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Gub's Guide to Carl

December 29, 2013 by Gubon
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Basic Build

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


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Gub's Guide to Carl

December 29, 2013

Item Discussion

Starting Items:

- Blade of Attack - Allows you to actually last hit

- Tango - Healing good

- Iron Branch - Stats good

Early Game

- Phase Boots - Invoker is all about mobility in team fights, phase helps with your pitiful base damage and give you some mobility.

- Drum of Endurance - Mobility and attack speed use early game as you will sell it quickly dont hold onto charges for too long

- Force Staff - Skip if your approaching level 17

Mid Game

- Aghanim's Scepter - Aim to get this just before or just after you hit level 17 causes invoke to have no mana cost and a 2 second cooldown

Late Game

- Radiance - Ghost Walk + Radiance Burn = Rampage only go for this if you have a significant level advantage on the enemy team (2 or 3 on the carry 6 or 7 on their supports)

- Refresher Orb - Use everything press refresher use everything. Its a good thing

- Scythe of Vyse - Get this is you have a target you need to lockdown and burn quickly i.e. LD bear

- Boots of Travel - No more tp scrolls its a good thing

Optional Items

- Hand of Midas - Aim for 6 minutes with rotation from your supports and first blood gold easily attainable, buy the recipe FIRST as your not getting treads gloves of haste will be wasted if you decide to not go midas

- Daedalus - Right Click invoker = lazy invoker but if the enemy team has 5 bkb's its a good thing

- Divine Rapier - Throw hard you know you want to

- Gem - Your in a pub game against a riki, weaver, bh, mirnana and nyx BUY IT

- Linken's Sphere - If you want survivablity agaisnt single target spells, i.e. doom bane etc

- Monkey King Bar - Right Click invoker = lazy invoker but if the enemy team has 5 bkb's its a good thing


You want to play defensively and just focus on securing farm and getting either the early Midas or going into your default build. Use cold snap sparingly as your mana pool is not huge and use sunstrike to get assist gold or kill gold.

When supports rotate in early you use cold snap and ice wall.

Pre Ag's Rotation

Have tornado and EMP stored throw tornado then emp then invoke either meatball (chaos meteor) or deafening blast depending on the situation.

Remember you have a stealth and you can use it

Post Ag's Rotation

Invoker anything and everything and throw it focus cold snaps on the enemy hard carry.

Throw Tornado into EMP into Meatball into Deafening Blast

Remember to alacrity yourself or your carry

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