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Hellfire's guide to a versatile Windrunner

July 15, 2013 by Hellfire and Pyrite
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DotA2 Hero: Windranger

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Hellfire's guide to a versatile Windrunner

Hellfire and Pyrite
July 15, 2013


Hey everyone, this is my first guide on DOTAfire so it might lack some flash but I hope the content makes up for that. Anyway, this is an in-depth guide to Windrunner, I hope to explain how to play her to fit almost any role. Anyway enough about that onto the guide.


Early game you want to buy your basic regen and the courier, or if somebody else bought the courier you might want to buy wards. Even if you didn't buy the wards you should probably take them if you have a hard time landing your powershot on enemy's that you can't see. The ring of basilius helps with Windrunner's right click damage, which is already relativly high, helps with her small early game mana pool. Boots of speed need no explanation. Your core items increase your mobility which helps you secure kills and run when your about to be killed. The phase boots help you to chase down running enemies. Your force staff can help you position yourself or your enemies for the perfect shackleshot. Now I'm going to explain the three main roles that can be built off of these core items.

Support: Well for support your going to either be building a pipe or a mek, but never both that way if you die, which should never happen seeing as Windrunner with the correct items is a master of escape. your goal is to make sure your team stays alive so you should be using your force staff to push allies out of the way of a fatal blow instead of yourself. However the summons from the necronomicon shouldn't be undervalued either. The speed boost given from the archer is helpful in both chases and escapes and at level 3 the warriors true sight can help your team track down more evasive targets.

Semi-Carry/Ganker: I'll be honest this is my favorite of the 3 builds and the one I use the most. I will link a video of me using this build later. This build is for a game when you have great farm and some early kills. For this build your goal should be to pick off enemies that have a large presence in either the late game or in teamfights. You should try to pick off enemies who wander too far into the woods.

Carry: As much as I would like to I have never tried this build but would like to put it out there anyway. For this build you have to capitalize on Windrunner's unusually high right click damage for an intelligence hero. The shadow blade can be used for escape, chase, or set-ups for shackleshot and teamfight initiation. You should buy a mask of madness which allows you to increase your attack speed, almost a weaker version of your ultimate, and adds lifesteal which can provide you with more durability. After that its your choice of an orb and any auras you will need.

Anyway whichever build you choose to follow depends on your team and your preference.


Your skill build should be the same for all the item builds. Level 1 windrun should help to avoid most deaths throughout the early game. Powershot should be your main source of damage, unless you're going for the carry build, but until you have at level 3 with one level of windrun, and 2 levels of powershot, you should easily be able to secure first blood. Anyway powershot should be maxed first followed by shackleshot, then windrun. Your ultimate really has no utility until later in the game so you should only take it starting after you've maxed your other skills.


Basically this will guide should allow you to play anyway you want. Please post any feedback you have and thanks for reading.

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