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Gondar,The blade from shadows

July 11, 2012 by NighTragE
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 4 5 7


1 12 13 14

Shadow Walk

2 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Gondar,The blade from shadows

July 11, 2012


Gondar,The bounty hunter is one of my favourite carry/gank heroes in game,as it has awesome abilities that makes him "ultimate hunter"...
So lets begin.


What Gondar needs in early game is GANK,and also HIGH early game damage.
The Phase boots provides that + PMS gives nice critical damage,Dominator is picked because (not anymore vlad) it gives +20 damage bonus and lifesteal + dominate creeps for some sort of scouting or help in gank,Wand is useful for quick replenish mana/hp and ofc Bottle,youre longer in lane and it provides you longer ganks!
After that the items i provided is what you choose and depends on the enemies.

Skills and Justification

Ok,since Gondar is a ganker he needs damage right from the beggining,we start with Jinada (you can easier last-hit or harass enemies),after that shadow walk comes in (serves as escape/harass mechanism).

So if you want to be succesful harasser and possible lvl 2 FB,the shadow walk on level one has the cd equal the lenghth when youre in Shadow Walk (invisible),the tactic is rather simple:
Activate Shadow Walk,move towards your target then wait when cd drops to 2-1 seconds then hit the enemy and quickly shadow walk again (if the enemies are smart theyll heal) but you can do this tactic over and over again until you get shuriken on at least lvl 2 or 3 (lvl 5),then youre ready to KILL!
Repeat the steps (AND BE CAREFULL) how you harass/gank because it can bounce into your head.
Shuriken is one of the best nukes in game WHY?
325 damage + ministun holy freaaak!
Thats why you max it first!
The rest of the guide is straight-forward,max later shadow walk then Jinada,Why?
More damage,longer windwalk,escape mechanism etc...

Pros / Cons

+ Great Ganker
+ Can escape easily/Scout/Harass
+ Powerful Nuke
+ TRACK!!! Powerful ultimate,can serve as escape mechanism (more mov speed),lowers armor,reveals invis enemy units,slightly decrease in armor,and whats more important GOLD GOLD GOLD gain, lvl 1 +150 gold (Gondar) +50 Allies, lvl 2 +200 Gold (Gondar) + 100 allies, lvl 3 + 250 gold (Gondar) + 150 allies
+ Youre Myauuu (Persian Cat)
+ High MS (315)
+ Good starting armor (5.94)

- Problems with MP
- Squishy
- Relies on ganks to become major threat in late games

When to pick gondar?
Here is why:

And ofc heroes that buy lothars:

Trax,Venomancer,Sniper,Ursa,Witch Doctor,Prophet...


Bulieve it or not he can kill you,no matter if youre counter to him and whats important if he is a little bit well farmed than you...youre well...DEAD (Shocking right?)

Vicious str/Carry hero with invis detection,aoe stun,bash...AUCH

Doom Bringer:

Stun,Hex and BOOOM!

Long Silence,and her arrows hurt...really hurt

With Avalanche/Toss combo he can kill you up to your lvl 16

Blood Rage + Rupture...guess what? Whipe yourself youre dead!

Creeping / Jungling


Team Work

Helps only track in speed up (MS), Invis heroes detection, finishing lone heroes (low hp) or fast kil support, disrupt channeling spells with Shuriken (ministun) TP channeling...

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