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Hard Carry

December 17, 2014 by MyOpinionAboutThisHero
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Invoker Hard Carry

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


2 8 9 10 16 18 19


6 20 21 22 23 24 25


1 4 5 7 13 14 15


3 11 12 17



Invoker is a really good hero, but you need fast hand to play this hero, this hero has 10 active skill, invoker ussually played as nuker or ganker, but invoker has potential to be a carry or hard carry, because his skill provide him to be a hard carry

Pros and Cont

magic damage pros: high magic damage
a very good disabler
dominate in early mid game
a big help for you team
magic damage cont: in late game, not really usefull
enemy bkb, blink/stun/slow/dps, dust, you will die
easy to counter with another hard carry like phantom assassin, fv,anti

Hard carry pros: high phcysical damage
you forge spirit can reduce enemy armor by 10
high damage forge spirit
have skill to increase as and damage, also can perma bash with cold
dominate in late game
hard carry cont: need pro farmer
can't really help in teammate
need baby sister (support)
just has i skill to run ( ghost walk )


Better you take mid, because Invoker VERY NEED LEVEL, it's make all of invoker's skill reach max potential, as usual, always denied your creep, last hit, and harass your enemies, always see your friend, i think it's really good if your teammate have stunner or disabler, it's make you easier to kill you enemies with sunstrike, high pure damage. just stun and sunstrike, or you can use cold snap and sunstrike, or sunstrike behind your enemies, then defending blast. you also can let you forge spirit to jungle.

Item Build and skill combo

the best boots for invoker is phase boots, because sometime you spirit can make you stacked, also make invoker walk faster.

if you play invoker as a high magic damage, there is many combo, like wex exort combo just eul, sunstrike, meteor, defending, then cold snap, the burn damage from meteor will make your enemise always stunned by cold snap. another combo like quas wex combo, this
combo really good to burn your enemy mana, emp then tornado, if you already reach a high level, you can use tornado, ice wall, emp, meteor, defending blash, cold snap, forge spirit, aclarity, if you own force staff or blink dagger, go to your enemies then eul and sunstrike if they not die with that combo, or you can use ice wall after defending blast or cold snap.

if you play invoker as hard carry, the combo is exort quas combo, the main skill is forge spirit, cold snap, sunstrike, aclarity, in early game, just use sunstrike, maybe you can use meteor and defending blast, this build is very suitable if your enemies have bkb, because you use physical damage not magical, exort give you many damage, make critical will be very recoomanded, cuirass give you attack speed for your spirit too, that mean your spirit will reduce enemies armor faster, cuirass give you attact speed for cold snap too, and minus armor who will make you enemies armor really down, desolator will increase your damage, and reduce enemy armor, this will make you enemy like weak crackers, bkb will make you immune to stunned, you can reduce enemy armor up to 21, and you have high damage thanks to exort, you still can use another skill like ghost walk for run, or defending to make disarm. if your enemies use ghost scepter or ethernal, don't fear because you have many magic damage like meteor.

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