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November 4, 2015 by Toebagoes The Bot
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Initiate / Escapes

High magic DMG nuke

Possible 6-slot

Pusher 6-slot (AC / Deso)



Hero Skills


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2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

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Wrath of Nature

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-greedisgood 999999

Toebagoes The Bot
November 4, 2015

Chapter Title

Hello, im new to dotafire and this is my first guide to Nature's prophet


Nature's prophet is a ranged intel hero who can be played as a ganker, pusher, and a carry.
the thing that makes him so crazy is his TP which has low mana cost and cooldown which allows him to be one of the most fearsome gankers / farmers.

A piece of art taken from deviantart



  • -Your Starting items should be Robe of magi(to build into a treads) and 2 Clarity/ies
    -Why Robe of magi?
    it gives INT and you can build treads faster with that to continue to your next item really quick.
  • -During the Early game you should be having Powertreads and Maelstrom
    -Powertreads gives you tankyness when switched to STR and gives you a considerable amount of attack speed, especially combined with maelstrom
    -Maelstrom is a wonderful item on Nature's prophet, it allows him to farm faster and gank harder. In the early game, maelstrom helps to kill enemy easily with the lightning proc, and it deals magic damage (good against carries with high armor and low resistance)
  • -At this point, its up to you to be a carry-pusher or focus on pushing
    -If you want to carry, upgrade your maelstrom into a Mjollnir and pick an initiating/escaping item (Blink, Force, Shadow blade)
    When the enemy has high magic dmg, get a BKB otherwise get Assault Cuirass (probably get both) and the finishing 6th slot would be either Aghanim's Scepter / Scythe of Vyse.
    you might probably want to consume a moonshard.
  • -For pushing, you should get an early Mekansm and Necronomicon, then get Aghanim's and Refresher / Octarine, get both but its actually up you which one to get first.
    then get Deso / AC to push towers more easily.

I'm Sorry!

Sorry for the minimum effort i put in this guide, but i hope this would be a useful guide
I'll try to improve the guide later on, so.. im sorry.

Hope you guys found the guide useful

-Thank you

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