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Gouki overall guide for playing invoker in details

January 4, 2016 by mr.dark gouki
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sunstrikes and forge friends

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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hello invoker players,i m gouki i m not a pro player but i excel in playing invoker i have played around 4 k of games with invoker in dota 1 and dota 2 combined.builds i made are my playstyle,tested by me,my inspiration is my own playstyle,some pro replays and guides i read over my invoker playtime,also i would like you to comment and share your knowlege pls don t troll,flame or call my builds noob you are free to suggest chainges and fix mistakes if you found any and fell free to share your opinion on guide i made i will be explaining invoker skills,builds,playstyles,tricks and tips in as much deatal as i can.

if you like my builds you can find more of my builds on steam to use them ingame you must favorite and subscribe to them on the folowing link

or type mr dark gouki in steam search and find them in the guides section

about invoker

invoker is ranged inteligence hero who can play many roles and fit many playstyles,invoker is a good caster,dmg dealer,semy carry,initiator,crowd controler,pusher,solid ganker,only role you can t play is tank.invoker is versitile thus invoker act for dota as qeen in a game of chess.invoker is reqired some micro skill,fast fingers, concentration,practise,and map awerness.its easy to learn basic about the hero but he is difficult to master to use to his max potential.with this said i move on on skill explanation


invoker has 6 abilities at his dissposal qas,wex,exort 2 empty slots for spells and invoke his ultimate,qas wex and exort act as stats each can be leveled up 7 times depending on how you build the hero.qas gives hp regen per second,durability of spells,and strengh depending on how many times it has been leveled.wex give movement speed,attack speed,and armor also makes spells more range,and disable properties
while exort gives dmg,expandes mana pool and mana regen,and making spells more dmg. using right combination of orbs and pressing invoke give you 1 of the 10 spells invoker can use.

there are 3 basic builds from witch all other builds derivate, there is qas-wex (disabler build) qas-exort(dmg dealer/pusher) and exort-wex(assasin,ganker,or full nuker build can be teamfight orineted indirecly helping his team trought the game)

there are also hybrid builds or extreme builds that derivate from basic builds and thus are more situational and thing to conisder in some games and not universal as 3 i mentioned above.

about spells

spell invokes after pressing 3 times qas + invoke
coldsnap procs on any dmg greather than 10,interupts chaneling abilities (witch ult,cm ult,enigma ult ,pudge dismemer and so on),1000 cast rage coldsnap trigger mini stunn every time target take dmg spell duation,stunn proc and bonus dmg depend on levels of qas

forge spirits
spell invoker after pressing 2 times exort and 1 time qas+ invoke
forge spirits are summons that reduce armor everytime they attack enemy or creep(work like mini desolator)attack range,max mana,and spell duration is based on qas,summons armor, damage ,and hp are based on exort if qas and exort are leveled 4 times or more invoker invokes 2 spirits instead of 1

spell invokes after pressing 2 times qas and 1 time exort+ invoke
icewall allweuss creates in front of invoker 1200 distance lengh,105 width movment slow,and wall duration based on qas,dmg based on exort spoiler(triggers coldsnap) :D

ghost walk
spell invokes after pressing 2 times qas and 1 time wex+invoke
ghoust walk makes invoker invisible for the duration of the spell,you can slow nearby enemys by walking near them,enemy slow based on qas,self slow based on wex duration 100 seconds any spell casting,attacking or switching orbs will break invisibility

spell invokes afer pressing 3 times exort+invoke
sunstrike is a global nuke dmg based on exort,sunstrike is pure dmg and go trough magic immunity,dmg is spread eqaly to the enemies hit by the spell single target take full dmg
sunstrike has 1.7 sec delay before it hits

chaos meteor
spell invokes after pressing 2 times exort and 1 time wex+invoke
chaos meteor is aoe dmg dealing spell that deals main dmg on impact and secondary dmg while rolling over enemys dmg based on exort,range(lenght meteor rolls over based on wex)

defending blast
spell invoker after pressing 1 times qas,1 times exort and 1 time wex +invoke
defending blast is a mix of the disable nuke and disarm properties of qas wex and exort
deals dmg based on exort,disarms based on levels of wex,and knock back(range,aoe of the spell)based on qas.

spell invokes after pressing 2 times wex and 1 time qas+invoke
tornado is a setup for other spells,can be used as disable or scout ability since it provides vision and has huge range, range and dmg are based on levels of wex,while duration of the tornado is based on qas.

spell invokes after pressing 3 times wex +invoke
emp is just one of those spells,one of those spells that fill your whole team with rage,its a mana burn spell which takes mana from your enemy and gives it to you, also damaging your enemys for 50% of mana burned,mana burn is based on wex

spell invokes after pressing 2 times wex and 1 time exort+invoke
this is a buff that can be cast on allies,yourself or your summons gives the target bonus dmg and dps(attack speed) dmg is based on exort while dps gained is based on wex

now i move on builds and explaining how to play invoker at every stage of the game early,mid and lategame

qas wex(crowed controler/disabler)

this build is easy to play and can give new invoker player some space to practise and learn the hero,in this build player focus on maxing qas and wex orbs in order to get disable properties of invoker spells,pros are high mobility,attack speed,and armor due to wex orb,durablity,high regeneration,and strenght gain due to maxing qas orb,disable power,gank pressence,strong cc and disable mana restoration cons are lack of dmg,slow farm,more team dependent,mostly focused on 3 abilites vunrable during mid game after casting his abilities
spells to focus
defending blast

stating items should be baldes of attack,tango,clarity potion
early phase boots,euls,orchid
late game skadi,scepter,blink/or hex

these items are taken to improve invoker lack of dmg increase his ability to disable and improve positioning and his stats note you can get forsstaff instead of the blink

combos to focus on
later when scepter obtained
tronado+emp+def.blast+icewall etc.

