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Get rekt

March 20, 2016 by chin chin
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Get rekt

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

Moon Glaives

2 4

Lunar Blessing

1 3 5




Get rekt

chin chin
March 20, 2016

Chapter Title

This build is part of a series of builds that can be used in tandem with a five man team to hopefully end the game in about ten minutes (or less).

So your starting items should be a wraith band and a healing salve. The wraith band is just for some cheap early stats. The salve helps you stay in the thick of things once you get going.
Make your purchases, wait for your ally to activate smoke of deceit and immediately start running for the Rosh pit. On your way, put your first level on Lunar Blessing. The extra damage is necessary for defeating Roshan and helping end the game.

Once you are in the Rosh pit, get inside and wait for the rest of your team. Once everyone is there, let the tank start the fight. When he gets low, he will swap out with the second "tank".Once you beat Roshan, immediately go to bottom lane and push all the way to barracks. This should be the entire team, mind you. Then rotate mid and repeat. Finally, switch to top lane and finish off the process. You should take top barracks by around eight or nine minutes. This early, no one can defend against mega creeps, therefore, you just won.

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