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Guide to the Hook

October 22, 2012 by SoulReaper718
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Pro Pudge

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Magic Stick
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Gauntlets of Strength
Healing Salve

Mid Game

Arcane Boots
Force Staff

Late game

Heart of Tarrasque
Hood of Defiance
Black King Bar


Aghanim's Scepter
Blade Mail
Refresher Orb
Scythe of Vyse
Shadow Blade

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

2 4 7 9


1 3 5 8

Flesh Heap

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Pudge's Lore

An undead behemoth seemingly impervious to even the most potent magic, this starving abomination roams the battlefield, continually in search of unwary prey. It is said his victims catch only a glimpse of his monstrous frame as they are dragged them through the shadows, bleeding profusely as a jagged hook etches deeper in their flesh. Wails of agony echo in the distance, only to be drowned out by the Butcher's maniacal laughter as he severs their limp bodies with his great maw. Unspeakable horrors ensue in a deathly silence, a dreadful omen for what is to come.

Pudge Goes Mid

Even if going against a ranged hero in mid Pudge should always solo lane mid. Make sure someone has purchased the courier so that once you get 600g you can get your bottle. Pudge has serious early game mana problems. Early laneing phase try not to spam you abilities just to intimidate or do miner damage. however if you can land a good hook and pull the enemy hero into tower range do so, but remember to try to get ahead of him to slow him down so that he gets hit by your tower and rot longer. Once you reach lvl 6 its time to gank.

Ganking with Pudge

If all goes well you should be lvl 6 around 6 min when it first goes night in a match. at that time go towards to or bot which ever has the rune at 6 min and bottle your rune, the use of runes in ganking is a very effective ways to improve your chances of a kill. After moving to a lane make sure to stay in the forest out of site using the vision given to you by the creeps and ally heroes. at night most heroes vision are reduced so it increases your chances of not being spotted. Make sure to pick a target and ping on map or say on chat who you are going to hook to give your allies a slight idea of how they may be able to help. When hooking make sure to follow the enemies moments carefully, in most cases you only get one try before they retreat and call for backup. once you throw your hook immediately turn your rot are and press r to get ready to ult. as soon as you pull the enemy into range click on the enemy and ult. Since your rot is on it will improve the damage to the person you hooked. But be careful because your ult has a farther range then your rot, and if you don't ult fast enough you could miss your rot and the chance to do more damage.

Force Staff and You

Force staff is an excellent item for pudge. it can bee used to line up a hook or even catch up while rotting so that you do more damage. some times when chasing and enemy that is faster that you the creeps will get in the way. if you try to hook you will most likely hook a creep. Force Staff helps with that issue by allowing you to force just past the creeps in order to successfully land a hook. Force staff also increases Pudge's intelligence giving him a slightly higher mana pool and mana regeneration. also with a force staff you can get to some high grounds such as ward zones so that when you hook an enemy up they cant get down use that to you advantage and take them out.

Pros and Cons


+ He's one of the best ganking heroes.
+ He has one the best combos.
+ He can handle solo.
+ Skills are made to destroy.
+ He is addictive to play.

- It takes practice to master Pudge.
- He has a slow movement/attack speed.
- He has a low mana pool.
- He is addictive to play.


For now i don't have much to add to this guide if i do i will add it later on i hope you enjoyed my guide and i hope it helps.

STFU |Soulreaper

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