decided to read my guide! This is my first attempt at creating a guide so please don't flame me if I have posted something that is incorrect or not as effective etc etc. Constructive criticism and of course advice is always welcome!

So earth Spirit! The Big, Rock like and Lumo Green Dalailama =]

Mr Earth Spirit is one of my favorite characters and is a very useful support.

He likes to smash people away like a ball meeting a bat, pulling his friends to safety through enemy's so they can hand out ***** slaps along the way or rolling into dudes he doesn't like..

He works out by pulling rocks and kicking them as well.. (personally I think a standard gym would bring about better results but who am I to argue with Valve)

Pros and Cons

Pros :

- This blouk starts off with decent base damage
- Last hitting is very easy as he has a great attack animation
- His int gain is above average =]

- Great escape and ganking tool (Rolling Boulder)

_ Awesome utility spell for saving friends
    Geomagnetic Grip = Hello =]
    Boulder smash = Goodbye XD


- Has mana problems in the early game
- Requires a lot of micro
- Bad in 1v1 fights
- requires some practice, spells take time to master

Skills (Hello and Goodbye ;)

Here we go!

- Stone Remnant

Putting it simply, you drop the stone;

- smash it with your Q (unlike when you kick a hero or pull an ally through enemies, stones deal more damage to enemies. Why? I dont know.. ES has a spiritual relationship with them..)

- Boulder Smash

- This is the Goodbye, I hate you or %#[email protected] off spell:
- It deals a nice amount of damage
- Can create openings for ganks (can smack those you hate towards allies)
- Secondary escape mechanism

- Rolling Boulder
    - Great escape or initiating spell
    - When used with a Stone, ES will travel further and faster - enemies will then have their movement and attack speed slowed.

Geomagnetic Grip

- Hello!!! XD
- Spell can be used to save allies
- when used with a stone, enemy that hit will take damage and be stunned

    - AoE nuke spell
    - Plant Stones in areas where you know the enemy team will have to travel through
    - When Magnetize is used near stones, addition damage is dealt as the effect is reset depending on the amount of stones in the area.
    - Stones explode when under the effect of Magnetize and any enemy caught in the blast radius will pick up the effects of magnetize

Friends and Foes

Friends =]

Heroes with stuns and disables go hand in hand with ES as it allows him pull off a successful Q + Stone

E.g. Naga,
Earth Shaker (distant relative),
Nyx Assassin,
Sand King,
I could keep going on all day, stuns/disables = kills (Hooraa!)

* Keeper of the light is awesome as you will always be able to cast spells


- ES requires farm to be effective, so don't lane him with a carry.

- Any champion with mana drain; Lion, Keeper of The Light, Invoker. If they manage to drain you quickly and your team calls for a 5v5 man fight, you are pretty much useless.

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