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August 23, 2013 by KEMEK
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As I promised, I will make second guide to Lifestealer, one of the most awesome heroes on Dota 2. Oh, wrong, I mean, he is the most awesome hero ffs! Sorry for making you waiting so long, TI3 is just so ****in awesome, I cant help myself to watch its replays again and again. By the way, if you watch the grand final, you will realize that Lifestealer is ALWAYS A BAN hero for Alliance! Coincidence? I think not. Lifestealer is just so awesome. I know that, Alliance knows that, and you will know that.

On previous guide I explain a lot about laning vs jungling for Lifestealer, one good knowledge to start off as a Lifestealer user. So if you can handle the starting point well, its time for you... to kill some stupid heroes. Lets get going.


Lifestealer is a carry, bear that in your mind. He is not a ****in squishy support, or a thousands-spells disabler. He is a carry. A terrifying carry. And as for all carry in this world, he is item dependent. Yes, he can jump into battle with only Power Treads. Yes, his skills are dream for every heroes out there. But you are a carry, dude. You still need some decent items to own the game.

First of all, SKULL BASHER. This item is too good for Lifestealer. Good additional damage and strength, and this item synergies very well with his Rage, where he can procs the passive stun effect more often.

A moment, guys.

There you go. If you are pro enough to use Lifestealer and things are going pretty well for your team, having JUST Power Treads and Skull Basher in your item slot is enough. Then you can play around like buying wtf-item-for-Lifestealer such as Bloodstone, Diffusal Blade, or even Force Staff (but wait, Force Staff is a decent item for Lifestealer, I will explain it later). BUT if you are noob enough or you want to own the game even more, carry on.

Second, Maelstorm (then upgrade it to Mjolnir). The main point buying this item is that this item gives you more attack speed, which increases your monster capacity faarr greatly (and procs Skull Basher more often. Awesome).

In some cases, I rush Maelstorm first rather than Skull Basher when there are a lot of Copy Maker heroes like Phantom Lancer (yeah, now you're a dead man, Cancer Lancer!), Chaos Knight, or Naga Siren. In this case, Maelstorm/Mjolnir is far more useful than Skull Basher, because it can delete their copied images faster.

Wait. Armlet?? Wheres Armlet you idiot??

Calm the **** down, officer. As a Lifestealer user, I will not forget about this item, not in a sec. Even ALL Lifestealer guides recommend you to buy this item, right after your boot. They are right, as usual. They are almost right, to be exact. You may proceed to buy Armlet if YOU KNOW how to ****in rock and roll with this item.

At an instance, you may think, Oh, Armlet! Such a pure golden item for thee! +31 damage, 25 Strength, and 10 attack speed! Sweet Mother of Jesus! Im gonna buy this item! without knowing how to properly use it. And the next thing happen is, you activate it, hit all stuffs around you like hell, and voila, you die from your precious item, Armlet of Mordigijigigjigigjididan.

If you know that you are still noob enough (good if you know that, I really appreciate it), STAY AWAY from this item. Safe farming and just going to buy Skull Basher is far more healthy for you, and your team.


So, that's all. All you need is just one Skull Basher, Maelstorm, and you are ready to go. If you decide to upgrade your Maelstorm to Mjolnir, that's good. If you decide to go Desolator or Assault Cuirass, these are all good choices too.


Alright, class. Now pay attention. This gonna be important... and easy. There are two ways for Killing Party: Life Bomb, and, uh, Not-Life-Bomb (duh). First I want to explain about Life Bomb. I cant help it not to explain about it. Life Bomb is just sooo freakinly awesome and fun to do.

What is Life Bomb?
Its a, uh, bomb. By Life. Or Lifestealer. Yeah. Big explosion damage. Bam! Yeah. Well, **** it. You will know it, it is so awesome that I cant explain about it well.

The Ingredients of Life Bomb
There are 3 things needed to do this cool Bomb:
1. Your ult
2. A partner, better an initiator. A smart one, not a stupid one that can bring death to both of you.
3. A victim. Or victims.

1. Jump into your partner with your ulti
2. Let your partner do his job (or encourage him!)
3. And Bam! 400 ****in damage, mutha****a! Eat that ****!

As you may know it, choosing Life-Bomb partner is crucial. Its the same crucial as choosing your mother-in-law. Because, once you pick wrong Lifestealer-Bomb partner, your day is gonna be bad as hell. Youll end up crying, its GG already, and you may want to delete your ****in Dota 2 folder. So the hint for choosing the right Life-Bomb partner is just one: choose someone who can bring you as close as possible to your enemies. With this hint, you know that choosing a range hero is a reeallyy bad choice.

I have tried Life-Bomb so fckin many times with so many heroes, so here the best choices for Life-Bomb partner as I know it:

1. SPIRIT BREAKER. This is the number one Life-Bomb partner in Dota World. Once you pick Lifestealer at the start of the game, and then someone pick Spirit Breaker without telling your team, be happy. You will have the deadliest Lifestealer combo ever. Spirit Breaker has everything for you: Movement Speed aura, Knockback bashing, One hell of ulti, and the most important thing: global-madafaka-surprising psychological effect from his Charge. And you, on the other hand, give nice feedback: slow spell + lifesteal support from your Open Wounds, and bam! Decent nuking damage from your ult.

2. JUGGERNAUT. Have you ever see a combo between Consume (life) and Omnislash (jugg)? Its super awesome and super cool. Besides of its coolness, I can guarantee that you can make at least one kill.

3. Sand King/Earthshaker. If you are kind of a guy who love high nuking damage, you gotta try Life-Bomb-ing with Sand King Epicenter or Echo Slam of Earthshaker, and you gotta love it.

4. Riki/Bounty Hunter. Some people find the combo between their invisibility with Infest is fun to do, but for me its a cowards things. Meh. Man up, *****!

5. Nature Prophet/Bone Clinkz/Storm Spirit. Yeah, I know they are ranged heroes. I know. But they have an advantage that comes in handy with Lifes ult. Nature has global teleportation, which can bring global gank, Bone Clinkz has invisibility stuffs, and Storm Spirit has the.. "Zzaaappp" thing.


Okay, you feel pro enough to do Life-Bomb and such, now there are some notes about it:

1. Once you get out from your infest-object, you gotta do Rage. Trust me. You get out and born into the cruel world of Dota 2, no one knows what will happen to everybody, including you, smart***. There are a lot of vicious spells, hits, creeps, and, uh, anything that can do heavy damage to you, and you don't want to cast Rage on your own? Be dead.

2. Be wise to cast Open Wounds. Because of its fckin-long cooldown, it becomes more precious and you can't just cast it right away and hoping to re-cast it again at the very next seconds. NO. The cooldown is reaallyy long, so you have to mind WHEN you can blow out your Open Wounds.
Hint: no hint. Do some Lifestealer practice, lazy boy.

3. Sometimes in several cases, the enemy team always first-target the squishiest hero on your team, and usually the squishiest one is the ranged hero. If you feel pity for them, go infest inside them, and do some avenge. (This case only applies when your enemy does the initiating movement. If your team does the initiation, you still have to go infest inside your initiator).


That's all about now. Feel free to praise this guide. No shy.

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