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Good Unusual Invoker Builds (GUIB) (jungle, carry, QWE etc.)

May 8, 2014 by Vigloss
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

QWE Mid - Crowd control and max MS

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Good Unusual Invoker Builds (GUIB) (jungle, carry, QWE etc.)

May 8, 2014


Crowd controlling Invoker that's VERY useful when you know you have good players on your team. Good versus all heroes mid except Nyx, Pugna, Doom, Nightstalker and Silencer. Main spells is EMP, Cold Snap, Whirlwind, Meteor, Deafening blast, Alcarity, Ghost walk. Due to much focus on MS you will get maximum MS (522) permanent.

Pros: If you can trust your team, you will take them to the next level. Big AOE dmg output and paralysing the enemies by draining their mana. You can harras your opponent early game. You can escape with Ghost walk already at level 4.

Cons: You wont win game if you dont have a good team setup, low last hit dmg early game. Need fast fingers

NOTE: You can practise Invoker on the internet to get those fast fingers i talked about


For this you need to know how to jungle with Invoker. You can find easy guides on youtube. However this is actually a very intresting way to play Invoker. You will always be able to look on all lanes for good Sunstrikes and you will get Hand of midas around 7-8 minutes of gameplay (Reduced time if you get firstblood/kills with Sunstrike). I have got it for about 5 min and 45 seconds as my best wich is much better than many other experienced junglers.

Pros: You will get fast farmed. You can look for Sunstrike kills all time. You can trick the enemy (Capitains mode) that you will have Invoker mid, but hes not(gives possibile conter pick for their mid if you pick Invoker as one of your first heroes). Big magical DMG output during entire game.

Cons: Your team will have 1 player less on lanes wich can be risky. You can be ganked in the jungle if your team does not help you with wards, this can ruin your game and your fast midas. Your team will look at you more than their own lanes just to see HOW CAN HE JUNGLE INVOKER!!??

Use the blink to get close enought to hit your Whirl-Meteor-Blast combiantion.

QE Middle

Actually one of the classic Invoker builds. The point is you should get fast lvl 2 Forge spirits and use coldsnap and suntrike to take a single enemies out by ganks. Ice Wall will also help alot.

Pros: Well tested build by many many players during many years. Nice 1 v 1 advantage. Good physical dmg. You will be tanky. You can initiate with forcestaff.

Cons: You wont be able to escape with Ghostwalk in lower lvls. You have low MS. Kinda boring way to play a fun hero:)

Kaél the CARRY

You will only play this if no other "hardcore" carry is in your team. This means your team will forgive you if you dont spam spells like crazy. Instead focus on using the carry based spells and grow big dmg output. At lvl 6 you will be able to use both Alcarity and Coldsnap Wich gives you a good killing combination earlygame-and rest of game. Other useful spells will be Deafening Blast and Ice Wall. The big Suntrike will give you extra gold and experience wich you with this build will be able to turn into something useful for the team, so dont be afraid of LAST HIT from your team members cuz they probly also want to win.

Pros: Good Lategame carry with much physical dmg. Easy last hits from lvl 1. You will feel like a pro.

Cons: You wont be able to spam spells, you should not buy Aganims Scepter.

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