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Ganker/Carry Abaddon

November 1, 2013 by Shaurya
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Ganker/Carry Abaddon

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

10 12 13 14

Aphotic Shield

1 3 5 7

Curse of Avernus

2 4 8 9

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


15 17 18


Guys I am a new player and this is my first guide about Abaddon. I feel this is a good way to play Abaddon. Abaddon is usually played as a support but i feel his true potential is wasted as a support which carries auras and heals. Abaddon can be turned into a Lethal killer and escape from him is impossible.


-Good Starting HP and MS(310).
-Good AS if given right items
-His passive boosts MS and Slows the enemy making chase easy
-Passive is also applicable on allies
-Mist Coil is a decent Nuke/Heal with low CD and insane range. Can be used to deny oneself.
-His Shield can debuff allies,protect them/us from damage and is a powerful
600 AOE nuke.
-His Ultimate is EPIC. Gives him another life/Heals/Debuffs. Makes us very hard to


-His ulti can be countered a few times by Massive damage nukes, perfectly timed culling
-Very Item Dependent.
-Can be countered by hard Carries.


Grab any lane Mid,Top or Bot. Cooperate with your team let them decide lanes. You can lane anywhere but don't pick a lane with a lane with another carry because you will be needing farm.

In the lane try to get the maximum number of last hits. Farming is the basic objective until u hit level 6. By this time you should at least have: 1)Phase boots 2)Orb of Venom.

In this farming period if there is an opportunity to get a kill take it but don't risk your
life. Your Shield is maxed out first because it is a great harassment tool and can help you farm easily without taking damage. It can debuff a stunned ally or save him from a death blow.

The passive is taken to kill any careless or fragile hero. If they get close you start hitting them. Your ally will join you and 90% you will get a kill 100% if the laner is a stunner.

Phase Boots are the core because they give a +24 damage and the phase. It helps you chase down enemies.

Once you hit level 6, don't fear to gank any hero. Just start hitting them with your slows they will be easily killed. If they try to juke near their tower, the phase will help and the tower hits wont kill you because you will shield yourself which will in turn damage the enemy and if your hp drops below 400 ur ulti will heal you up to the point of grabbing a kill.

Gank and kill as many heroes as you can and farm up a Mask of Madness.

Mask Of Madness Mechanics

So you guys Might say that it is a Unique Attack Modifier and if wont stack with orb of venom... well we would love that but we are buying this item for the AS and MS boost. Venom is kept for the Skadi which we grab later and for early game. The life steal stacks with your passive and makes your hero imba.

The SLOW,MS and AS increase due to MOM and phase literally **** out any hero in mid game.
This is the time to feed on carries. They are fragile and can't Escape you.

How to gank?
Activate MOM, and start hitting. Use shield if u want, use phase to go past creeps and kill the poor fellow.

MOM is also a great boost to farming speed. Jungling is a piece of cake with MOM.
Activate Shield and MOM and jungle around.
Jungle till the point you have a Cryxilis.
Now the ganks are one sided and in yourr favour.

Situational Items.

Now to finish a game early i would recommend SnY. t gives a boost to MS and Can Maim.
Blade mail can be taken in order to return tons of damage to the enemies targeting you.
Bkb is also a situational pick on Abaddon and should be take if against many casters and stunners.

Note: Get an MKB if ur up against evasion.

Late Game (Eye Of Skadi and Heart)

Game usually finishes by this point but if the enemy is persistant then pick skadi. with your slow its a 50% MS on Each HIT witch a 15% MS bonus due to your passive and a 16% MS bonus due to SnY, along with a maim and MS and AS gain from MOM and also a 35% AS slow due to skadi with criticals..... O_o Its impossible to escape this fellow. Still if you want the last item on him his heart to give him epic tankiness and damage.

Allies and Enemies.

Any hero can synergy with Abaddon. For a good early game any stunner is a good laner.
Rest any one can figure out.

Doom is his worst enemy his Ultimate silences all of Abaddon's items and abilities(including his ultimate) so don't pick Abaddon against him for he will shut you down.

Axe is another enemy. If you don't trigger your ulti manually her will kill you. Your ulti triggers at 400 HP. his culling blade will kill anything instantly below 450 hp on level 3 and it goes through your ulti.

Burst Nukers Like Lion and Lina can kill you if they see your HP around 400. So you should be careful with them and try to keep above a limit. If you time your ulti first its as good as a trip back to base and a full heal. :D

Troll and Void.
No matter how much you farm if they farm up, You are dead meat....

Rest all heroes like bara,naix,ursa and huskar are easily countered with abaddon.

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