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Gone in a poof of flames

December 13, 2012 by H_Arty
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Early Domination

DotA2 Hero: Clinkz

Hero Skills

Bone and Arrow (Innate)


4 9 10 12


4 9 10 12

Tar Bomb

1 3 5 7

Death Pact

2 8 13 14

Skeleton Walk

6 11 16


15 17 18

Gone in a poof of flames

December 13, 2012


Anyway, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll do my best to keep the guide updated as new items come out or as they tweak his abilities. Good luck! :)


Really the lane you pick doesn't matter a whole lot. You can kill much easier from the safe lane, but if you have a PA or AM on your team then let them take the safe lane.

Early Game:
You want to be farming as much as possible for that orchid. When you see an opportunity, throw an arrow or two at the opposing team, but don't get too crazy because you still have some mana constraints. At level 6, go into the forest and deathpact a level 5 or 6 creep, invis behind the opposing team, strafe, and sit back as they melt before your eyes.

Mid Game:
Don't be farming here unless you are the carry for your team. You need to be trying to kill the other teams carry as they're trying to farm up. They won't be able to kill you with your orchid, searing arrows, and death pact. Ambushing their carry a few times is game changing. When you do it, make sure to silence them because it amplifies your damage and keeps them from getting away if they have an escape. Also participate in team fights when possible. You have a lot of damage to offer your team right now.

How to Teamfight:
When you team fight, position yourself so that you don't get stun locked immeidiately. For instance, if there's a fight in the mid lane river, set yourself up on the side of the river so you won't be seen or focused as easily. Use your windwalk to chase down any survivors from the fight. Wait until you're in front of them, break invis, strafe, kill.

Late Game:
If all went well for you, the game should be over in about 40 minutes. Your late game strategy is similar to your mid game strategy except that you must stick with your team. You offer too much damage to your team be going off by yourself and solo killing even though you still can do that.

Item Justification

I know everyone is screaming at me right now for my starting item build and for the fact that I rush an orchid even before boots of speed.

Starting Build:
The iron branches are obvious cause they build into a wand and give you some early stats. As far as regen, its up to you whether you want salve or tangos. I prefer salve, but that's me. And the sage's mask. Why buy this? First off it builds into your orchid later on. Second, It allows you to auto cast your searing arrows and use them to farm giving you much better last hit abilities.

Rushing an orchid is so great. It gives you so much damage, attack speed, and a silence to stop those blinkers and invisible heroes. If you farm correctly, you should be able to have your wand and at least both of your oblivion staffs by 13-15 minutes if not the orchid itself. This allows for some huge early game domination, even though you lost a little mobility from not having boots. All you need though is a double kill in your lane (not hard with an orchid and a good lane partner) and you have you boots immediately. Having that fast orchid sets you up so well.

Its up to you as far as what the game calls for in terms of luxury. 90% of the time I go for bfly. It puts your dps THROUGH THE ROOF. Even a tanky pudge will melt in a team fight against you. After that pick up a skadi. It does stack with your searing arrows when they're on autocast. Then daedalus, MKB, or even a dvine rapier. Its up to you.

Pros and Cons

Clinkz has a lot of setbacks, but he excels at what he's good at.

1. Really high dps
2. Reliable excape (even if they pick up gem)
3. Great harraser in lane
4. Great ambusher
5. Excellent mobility

1. Very low HP
2. Item dependant
3. Relatively mana dependant

In short, Clinkz is the ultimate glass cannon. He dishes out a huge amount of damage, but at the cost of HP.


Hey Guys

So I decided to write a buide on my favorite hero to play, Clinkz the Bone Fletcher. The reason I feel I need to write a guide is I see so many people play clink and 90% of them suck. So I'm writing this to show you guys how to absolutely own with clinkz. So I hope you enjoy it and its educational.

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