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Get Your Free Mana Here! (Keeper of Light)

August 4, 2012 by knightsljx
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 4 8 9

Blinding Light

7 12 13 14

Chakra Magic

2 3 5 10

Spirit Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Get Your Free Mana Here! (Keeper of Light)

August 4, 2012


- Powerful push/counter push ability
- Ability above has crazy range
- Farm friendly support hero
- Global Recall
- Counters low mana melee heroes during laning
- Can skip mana regen items entirely
- Great attack animation

- No reliable disable (Blinding Light will help against DPS but not nukers)
- Low health
- Low armor
- Difficult to use effectively

Keeper of Light is an early game support/ mid-late game pusher. His chakra magic can help his lane partner spam spells like no tomorrow. His Illuminate has crazy range and is able to take out an entire creep wave in an instant if utilised properly.

The fact that you are not dependent on mana regen items means you can solely focus on support items that adds to your health and utility.

The Math of Chakra Magic

To show why this skill should be taken to level 3 as early as possible, let's look at the math.

It gives 225 mana at a cost of 70 mana. The cooldown on it is 17 seconds. Divided between you and your lane partner, that's a mana regen of about 4.5 mana/s. Tell me an item that you can get at level 5 that gives you mana regen of 4.5 mana/s?

It goes up to a mind boggling 6.7 mana/s for you and your lane partner at skill level 4. As a team on the whole, you are effectively generating 2.69 mana/s. That's MORE than Crystal Maiden's Arcane aura. Of course the down side is that you have to be there. Which you should, cause you are a support hero. You shouldn't be running around looking for solo kills.

This ability effectively allows you to channel ALL your gold towards health pool/regen and utility/support items.

Early Game

As a support, you role is to get the courier or ward for the team. You must get one of these as a starter.

Your primary role is to help your lane partner harass the enemy hero out of lane. With Chakra magic, they can spam to their heart's content.

Illuminate is helpful to harass enemy heroes out of lane, just stay in the shadows and channel it towards the enemy heroes, not the creep waves.

Help to stack and pull creeps if you are in the safe lane. In fact, the safe lane is the best place for Keeper. He will allow your carry or whoever you are baby sitting to spam abilities, making it much easier to get last hits/first bloods/kills.

He can lane the long lane if his partner has stuns and if he picked up observer wards.

Mid-Late Game

Keeper will eventually transit from a babysitter into a powerful pushing hero. His Illuminate will allow him to clear creep waves to help to tower and also farm up his important support items.

This is where it starts being tricky to use Keeper. I am going to dedicate entire sections to describe how to use Keeper as a pusher and how to use him in team fights.

Don't be afraid to stay in spirit form. Even at level 1, you can stay in spirit form half the time. The mana cost is nothing due to Chakra magic.

Continue to ward where necessary.


Pushing a Lane

So, you won a team fight and you need to bear down on the enemy towers, rax. How do you effectively do it?

They key is this. You want to clear out the enemy wave BEFORE your creep wave hits. This will require some intuition on timing.

You will want to be in spirit form for this. At the start of the push, first channel Illuminate in spirit form then run in front of your creep wave. You are going to try to channel the next Illuminate such that it will be released SOMEWHERE where the enemy creep wave will be.

You are going to keep doing this so your creep wave moves in uninterrupted.

At The Tower

Now that you are at the Tower/Rax, you need to start counting the clock for when the enemy creep wave arrives. Remember, the enemy creep comes every 30 seconds. So you want to channel you Illuminate(Spirit Form) somewhere behind the Tower such that your creeps will not be aggro by them. One Illuminate CAN clear out a creep wave due to its awesome ability to kill Catapults as well.

All this changes if enemy heroes starts defending. You will want to channel further to the rear of your creep wave to avoid getting hit. You should NEVER channel in normal form under these circumstances

So your team wins a big team fight, but one of your heroes is far away farming in the jungle or in another lane. Use Recall to pull him over to help push. Don't do this if the hero is defending rax or split pushing obviously.

Team Fighting

You should ALWAYS be in spirit form for team fights. You will immediately start channelling Channel Illuminate into the general area of the team fight immediately at the start. Since people will be moving about, and the timing is really hard, it's more of a gamble that it will hit. Channel Illuminate whenever it's off cooldown.

Next thing you should do is cast Blinding Light into the team fight area. The will decrease the enemy physical damage output by 80%!! And also knock them back.

Repeat these two things while using Chakra magic to heal up your mana or your team's mana as and when needed.

If you have your Drum/Mek/Pipe, use them.

Cleaning Up
Use Mana Leak on enemy heroes running away. If they stop, they die, if they don't stop, they are stunned and they die. LOL

Needless to say, you want to hang back as far as possible. Do not get caught in the middle

Item Choices

Due to Keeper's unique ability, he can focus on health and support items.

Drum/Mek/Pipe are all excellent support items.
Mek and Pipe will take different priority according to the enemy team line up.
If you're up against teams with physical damage heroes, you get Mek. If they have heavy nukers, get Pipe first instead then Mek for the heal.

Always go for Headdress first since it can be built into Mek or Pipe. It also allows you to help heal.

Rod of Atos is nice on heroes that need HP regen and it gives you a confirmed disable. It fits Keeper perfectly if your team doesn't lack the support items.

Vlad's are nice if your team has a melee carry. If gives them Lifesteal without sacrificing an item slot. It also gives a bunch of other nice bonuses

Get a Scythe if your team REALLY needs it like against a hard carry that needs multiple disables to bring down.

Shiva and Assault Cuirass are luxury items that help with team fights, pushing and keeping you alive.

Needless to say as a support/pusher, you should never be without TP scrolls. If you are owning, get Boots of Travel AFTER your important items. It should be the LAST item you get in the game. If you don't plan on getting BoT, Tranquil Boots works very nice upgrade on Keeper early game. It gives health regen and extra movement speed at very low cost over normal boots.

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