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Gondar::A Dancing Shadow

November 30, 2012 by inEngel
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Gondar:Stout-Shield Build

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

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Gondar::A Dancing Shadow

November 30, 2012


Gondar, the Bounty Hunter, is a hero with an uncanny ability for chasing and survival. He constantly jumps in and out of combat while giving his team vision because of Track.

Due to recent changes he is now the premier off-lane solo. He was already common before the changes but now that the gold and experience gain from kills has been increased his ability to give your entire team large amounts of gold and kills is unmatched.

There are several styles of how to play him as an off-lane solo. The first is the standard method in which you stay back off the creep wave only coming up to last hit when its safe. In this particular style you would start with the stout shield items. The second is a hiding bounty hunter. This is the quelling blade build for bounty hunter. This second style involve not attempting to block but instead using the time to prepare for staying within experience range but not in sight. I will cover both of these styles in later chapters.

I hope you enjoy this guide and as always if you have an comments, questions, complaints or concerns leave a comment down below. I ask that you please keep it to constructive criticism. If you have something that you feel the build is missing or shouldn't have tell me and I will attempt to answer your concerns by either arguing against it or making appropriate changes if you have a valid point.

Stout Shield Build

This is the more common style of off-laning. You get a stout shield and regen to allow yourself some farm while still maintaining healthy hp.

You should creep block the wave a little but more imprtantly at the 30s mark you want to block the netural creep spawn on the pull camp. You can do this using ghost walk and by standing in sight of the camp. Afterwards, you generally stay 600-800 units back from the creep wave (on the side towards your tower) and only go forward to get a last hit once jinada is up. Jinada will provide you with the ability to get a single uncontested last hit every 6-12 seconds.

You basically maintain this until you reach level 6 and then immediately start ganking for track kills. With this style you can attempt to have some lane presence and contest the opponents farm but not much because the most important part of the off-lane solos job is not getting killed.

Quelling Blade Build

This is a less common build and should not be attempted unless you understand how to off-lane in the previously mentioned style. It involves solely sapping xp and is used when your opponent directly counters you or if you find yourself facing a difficult lane match-up. In this case you use your quelling blade and qhost walk in order to stay out of sight and mind of your opponents.

You should not attempt to creep block in this style instead you spend the minute before the game starts cutting a path in the trees. You want to cut a path in the trees closest to the edge of the map. When making these paths you should have escaping in mind and maintain that you can get out by only removing 1 to 2 trees. You then use this hiding spot that you have created to stay within the experience range of the creep wave while not being in danger from opponents. Whenever your opponents try to go after you, you have two options. The first is to cut your way out and you should do this if the opponent has sentries or dust. The second is to ghost walk out. When the opponent tries to come after you by cutting a path in the trees you can simply go invisible and use the phase given by Ghost Walk to walk through your enemies to safety.

And again you maintain this until level 6 when you go ganking with track.


There are two other options in terms of style for playing Gondar. The normal one is building him as a utility hero, the other is building him as a glass cannon.

When building him as a utility hero you focus on survivability. Your main items would be a desolator, jango (drum of endurance), phase boots, vladimir's offering. The desolator will still allow you to hit fairly hard and provide a minus armour for your team. The jango provide a nice source of hp, mana regen. Its active ability will also help in providing the extra damage and movement speed needed for chasing or winning teamfights. The phase will give you damage and movement speed for chasing and escaping. The vlads will provide you with several things. It gives a nice armour bonus, some mana regen, a damage multiplier and most importantly lifesteal. It is important to recognize in this build where you are taking damage the most. If you are taking a lot of physical damage you should grab a sange and yasha, if you are taking a lot of magic damage you can either opt for a bkb or a quick plainswalkers cloak.

When building him as a utility hero you should focus on single target damage and assassination. The main items for this build are the phase, medallion of courage, desolator, mkb. Notice the surivability items have been swapped for damage. The medallion of courage will provide you with the mana regen needed and some armour reduction to act as a damage amplifier. The mkb will provide you with both true strike and a large amount of damage.

When facing certain characters you should modify these builds and you should also modify these builds depending upon how the game is going. If you are facing a templar assassing who is dodging all your attacks your first major damage item should be the mkb not the desolator. If you are trying to be a glass cannon and your getting focused down and your team is on the back foot maybe you should swap to utility instead. Or if your doing really well you can focus more on damage than utility and survivability.

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