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Game Winning Shadowblade Razor Build***

October 17, 2013 by fowbo999
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Game WInning Shadowblade Razor

DotA2 Hero: Razor

Hero Skills

Plasma Field

2 3 5 8

Static Link

1 4 7 9

Storm Surge

12 13 14

Eye of the Storm

6 11 16


10 15 17 18

The best way to play Razor

Ok so this guide is very self explanatory and it leads to a very easy win. What you end up with is a incredibly powerful razor capable of killing enemies while cloaked and hardly ever dying. He will use static link to get almost all of his damage and kill off enemies without hardly any effort. This build is tried and true by me and I hardly ever die and can kill sometimes even multiple heroes relatively effortlessly. This is so ridiculously easy I don't know why I have NEVER seen this done before. This is easily the best razor build hands down. YOU WILL HARDLY EVER DIE AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE DOWN MULTIPLE OPPONENTS WITHOUT ANY THREAT WHATSOEVER.

Early Game

To start this build you want to purchase the starting items I have recommended and you will want to go mid. Try to take it easy and farm but if the enemy hero pushes don't be afraid to use plasma field and static link to kill them without any problems.

You are going to farm yourself first a ring of basilius (you will only need to purchase the sages mask so its quite cheap at start) and upgrade it into a ring of aquila. Purchase the pieces of the wrath band piece by piece to keep it cheap and quick and also to keep ur attributes evolving through the first 5 minutes of the game. Once you have this ring of aquila you are going to rush for boots of speed, which will very quickly and easily be upgraded into the tranquility boots.

Why tranquility boots you ask? Most guides I have seen recommend that razor goes for phase boots, however I find the +22 damage is not necessary, infact I find that buying any items to give +damage is almost counter-productive and a waste of gold for Razor because of his static link. I instead am going to go straight to the bread and butter and teach you the ultimate trick to using razor: Shadowblade.

The boots of tranquility will act as a free health potion through the early game, and you will use it in conjunction with shadowblade late game to heal while cloaked and while getting easy ganks WHILE YOUR INVISIBLE. Its +75 movement speed + razors passive gives him motorcycle movement speed and it easily surpasses the phase boots everytime in my experience.

Once you have your core items

Ok so the premise is simple, once you have ring of aquila and the boots of tranquility, you are going to forget everything you thought you knew about razor and you are going to skip all the items you may have once bought and instead go for razors game winning item: The Shadowblade.

First purchase the claymore, which will boost your damage to help you farm, gank, and take that pesky tower to give you the gold to finish the recipe.

Once you have shadowblade, YOUR READY TO RUMBLE.


Your encounters with enemies are going to go like this:

You are going to cast your ulti before you initiate and then you are going to press Q and cast a plasma field to knock off a ton of damage on your opponent. Before your plasma field is even done casting (immediately after you pressed Q) you are going to hit your opponent with a static link and use your shadowblade to go invisible.

Now, you have an opponent who is highly damaged by plasma field, and you have a static link giving you all the damage you need to gank basically any hero effortlessly, your invisible and safe from attack, and YOUR ULTI IS ON THE MOVE, your going to chase you opponent while cloaked and let your ulti either kill him or peck him down till you can 1 shot him out of the shadowblade with the shadowblades bonus damage + all the damage you have gotten from static link.


If there are multiple opponents just circle them and let the ulti do its job while cloaked and once ur shadowblade is almost done, whisk off with the 420+ movement speed you have with tranquil boots and your passive, or end the shadowblade with a wooping blow that will 1-2 shot your opponent depending on how much health they have.

The later game

Now that you have a way to gank opponents (even multiple) while solo, cloaked, without ever having to be touched, you are going to be able to farm gold without any problems at all.

You are going to use this buy aghanims scepter, which will boost your ulti like its nobodies buisness, it will not only kill towers but its constant attack speed will OBLITERATE your opponents killing most heros fairly quickly while you ARE CLOAKED.

