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Harass with Splinter Blast

December 29, 2016 by Jimmybhoy
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Buying little, but correctly.

DotA2 Hero: Winter Wyvern

Purchase Order

First Purchase

Early On

Mid Game

Late and Optional

Hero Skills

Arctic Burn

4 8 9 11

Splinter Blast

1 3 5 7

Cold Embrace

2 13 14 17

Winter's Curse

6 12 16


10 15

Hero Talents

+1.5s Winter's Curse Duration
Splinter Blast 2s Stun
+15% Arctic Burn Slow
-5s Cold Embrace Cooldown
+350 Health
+600 Night Vision
90 Gold/Min
+50 Damage

Harass with Splinter Blast

December 29, 2016

Intro Summary to the Winter Wyvern

This is my first guide and I chose Winter Wyvern as during the All Hero Challenge, I found the guides for him simply did not work for 7.0 and it took a few attempts to master him, after which he became one of my favourites.

Winter Wyvern is a brilliant support, but let us not pretend that he is anything more. His escape is shockingly bad and he is no tank. But he can harass and support well and even without a great deal of items, plays well.

I find he is best played in the safe lane with a ranged carry. Phantom Assassin is a perfect partner who you can support well.

Pros and Cons

- Great Nuke
- Great at harassing
- Does not need a great number of items, which helps in supporting
- Good range
- Ultimate gets stronger as the game goes on

- Squishy, good strength but poor agility which results in crud health, movement and attack speed
- Terrible at one on one fights as all skills are only effective in groups. Need your carry with you at all times!
- Al low health she literally crawls. movement is reduced past 50% and there is no escape!

Skills build

A lot of people say to start with Artic Burn, but I find it much more useful to start with Splinter Blast. I hope to explain below.

Artic Burn:
Allows you to fly for 6 seconds and create a slow / damage increase.

Splinter Blast:
By far the most useful in early game which is why I max this first.

You have to ensure the people you are targeting is not the target you aim for as it does not affect the target, but actually the hero's and creeps around them. The blast does a nifty bit of early damage and slows both hero's and creeps. This allows the carry which you are supporting to get the last kill, or harasses the hero's to use all their healing consumables early.

Cold Embrace:
This protects the allied target from physical damage and heals. It is really useful in the safe lane under the tower to heal yourself or your carry. This does use a lot of Mana and Mana is not cheap early game for Winter Wyvern. Also remember that this does not protect you from magical damage, only physical!

Winters Curse:
A really useful ULT for team fights. Not however good on a solo hero. This freezes an enemy hero and the curse pulls nearby enemy hero's to him to attack the frozen subject. This has a low radius from the frozen and you really do need to make sure you have one, or two enemy hero's very close to the target you choose otherwise it is a lot of Mana for nothing.

A side note is that you cannot damage the frozen hero yourself, so make sure you target the enemy heroes who are attacking him.

The General idea

I wont teach anyone on how to suck an egg! So i will give a short general idea on how i play this hero.

- Partner up with a strong carry like PA.
- Stick to your carry and hug your tower when your can't.
- Heal yourself and your carry, only when you cannot be attacked with Magic.
- Ensure you buy plenty of wards and ask you team where they need them. I generally do not buy in the start of the game as after the first 2 mins you can get a few!
- When there is more than one enemy hero in the creep line, aim for the creeps with splinter blast! this will harass the hell out of the enemy early on and hopefully your partner can get in there for the kill.
- DO NOT GO SOLO. All skills are as much use as a fish with tits against a solo hero and you will die!

Hopefully this guide is short and sweet, helpful, and not overbearing. Please let me have constructive feedback on how you get on!

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