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Gank Vengeful Played the right way

June 4, 2013 by beastmodebeast
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Gank with lane mate

DotA2 Hero: Vengeful Spirit

Hero Skills

Magic Missile

1 3 5 7

Wave of Terror

2 9 12 14

Vengeance Aura

4 8 10 13

Nether Swap

6 11 16


15 17 18

Gank Vengeful Played the right way

June 4, 2013

General Notes

- My first guide! I just wanted to share this with peolpe cause it has really been fun for me. I usually play with a friend and we are able to communicate ganks well -- this guide will really only be helpful if you have someone who you can communicate with for the ganks.

- I play in the middle pack pub games -- I dont know how effective this will be in very high skill levels. But it works tremendously for me. (I think I'm like 15-1 doing this build over the past 2 weeks)

- Preferably played in the safe lane with a carry who likes to gank. Preferably a carry with a stun (Gyro: tell him to get 1 point in missile for a stun, Sven, Luna (mini stun is enough), ect. (I'm blanking on others)).

- Safelane is big for setting up your stun before swap. Hide behind the trees. I know it wont shut down the enemy carry if you are safelane -- its more oriented toward building your team's carry with early ganks. Hence, why I tell you not to take farm (further down).

- This is not really a roaming ganker. Stay in your safelane and help build your team's carry. This is why i also consider this build a support build -- buy wards if it will help. While I say to stay in your safelane please use common Dota knowledge and realize that I dont mean "be a noob and dont leave the lane no matter what." Im just stating that if you want to win -- Farm your carry by feeding him ganks with Swap.

- I've crunched some numbers, and I feel like maxing Aura before Terror is better. But take the first point in Terror because the minus 2 armor is better than 12% attack increase at the lower levels b/c attack damage is too low in the start of the game, and -2 armor will help first blood more.

- My biggest advice is to build venge with a lot of strength. Urn is perfect for her b/c she is good at ganking, and it adds strength and mana regen. Early mana is a big problem. Hence why Ring of Bassi is picked up early too. Dont get agi items on venge until late, after you've secured your strength and mana.

- Buy the items in the order I've suggested. It may seem strange to not upgrade boots right away, but if you are ganking properly you will have them soon enough.

- USE SWAP ALL THE TIME (unless it will interfere with someone else's attacks of course). You dont need to Rush agh's because in the laning phase the 10 second cooldown doesnt help that much. You wont need to swap more than once to get pick off kills. This is also why you need to build lots of Str./HP on Venge: Swap will not only put the enemy in bad position, but it will put you in a relatively bad position as well. So you need strength to survive the Swap.

- This build is gank oriented, so Swapping is huge. Its okay if you put yourself in a little bit of a predicament to swap the enemy to his death. Thats why we've built strength, and thats why we have urn. Heal up after the gank, you should have taken a sizeable amount of damage b/c the enemy will jump you after you swap. Survive, Heal, Repeat.

- If you want to build agi, build poorman's shield to help survive swap. If your teammate gets Arc Boots, you can pass on Rings and Build a shield.

- Best if paired with someone who also has a stun. Also, you dont need farm. Let the teammate get the LH and you focus on denying. Your gold will come with the ganks. You will be surprised how many of the last hits you get on the ganks. Venge has a decent attack damage, and the stun does good damage.

- A good gank will go like this: (before swap) -- Stun 1 (teammate or yours) --> Terror --> Attacks --> Stun 2 (teammate or yours) --> Attacks --> Finish with your stun (it will be coming off cooldown) if necessary.

- With Swap, use it to initiate the gank. Then turn and Stun.

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