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Gyrocopter - The crazy beard

October 23, 2012 by PittyPit
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More as a nuke

DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Rocket Barrage

2 3 5 7

Homing Missile

1 4 8 9

Flak Cannon

10 12 13 14

Call Down

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Gyrocopter - The crazy beard

October 23, 2012


Hello everybody and welcome to my Gyrocopter guide !

I will give you an overview of a very smart way playing Gyrocopter.

This won't be a newbie guide so I won't explain every single step of playing DOTA 2 and it's techniques.

So let's start of with the...


As you can see I choose a good combination of stats and regenaration items to start of on a side lane or even in the middle.

You won't have many loss by selling or dropping items you don't need later and if your game is going very bad or the enemys have skill spammer like Zeus you can still go Magic Wand with the Iron Branch and complete it after you got boots.

After power treads that you turn to AGI when creeping, INT when ganking, STR when beeing ganked and Aquila, you start farming Agha.
It's very good since you will be much more tanky and your Ultimate get's a global range.

You will now have a great farm by destroying creep waves everywhere with your ultimate or by ganks, to affort your next great items such as Linkins and Skadi and if you come so far AC is a great option and will do an amazing AOE burst damage to the whole enemy team together with Flak activated.

That's not all but the most important information about the items you need, like I mentioned before, I won't tell you that you have to turn Auras of when laneing ... ;)

So let's come to our...

Skills & Gameplay

There are many different meanings about the first skill to skill ;)

Now where we still have the 2,5 sec stun on our Homing Missile at level 1 (may change in coming patches) I think it's the best option to skill.

Middle Lane

If you play in the middle it's amazing how much pressure you can generate just by launching the lvl 1 missile.

It's not much dmg if the enemys walks towards the missle and stop it after a few meters but now you have the possibility to get in postition for your Rocket Barrage and give him the full salvo.
The dmg is just amazing if you can manage to unload the full Barrage on one enemy.

In the other case where the enemy runs away to his tower he will receive more dmg and lose lasthits and can't denie so this is a really mighty combination.

Side Lane

Well for Gyro it doesn't really matters on which lane he play's, he can even take hard solo lane.

His animation is damn good, he got a great base MS and with Barrage and his stun he can survive ganks and often kills a careless enemy taking the full Barrage while running to you.

Beside this there is no hero he can't lane with since he's a total allround talent.

In addition I would recommend to let your support ward the enemy jungle after you got Agha to steal stacked creep spots or to finish off careless junglers with your global ultimate ;)

OK now a short...


...for our new Gyrocopter experiences.

Like I already mentioned this is a semi-carry build with great burst AOE damage that will take off everyone without magic immunity and this guys will still be hit by our flak shots.

Normaly you surive the first seconds of a clash to finish off the last enemys with Barrage and new Homing Missiles since the cooldowns are very low.

Since you slow with skadi it's very easy to concentrate Barrage on single targets.

Your overall job is to take of the casters quickly or to disable initiators with your global ultimate so they can't blink in with dagger like enigma.

If you manage to stop their initiators and give your own initiator the chance to surprise them afterwards it's a smart and effective way to win a match.

I think there's not much more to say but for the perfectionist here it comes...

Pros / Cons


+ one of the best attack animations
+ high burst damage even in the first levels
+ great skills to farm
+ short cooldowns
+ high base MS
+ generates high pressure with homing missile
+ global AOE damage/slow
+ damages enemys even when stunned with barrage activated
+ funny event comments


- may have some mana problems
- Missile can be destroyed before reaching it's target
- Flak attacks overwrite effects like Skadi slow (only main target is affected)
- little bit squishy at the start (if you dont buy my items :P )
- needs much handling to hit Barrage properly
- magic immune enemys need to be kited

There we go I think it's a good deal and now some additional things about...

Creeping / Jungling

First of all... don't jungle with Gyro... I mean it's possible to jungle with Flak but it's no worth it since your ganks will suck without Barrage/Missile on a high level...

For creeping I already mentioned one or two times but i can't say it often enough:

GREAT animation for lasthits !

You should have no problems to lasthit and denie so you will get your first items really fast and your enemys will hate you.

Don't forget to harrass down your enemy as soon as he comes in your Barrage range to make him clear that he won't get anything on your lane.

If you have done everything right you have your Agha soon and the creeping goes on.. on every lane and in every jungle you want ;)

So far I hope you have fun and success with my build / gameplay!

See you on the battlefield!

Team Work

Just some heroes that are very effective together with Gyro:

~ Ancient Apparition
~ Crystal Maiden
~ Shadow Deamon
~ Pugna
~ Rubick
~ Witch Doctor

Enemys that we hate:

- OMNI !!!
- Naix
- Puck
- BH
- Nyx Assassin

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