one more note ghoust walk can be used as scout ability and for warding be carefull tho smart players will buy detection to shut you down

exort-qas (dmg dealer/pusher)

this build is focused on wining teamfights and carry the game alongside your lategame if you have one in your team you are expected to win teamfighs,push the lanes,farm,and assist your hard carry as much as you can (that means giving him kills that he needs only take kills if he can t take it or if he is taken down) early game foucus on farm until you have item or two if possible gank lanes with sunstrike or assist your lanes by pressence if sitation reqire to do so.if you are not mid farm and prepare for fights push towers only in group not alone althouh invoker is a powerhouse and has potential to kill he s fragile and can be killed if stunned or silenced/ with forge spirits and harras mid with your coldsnap snipe targets with sunstrike if you have chance to do so.mid game cast forge spirits and prepare sunstrike and meteor + set orbs for def blast before a fight if teamfight is about to start.euls combo for single target is well known nothing to say about that.for teamfights tornado+meteor+def blast could be better choice in 5 vs 5 clashes

spells to focus
early game:farming forge spirits,coldsnap,sunstrike/icewall
mid game:sunstrike,forge spirits,meteor,defending blast,tornado
lategame:after geting scepter all your spells are strong to use execept emp/tornado (tornado might lack in range until you get some levels in wex)

starting items:glowes of haste,tango/sage mask,clarity or sage mask,2 brances and tango or sage mask,gangulets of str x2(in to the urn later)
early game:phase boots,euls/forsestaff/hand of midas
mid game :phase boots,euls/forsestaf/midas,scepter/blink
lategame:hex,eye of skadi,daedalus/hearth of tarrask

note:build midas under 10 min mark othervise its better to farm your cores or make power treads out of glowes of haste or sell glowes and make phase,

pros: high dmg,good defensive/offensive kit,scales to lategame better than qas-wex,better rightclick dmg,global pressence (sunstrike),good farming and pushing ability
cons:no escape mehanism (exept ghoustwalk),slow,harder to play,lacks in reach,more opened to ganks and stunn like abilities.

wex-exort(assasin,ganker or full nuker build)

this build foucs on dealing dmg,nuking down crucial heros in the enemy team(supports,cores,jungle farmers,etc) also you are expected to participate in teamfights and burst down enemy team this can be done if you have strong ults present in your team examples are(void,enigma,magnus,shaker,sand king etc) or at least some strong stuns this build is only most efective if you can dish out the dmg when enemy is stunned or disabled.for early game use alacrity and early forge to farm and harras enemy you can add few coldsnaps to put enemy on their fingers try to avoid geting focused,and wait for initiation before you engagae this build is not recommended for newer players so don t try to play it untill you master qas-exort at least.early game participate in teamfights and try to give your carry kills and win teamfighst for your team,when ganking never go alone since you will be fragaile and easy target on your own.

spells to focus: sunstrike,chaos meteor,def.blast,alacrity,tornado,(ghoustwalk for escape),emp

starting items:boots of speed+3 clarity (early qas and alacrity will help you manage farm and fight opponent on eqal ground
early game:mana boots,blink dagger,euls (initiation,escape and aditional disable if you get foucsed or ganked)
mid game:scepter
lategame:skadi,hearth,or hex/shiva

note:team coordination and skilled teamates are must for this build to work (playing it with friends is better than playing this alone)

explaining scepter and what it does

scepter is upgrade to your ultimate invoke reduce cooldown to 2 seconds,removes mana cost and adds 1 more level of qas,wex and exort to your spells (just spells you make become sligtly stronger)

this item is core in almost all of my builds i just love it /many people say its not worth the price but i think it is especilay since 6.85

wise words (blah blah blah)

final notes:ivoker is a strong versitile hero but plaing against heros that counter you can be nightmare (silencer,od,nyx,pugna,doom,antimage don t pick invoker against these kind of heros against some you will compleatly suck and against other have hard time),prepare your orbs before the fights,be versitile don t stick to just one build,be polite ask for mid and if you can t get it go safe lane or jungle if you must.invoker is valubale hero try not to die you will be set back be aware invoker is level dependant hero/and partialy farm dependant.if you lose games while learning invoker do not despare is a part of learning the hero i lost 10 games in a row until i started to get hand of the hero keep your cool and be patient wait for enemey mistakes to turn in to your advantage,do not blame team if game go wrong instead try to fix your mistakes and accept defeat with dignity have luck and peace out,don t foget to have fun :)

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