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Hammer Time

March 1, 2014 by Fuler
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


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2 8 9 10

Hammer Of Purity

4 12 13 14

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18

Simple Lane Gameplay

For Omniknight, his lane gameplay is pretty simple: deny like a *****. Your attack animation is quite fast and your damage is quite high, which combined together makes you incredibly good at denying. This only goes if approaching the creeps is safe enough. Otherwise, just stay far on a safety spot, but remember to be close enough to get experience and to be there in case things get messy for your lane partner. Does not steal your partner farm - this goes specially for Purification. It can either steals or ruin his last hits, and you should be careful not to do it. If you're healing your partner just for regeneration (not in a fight), heal him when he's far from the creeps, unless the damge will be welcome.

Good lane partners are ranged heroes, for the simple fact Omniknight is a meele with no truely ranged nuke. With a ranged partner harassing the enemies, you will be close enough to the creeps to deny. If the enemy is also a meele hero, you can hammer him every once in a while, too.

True Support Needs No Gold

Omniknight can be extremely userful despite having pretty much no items, so you can use this to your advance by spending your gold on support stuff. You can afford buying both courier and wards on the start of the match - even if there's another support on the team. The other support may request items more than you, such as a Blink Dagger for initiation, and it will be way easier to get they core items once they don't have to mind with courier and wards.

Flying Courier becomes avaible at 3 minute mark. If you haven't bought the Flying Courier by 3:10, you're doing something wrong. Mid lane may constant require items on the early minutes, and having an early Flying Courier will not only help them out, but also make it possible for other lanes to have some courier action as well. It will also come in hand when you finally have your Soul Ring recipe.

Buy wards. Like mentioned above, you don't need much gold, so you're the one in charge of wards. Also, Smoke of Deceit may be required either for gank or for early Roshan killers, and you can also save your teammates some time or gold by buying them Scrolls of Town Portals.

Your real core item is Soul Ring. Not even boots are truely required for you to play your role.

Buying Items

You gonna struggle between buying support stuff (wards/courier) and not having last hits. If you manage to score some gold from pulling, that's great.

Your first priority is the Soul Ring. You have to do it as fast as possible, and you shouldn't turn the Magic Sticky into a Magic Wand before having it. Try buying the Void Mask and the Ring of Regeneration on the side shops so you don't prevent people from using the courier. I strongly request buying both Void Mask and Ring of Regeneration before the recipe, but the other for them depends on your lane: if you're constantly being harassed, you may get the Ring of Regeneration to avoid spending heals on yourself, but if your lane partners is the one being constantly harassing, the Void Mask comes in handy for a boost in your mana regeneration.

Unless your lane partner is going for something like Hand of Midas, ask them for a Ring of Basilius. You're not a man with much needs, but this will really boost your potential. It will stack with your Void Mask/Soul Ring regeneration, and will give you that awesome mana boost you may need to keep healing up people.

After the Soul Ring, I suggest you go for finish your Magic Wand. This item is extremely userful for Omniknight, for both life and mana instant boosts.

You don't really require much move speed, so unless your enemy heroes are extremely powerful over slow enemies, you shouldn't mind buying boots. If you always put yourself on safe spots and keep your distance, you're unlikely to get killed. When you are finally going for Mana Boots, buying the Energy Booster before the Boots of Speed may be a better choice - you will be way more safe with a huge mana pool than a higher movement speed.

Them, is time for the Mekasm. If you're somehow still on lane phase, the Headress may be the best start, but usually Buckler goes better.

Also, add "buy wards" between each sentence of this chapter.

Handling Your Items

Soul Ring is your core item. It active skill gives you almost enough mana to cast a level 4 Purification by itself, which will be the deal breaker for you. I'm not sure if I really should have to say this, but with Soul Ring, your healing potention goes off the charts: now you can heal your allies without even spending mana on it. Also, when healing yourself, you will be trading 150 hit points for 360 hit points. Try always to use Soul Ring before healing, even if you have enough mana to cast it at your own, so you can keep your mana for a extreme situation. But be careful, as the 150 hit points cost may not be afordable in some situations!

Magic Stick or Magic Wand is also a great item on Omniknight. It will not only give you enough mana to cast your spells, but will also give you a considarable life boost. With a full charge Magic Wand, you can heal both your hit points and mana points by 225 each! By managing it correctly, you will either have mana to cast your final spell or will buy yourself enough time to cast it. Also, when both you and your partner are low life, the Magic Wand will be enough healing for you, so you can spend your actual heal on your partner. Besides that, when you're under Repel, this may be your life saver.

