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Guide to a Safelane Farming Anti-Mage(6.88)

July 2, 2016 by Sector345
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Anti-Mage 6.88

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Purchase Order

Beginning Items(expecting harrasing)

Beginning Items(expecting free farm)

Early Game(buy in order as it is)

Mid Game Items

Late Game(Ending Items)

Situational Items

Hero Skills

Mana Break

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Guide to a Safelane Farming Anti-Mage(6.88)

July 2, 2016

Why to play Anti-Mage like this?

Well Anti-Mage is a late game carry that can fight early given enough farm.This way of playing anti mage allows that with this new patch.Abbysal blade Anti-Mage is too good so that's why we build and early vanguard instead of Vladimir's Offering.U wont have enough mana to spam blink that much so thats why we buy the Ring of Aquila.Now Manta has always been a great item on Anti-Mage cause of its stats and illusions who get the Mana Break abbility.That's why its a must have item on this particular hero(and being able to purge silences as well).Now to the Battle Fury.We get it because its a great farming item and u get a lot of farm when you're 5 second blink is combined with this item.Now to the late game items.Abbysal is great because u stun the enemy pop the manta illusions and drain their mana in seconds.Mkb is a great damage item and is useful always not just when the enemys are getting evasion.Butterfly is good because of its stats and evasion.Heart is good for getting buff and being able to withstand a lot of damage.Now u might wonder ''Where is Battle Fury here?''.Well fury is good for farming,but late game were looking to kill the enemy's not to farm by then we are as much farmed up and strong as were gonna be.Now the skills.Before this vanguard build people including me got stats because Anti-Mage doesnt have a lot of HP.But now we can easily max out mana break first to deal the most damage and than by the time you get fury you will probably have maxed out blink.Gameplay with this hero is simple.Farm early game,split push,farm and fighr a bit mid game and end it late game.Now Enjoy your gameplay :) :D


Anti-Mage is a hard carry with great potential for farming because of his blink.He is a very strong carry in the mid-late game because of his mana brake abbility that burns the opponents mana.Unlike other hard carrys he can fight earlier given enough farm.Usualy a Anti-Mage after the 25-30 minute mark just wins the game.He is able to fight earlier than other carrys because of his 5 second blink in combination with a Battle Fury.He is an escape artist as well and a good split pusher.But he is not all great,his weakness is physical damage,being disabled and being very squishy.


With Anti-Mage your first priority is getting a quelling blade.Its going to speed up your farm so much and you are gonna needed late for a Battle Fury.Next up is almost always ring of health,you are gonna need the regen for the laning stage.Up next is building a vanguard wwhich give you pure tankines against physical damage and a healthy amount of hp that anti mage needs.After that u farm up power threads because the stats and attack speed go well with his need for stats and his low attack time.Next up you'll get a ring of aquila which will give u a bit of stats armor and damage and most importantly mana regen to spam your blink.Battle fury is next because you will get amazing farm when combined with the blink.Next is manta style for this and this item you should get every game.It gives u more mobility stats and attackspeed and the goodness of having 2 illusions that deal mana break damage.After this everything is luxury for anti mage.You can and probably will upgrade your vanguard into an abbysal blade to get a disable which anti mage lacks.You can go for mkb if the oposing team has evasion,butterfly if u feel the need to escape physical attacks by evasion.Go heart if u feel that more hp and pure tankines is needed.Bkb if they have too many disables.


Mana break is anti mage's first abbility which is passive and deals damage 60% of theh burned mana as damage which is an amazing late game abbility and it works on illusions as well and it destorys casters like its nobodys bussines.His blink is well a blink...with a 5 second cooldown that allows you to be amensly mobile and allows you to get in and out of fights if not lockdown properly.Spell shield is a passive abbility that gives anti mage a very high magic resistance which means that the mages and the magic speels do less damage to anti mage.Mana void is anti mages ultimate which deals damage per mana missing of the enemys mana and it has a 0.3 ministun which can be used to cancel teleports.This abbility ultimatly destroys casters that have to do a lot of casting


Gameplay for this hero is not that hard but its not that easy as well.In the laning stage just sit back and take last hits when the opponent comes close enough just burn their mana because mana break is good early as well and most heroes will have low mana in a couple of hits which will probably win u the lane.You will have to farm for the early-mid game and in the late game *** well.Your team will be 4v5 most of the time but it will be worth it because if u pick anti mage your team is probably relaying on you to win the game.So thats why you will have to farm.And don't just go farming jungle as i said befor he is a good split pusher while your team fights you can be off taking buildings left and right.I've personally won a good amount of game with anti mage by split pushing.And not only do you get the bonus of better map control and more buildings destroyed but your whole team gets money of those destroyed towers and barracks.After you get manta with anti mage you are ready as hell to fight.You dont need that much as i said and u can fight earlier than most carrys because of your quick farming abbility.So after u get manta look to finish the game because thats when you are gonna dish out a good amount of damage on the enemy team.Against heroes that are late game stronger than you(spectre),look to finish the games faster.

When do pick Anti-Mage

Well u might have guessed from anti mages skills when too pick him.When the enemy teams has mana dependent heroes because you just reck them if u see them picking a bunch of casters dont hesitate too pick anti mage.But dont think you are a counter to every caster.Some caster have that much mana that hey dont even care if u burn their mana because they will probably still have mana to use their abbilitys even after u drain it.Don't pick anti mage against carrys that do a lot of physical damage or pure damage because they can owe you easily because as i said anti mage is a squishy hero.

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