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July 5, 2012 by Xajora
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DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Chop Shop (Innate)

Rocket Barrage

2 4 8 9

Homing Missile

1 3 5 7

Flak Cannon

10 12 13 14

Call Down

6 11 16


15 17 18


July 5, 2012


Gyrocopter is an odd one, on one hand he has one of the best early games and can play very aggressively. Batrider himself may be afraid of a competent level 2 Gyrocopter given the right circumstances. Late game however, he drops off - his Q becomes luxury and may not even be used while his E becomes a viable option.

As gyrocopter, you should focus on getting early ganks as soon as possible. In dual lane constantly coordinate with your partner on setting up chainstuns or pushing enemies away from experience and farm. Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are very notable differences in gyro, get a feel for what you can do.

Solo mid gyro works as well, but has little intent on staying in lane. His W should be used to gank the top and bottom lanes constantly. Get a fair amount of safe farm and head out at level 6 on average.

Unless you want this adorable little bugger to fall off and be nearly useless late game, gank hard, gank often and get your core.

Here is a video guide on how Gyro plays and uses skills


Early game, you want to rush treads and ring asap. As a moble ganking machine that can initate fights that shouldn't work for any other hero, you need movement speed and sustainability. Gyro will always have somewhat of a mana problem with this build but that shouldn't matter if you set up his stun properly and have the necessary support.

The reason for clarity and salves is for continued harass. You should be able to stay in lane for a long time with them and always have the mana to keep your opponents out of lane.

Shadow blade gives Gyro a way out. As somone who will be diving deep into enemy territory to chase after W stuns you need to have a viable escape mechanism and there is none as good as shadow blade. Granted, if you have another stealth or are playing against Bounty hunter and the like, get an alternative.

Butterfly is the ideal finishing item but Eaglesong costs a fair bit of cash. Manta style is made from cheap parts and helps with his gameplay ala confusion from his E and added DPS.

I am a personal sucker for orchid, it solves gyro's mana problem as well as gives solid stats and a fantastic active that all synergize perfectly for gyro. Nowadays I resort to this directly after a Shadow Blade or BKB.

Aghanims is in hot debate, many say gyro isn't gyro without it and others see it as a waste of 4000 gold. If you want it great, I would personaly take a BKB or an orchid over it any day though.


Q-Rocket Barrage:
Think of this as a low level juggernaut ult, if you can get a single target within range of you it will deal up to 600 damage at max rank without inhibiting your ability to attack. Late game it will be scale off and be of debateable use as it takes a second to fire up, early game it is your single best damaging tool.

W-Homing Missle:
The big one, the reason we play gyrocopter. At all ranks a 2.5 second stun with silly utility. How an enemy reacts to a rocket defines how you set up a kill or a forced lane exit.

If they accept the rocket is going to hit (the smart thing to do in some instances) and run to a tower/into the rocket, get in on them. Do as much damage as you can and then back off. If laning with another stunner or a nuker you might be able to go all in on it.

If they flee from the rocket always make the attempt to LOOK like you are diving in, either they set themselves up for death by Rocket Barrage by abandoning thier creep wave or they are scared away from gold and exp. Always make sure you have a teamates support before commiting for a kill however.

KNOW YOUR TARGETS-Avoid using on...
Anything with invisiblity (bounty hunter, sand king exc.)
Anything with easy magic immune (lifestealer, juggernaut, omni)
Anything that wont really care (Tidehunter, anything with a lot of early game health)

E-Flack Cannon:
Early game there is literaly not a single point in taking this skill, your damage would be low and (like all early cleaves) you would just push the lane. Late game however, it is one of your best skills in a teamfight and can be used to farm and push effortlessly. Nothing more to say.

Call Down:
Gyro's ult starts out phenominal and becomes less and less a threat as the game goes on. Always helpful in a teamfight, but never forget to use this to secure a kill early on. 350 damage and two slows means a LOT early game, so never be afraid to use it.

Try to not initate with this skill, send out a Homing Missle and wait for the team to be cuddled up. While it CAN be used for initation it will rarely see its full potential if used this way. Go by feel.

If you are laning with invisibility or if the situation warrants it, you can alternatively level Rockets a level ahead of Homing missle. This is a case by case act, but avoid maxing Q with two points in W. The style of Gyro may change from game to game as needed, but your missle will always have value and need levels.

Pros / Cons

+ One of the best early games
+ TONS of fun
+ One of the most rewarding stuns in the game
+ Ability to set up dangerous ganks without much risk
+ Ultimate is astounding early game
+ Easy late game farm

- Drops off late game unless fed
- countered by highly organized teams
- Extremely mana dependant
- No escape tech
- role confusion
- possibility to become useless if not fed
- Stun is unreliable

Do NOT play gyrocopter unless you have what is believed to be a responsive team who is willing to help you and listen to your calls. Give them the respect they deserve and they might give some back.

For a useless pro, he has some of the best voice acting in the entire game

When NOT to play gyrocopter

If the enemy team has 2 or more of the following:

Bounty Hunter
Phantom lancer
Sand King

If the enemy team is comprised mainly of ranged hero's making your missle useless.

Bloodseeker is unique in that he can kill somone who overextends much more easily than most thanks to his ultimate and haste. Consider your pick carefully as gyro will often dive beyond towers for kills.


In conclusion, Gyrocopter is a momentum baised hero that is very hard to shut down when set in motion. One of the best initators in the game and one of the best early game hero's requires good judgement calls and teamwork to work effectively.

When Gyro flies, he flies high.

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