Since Mana Boots will give you a huge mana pool and you have Soul Ring, you will be able to to manage your spells without the active ability. It may seems stupid having a Mana Boots and not use the active ability, but it will pay off when the time comes - the true use for that is for healing your ally's mana! So try to keep it off the cooldown, so you can use it to give them their so needed mana. Keep in mind this goes through magic immunity.

Mekasm makes you the ultimate healer. It not only boost your healing potential by both increasing your healing cap from 360 to 610, but also grants you a crowd heal. Use it wisely as the cooldown is way higher than your Purification. The greatness of Mekasm is fufilled by the fact it goes through magic immunity, giving you the so needed possibility to heal Repeled allies.

Remember Buckler not make you more tankish, but comes with an area armor boost. This is helpful when attempting to take towers, and the armor boost may make a good difference in a fight. If you have a Buckler, remember to use it.

Skill #1 - Purification

Purification is a really strong spells, but also a quite simple one. It not only heal an ally greatly, but also damages all enemies around him. The fact it can give a 720 hit point advange during a fight is almost overpowered if used correctly, and even a level 1 Purification may bring a 200 hit point difference, taking the First Blood away from the enemy team.

Purification is not only a great life-saver but can be also used to regenerate allies. With Soul Ring, you should cast it whenever your ring is out of cooldown, even if your ally is only missing a small amount of hit points. It's important to have everyone full life as you never know when the enemy will strike.

Purification can be use as a strong nuke as well. The 360 damage makes room for it among the high damage nukes, but don't count on it. It may become really hard to land it, as the range is quite small and your enemies are expecting you to do such. When using it for harass, cast it when your meele enemies approaches the creeps for last hitting. Casting it on the creep to be last hitted may ruin the last hit, but the real chances are that you either cast it too early and miss the target due to the really small range, or you're too late to cast it at all: his attack animation is probably faster than your casting animation.

When harassing or regenerating allies, try your best to hit as less as possible creeps. It will not only push the lane towards the enemy tower but will cost your partner one or more last hits. If you're regenerating a harassed ally, wait him to be away from creeps before casting Purification. When harassing, try to cast it either when there're not enemy creeps around the target, or when their hit points are high enough to take the heal without instantly dying.

When chasing an enemy, always move past them before casting Purification, otherwise they're likely to get out of the range before the damage lands. If your target is fool enough to run by a creep, you can score the kill by healing the creep. If he's being chased by the said creep, however, you're unlikely to land it unless your timing is really good - try to heal before the creep attacks, as it will stop for the attacking animation.

Purification mana cost is too high on low levels, specially considering your low mana regeneration and even lower mana pool. Therefore, it's better to use regeneration items such as tango and potions instead of cating Purification for regeneration. This also goes for your lane partner.

While roaming with Soul Ring, you may enter neutral camps and cast random Purifications. This may leave them with low life for someone else to collect the bounty, but make sure you don't do it somehwere where the enemy is likely to run by the camp. The closest the camp is from the enemy tower, the worse, and you rarely should do it at the enemy jungle.

Skill #2 - Repel

Repel is a great spell, but also comes with a down-side: single-target friendly spells, such as Purification, won't pass through it.

The most important thing to say about Repel is that you should be careful with it. In most cases, when your allies are low life, you should cast Repel only after the Purification. If you already have your Mekasm, it may be better to cast it right away. If your ally has enough hit points but is on a dangerous position, casting Repel before Purification may be the right call, as it will prevent your ally from being disabled or slowed to his grave.

Repel is only to be casted on yourself during a fight if you're likely to be disabled or silenced, making you unable to cast your other spells in time to save your allies. If you're doomed to death already, casting Repel on yourself will only waste it - it's better to cast on an ally to give them a better chance to survive.

The best targets for your repel are squishy agility allies, who have a natural weakness against disables and nukes. Initiators make good targets as well, making them able to land a initiation without getting disabled or silenced, and making them more likely to get out of it alive.

Repel can be casted on enemies as well, creating possibility for it to be used aggresively. This goes when the enemy team has friednly single-target spells: A Treant Protector, for instance, won't be able to cast either Living Armor or Nature's Guise on a target with Repel.

Also, be cautious if your allies have other single-target spells that your Repel may block, and remember you can counter slow-missile spells with it.

Skill #3 - Degen Aura

Degen Aura is roughly your worst skill, but still a good one. It gives you some chasebility, making it really userful when chasing down enemies.

When chasing an enemy, your priority is to keep yourself around them so your allies will be able to catch up, then trying to body block the enemy, and just then, if possible, hit them. Keep in mind that your allies are likely to deal more damage then you, and the slow may be all they need to catch up so they can have the range to cast their spells. You can't afford the possibility of your enimies getting out of the range.

If you're chasing enemies by yourself, and unless you just need to land the final blow, avoid hitting the enemy right away. Try to move past them to a spot you are sure he won't get away from the low area of effect of your aura. Once you lost your target, you're unlikely to get him again.

