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Goodbye Mana Problems

September 14, 2012 by hubey
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Sell your Soul - get a Soul Ring!

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Goodbye Mana Problems

September 14, 2012

Build Explanation

This build is there for solving mana issues. If you play Juggernaut and you like to gank you surely know these. This is an alternative to the fast Perseverence everyone knows. You are able to ALWAYS have mana for a Bladefury and also for a Healing Ward aswell. You can stay in your lane better, you can push earlier and faster, you can gank->heal->repeat.

The Starting Items are a normal choice for Jugg. Build something out of your Stout Shield. Skip this only if you're rich as **** and can't even find time to buy something because you're busy killing 3 guys per minute.

will delay your first DPS item by a bit. Getting it later probably isn't a good choice, because it won't give enough survivability then.

is a cheap way to spend gold if you're getting killed or just go to the Side Shop to get a TP. You will get a little better Diving, which is important because you are diving quite often.

are nice for chasing, escaping and getting damage early. You will want them to get into position for an Omnislash or Bladefury.

is a Boots Choice you see a lot of Juggernaut Players taking. In my opinion you are not fast enough with them. Because we're running a more Ganking heavy build here, you will get Phase Boots. Also Damage is more important than Attackspeed because you will get a ****load of Attackspeed from your Agility Gain and Items like Butterfly or Manta Style. If you have enough stuns in your team or try to push heavier go for them.

are another alternative, but you don't need the Regen Ability and they are only around 300 gold cheaper. Get those only if you have serious farm problems. Replace them later on then.

is self-explaining. Use it -> make a Healing Ward or Bladefury -> ? -> Profit. If you have a Mana Pool that is big enough sell it and use the slot for DPS.

In Order to get decent DPS you can either go for
for awesome farm and push,
for more movement speed, more Structural Damage, more DPS when enemy is stunned
to kill people for cheap and get more out of your ulti.

You are not restricted to only one of those of course. Usually a Battlefury first followed by a Manta is nice. If you have lots of teamfights or skirmishes you might get a Desolator first, depending on how your team looks.

is this often forgotten thing from the Secret Shop. For melees that have one empty item slot it's good. You get a bit of slow which might make a difference.
is something which you should only get when you get stunned as soon as your Bladefury ran out, or if you get the enemy has a Beastmaster that roars you out of Bladefury all the time. Usually if that happens the rest of your team should slay the others in such a teamfight. But if you aren't able to deal rightclick damage while buying DPS items you should think about getting BKB.
is ****. Don't get it. Against decent opponents you almost get no benefit out of it. It only delays your DPS items. If you want to destroy with your ultimate, then get Desolator and AC (or let someone from your team get AC). Also you get extra slashes with more attackspeed (and those slashes CAN CRIT! FFS!), so something like Butterfly is the way to go. If you want to waste one slot and money then get it later on for a never ending ultimate.

NEVER getor. It won't stack. You already have crits. Go buy damage, son.

is an option... if you're winning and rich as ****. Even Butterfly is less expensive.

I include two Items your Allies could get. I mainly made this category because you, as a semicarry, should not get them yourself. But you can really benefit from them. Of course a mekansm and other items are great on your team, but I didn't write them down because you would never get the idea of getting it. Many people go for vlads or even medaillion on Jugg, which often isn't a good decision, because it delays your DPS even more. Lifesteal generally gets somewhat overrated on some heroes.

This build is good for roaming in pubs or pushing. Remember that Mana Boots are powerful. If you have decent teammates you SHOULD NOT have ANY Mana Problems in Mid Game. And in the Early Game it can suck to roam when your opponents have good Map Control with Wards or when you haven't won your lane enough. So there is no need for that much Mana in order to get a Healing Ward every minute or so. Or if you have Maiden or Ezalor in your team it is A WASTE to play with this Soul Ring build. Give it a try some time though. It's fun to roam with Juggernaut and you don't need much farm in order to get start. So if your team has 4 carries because your team is stupid and everyone is soo noob and so on - you simply get some lasthits early, kill one guy, pick up Soul Ring and go around killing people or failing miserably.

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