You will follow this up with a manta style, so when your shadowblade runs out and your in a sticky situation with multiple opponents you can quickly cast illusions that will at the very least scare off your opponents so you wont die.

After you have these 2 items you will be rocking team-fights and soloing multiple opponents without hardly dying at all, and getting a very high K/D ratio while cloaked 99% of the time.

The next items you buy are up to you but i would recommend a desolator, or some support items because you really wont need any more damage or offensive items, however you may find a daedalus to be useful aswell.

The reason you should pick this guide first for Razor

This entire guide is dedicated to utilizing the shadow-blade with razor to create a hero who not only ganks very easily, but who is excellent in team-fights, and hardly never dies.

This enables razor to easily gank a hero right in the middle of a group of his allies without ever being seen, and also to solo-gank and fight alongside his own team-mates with ease.

The chances of ganking 2 and sometimes even 3 opponents without dying is a very real possibility with this razor and if you ever feel in danger of dying, you will have a quick escape plan which should almost always keep you from feeding the enemy.


Tranquility boots: Cast this if your running low on health before shadowblading and you will have a large portion of your health healed while cloaked (meaning you wont be taking damage to ruin the heal) and also you will be able to do damage with ur ulti and steal dmg with static link while healing.

Its +75 movement speed plus your passive will make you easily able to escape or chase enemy heroes, you will be the fastest hero in the match hands down(especially once u get manta), with a heal that will not be interupted, nor will interupt you from ganking the enemy while cloaked.

Shadowblade: SKIP YASHA AND GO FOR THIS IMMEDIATELY, it can be a bit expensive early game but just farm it ASAP, it is your life, IT WILL WIN THE GAME FOR YOU. 4 out of 4 of razors spells can be in effect while shadowbladed. (plasma field needs to be casted while visible but once its casted u can cloak with the lightning still flying)

Aghanims sceptor: Will increase your ulti, which will be your main damage dealer and will harrass the enemies like no tomorrow having them running the other way. The damage boost from the sceptor is incredible and its ability to attack structures only makes it even better.

Manta: Once you are uncloacked quickly cast manta to make sure "THEY KNOW" that they aint fighting back so they wont even try. Having an invisible razor with his DMG buffed with static link appearing out of nowhere while your half dead and creating 2 illusions of himself is down-right intimidating and 2+ opponents could easily run the other way when they see you coming.

The entire idea behind this guide

If your executing this guide correctly you should have no problems getting your core items and shadowblade before the 20 minute mark, the shadowblade + ulti/static link combo should give you huge amounts of farm to get you your sceptor (first) and manta. Once you have all of these, every single battle should look like this:

An example vs 3 opponents

With you 420+ movement speed you charge right in between all of your opponents with your ulti cast, you will quickly spam Q then W for a static link and immediately shadowblade into invisiblity.

You are now going to circle or chase you 3 opponents and with your sceptor your ulti should easily kill the first opponent or bring him down to about 1/3 of his HP.

You then break your shadowblade with 150 bonus damage + all the dmg you've aquired with static link, 1 shotting him.

You immediately cast manta and with all your static link damage 2-3 shot your next opponent with the help of your illusions and quickly activate your boots of tranquility to start healing while going back into invisibility with shadowblade and chasing down the 3rd opponent while being healed by the boots and ticking down his health with ur ulti (with the sceptor dmg it'll get him down to about 2/3 to 1/2 of his HP) and reappearing back out of the shadows with the 150 bonus dmg from the shadowblade and another cast of plasma field finishing him off. If you run into any problems the shadowblade + 420 movement speed from your passive and boots will escape them easily plus the intimidation factor of your active ulti and plasma field which if it doesnt kill them will knock off massive amounts of HP. You miswell go back and finish them off LIKE A BOSS but if your really low on health you can shuttle off unharmed.

As far as true sight and other detection devices in game, I don't feel it threatens this build too much because razor can hold his own without invisibility either way. A razor without a shadowblade is still a powerful opponent. The items I have suggested will work with razor in a gank without cloaking without too many problems, especially if you happened to get manta.

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