Degen Aura can also be used to cripple enemies trying to chase down your allies. Even on level 1, this can be the difference between life and death, and since you are likely to run out of mana during early levels, it can be the only thing you'll be able to do.

I would like to remind you once again that the area of effect is pretty small.

Skill #4 - Guardian Angel

The name of this skill describles itself completely. Guardian Angel prevents you and all nearby allies from any physical harm for a while, and also gives a considerable regeneration.

It goes throgh magic immunity, therefore making you able to turn some lucky bastard immune to any form of damage for some time. Don't wait too long to cast your ultimate, but try also not to rush into it. Casting it after Purification may buy you enough time for your heal to be able to cast your healings once again.

When your team is initiated, you may want to cast Guardian Angel right away to give everyone time to get back on they feet, and even buy yourself some time so you can analyse the situation and spot whoever needs your healing the most.

This skill can be used offensively when tower-diving, as you can ignore tower hits for a few seconds. Cast it wisely as you may get silenced or disable, resulting your own death or even worse, your partner's death, before you can actually cast it.

Keep in mind that Guardian Angel, as all your other spells, have a small area of effect. You're not unlikely to have one or even two allies outside the range during a team fight, so it's crucial you position yourself wisely before casting it.

With Aghanim Scepter, this skill becomes global, getting rid of the possibility of your allies being left out of your ultimate, and giving you the possibility to save people from distance. When one hero must stay behind to protect a tower or even the ancient, or when someone needs to TP back, keep in mind that you may be userful even if you're far away. Also, the scepter will now affect structures, giving a powerful glyph-like potential for your ultimate in addition to all other effects.

In addition, Aghanim Scepter can be used for some fountain bathing.

Repel vs. Degen Aura

Q: Purification is realy your main skill, but what skill is the best suitable to be the secondary one?
A: Repel.

Q: Should I level up Repel even if the enemy heroes in my lane don't have any disable/nuke?
A: Yes. Gankers are out there somewhere.

Q: Isn't Degen Aura's slow really crippling on early levels?
A: Yes. But Repel.

Q: Who is going to win the next Super Bowl?
A: Repel.

Q: Once I saw a men sexually pleasure a camel.
A: Repel.

Omniknight doesn't need Degen Aura, making it an unacessary skill. Nevertheless, a single level of Degen Aura is quite userful, so you should get it on early levels. But usually, Repel is a better skill to both level and max up.

The only situation you may want to turn Degen Aura into your secundary skill is if your lane is a really aggressive lane, where you and your partner(s) may be able to score early kills with it. In such situations, leveling Repel may seems unecessary, but rarely you should not level it up. Having Repel up on your sleeve making you prepared for possible ganks.

An Omniknight is not complete without Repel.

Keeping it Safe

Omniknight is not an aggressive support, and you shouldn't play it like one. Keep yourself in a safe position is way more important than denying, so you can avoid taking unnecessary damage and save your healing for necessary casts. Also, your partner, who is going to be farmed, is more likely to get harassed, so you should avoid taking damage so you can focus your healing and even your regeneration items such as tango on keeping him safe and alive.

Omniknight makes any lane a safe lane. He can be useful for early kills, specially on a trilane, but his main role in the lane is to keep his farming partner protected. He will not only make it really hard for the enemy heroes on your lane to score kills, but will also make ganks fail.

Harassing, pulling, ganking or even roaming should be done by other supports. You're a babysitter and your job is to be there for your partner in case someone decides to mess with him.

Omniknight's Role

Your main role as Omniknight is to secure your allies won't die. If someone dies, no matter how far you're, it's your fault. Your success as Omniknight is reversely proportional to the amount of deaths your team has.

During team fights, ignore low life enemies. Your only concern should be keeping everyone alive. First, secure the hard carry. He's your priority in every single fight, and securing his life is the most important part of the job. You probably will cast Repel upon him, and you may spend your ultimate on him even if the rest of the team doesn't need it. He's the guy that needs to be alive.

Then, if your hard carry is safe and secured, go on and try to save your other teammates - there's Purification enough for everyone. Finally and only then, if everyone else is secured, you may take care of yourself.

Your priority is to save your allies. If you die doing so, your job was done. Keep in mind that, since you don't actually require gold, dying isn't so bad, as long as your allies are safe, of course.

Warding is a way to prevent ganks, therefore making it an essnecial part of your job. Other support are better to actually place the ward, as you should be focus on securing a carry, but you're the one supposed to buy them. As said before, they probably need the gold more than you do.

Focus on doing your job and pray for the All Seing One that the carrys will do theirs.

Keep Faith in The All Seing One

After all, He's watching your every single step.

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