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Furious Furion's Ferocity

August 10, 2012 by Glayde
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Pushing Power

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Healing Salve
Mantle of Intelligence
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Null Talisman

Mid Game (core)

Aghanim's Scepter
Power Treads


Dagon 1
Black King Bar
Orchid Malevolence
Linken's Sphere
Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard


Gem of True Sight
Hand of Midas
Shadow Blade
Animal Courier
Arcane Boots
Force Staff
Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Starting items (jungle)

Ring of Basilius

Hero Skills


2 12 13 14


3 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 4 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello guys, this is my first Dota guide, and I hope you enjoy. I like to play furion as more of a mid champion, rather than a jungler, although furion jungle is very good. Furion's role is basically a hard pusher and ganker. His teleportation spell is how Furion can gank and push extremely well. His ult also helps him farm like crazy.

Overall, Furion is an extremely fun champion, who can also turn the tides of the game if played right.

Pros and Cons


- Crazy farming potential
- Good early-mid game ganks
- Insane pushing power
- Has teleport spell
- Fun to play
- Not very difficult


- Needs good map awareness
- Squishy
- Doesn't do too much in teamfights unless fed
- Somewhat mana-hungry early-mid game
- Doesn't scale well into lategame if not fed

Skill Explanation

Sprout: Sprouts a ring of trees around a unit, trapping it in place.
Range: 600 Radius: 150
Duration: 3 / 3.75 / 4.5 / 5.25
Mana Cost: 100 / 120 / 140 / 160
Cooldown Time: 11 / 10 / 9 / 8

This skill is your main ganking spell. At max level, it lasted for 5.25 seconds, so if you have a ranged carry, like Drow Ranger, it'll make a guaranteed kill. The reason I max this skill last is because instead of ganking the **** out of people, I prefer to push towers, and thus I level up Furion's second and third spells first. Also, most heroes will carry tangos early game, rendering this spell useless. But grab a point in this early, as it will help in ganks and escaping. How does it help in escaping? Cast Sprout on yourself, and then the enemy has no vision of you, since you are surrounded my trees! After you cast sprout on yourself, immediately teleport home. You should take minimal damage, and return home safely.

Teleportation: Teleports to any point on the map.
Range: Global
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown Time: 50 / 40 / 30 / 20

This skill makes Furion who he is. At max level, it is on a 20 second cooldown, so you can basically be pushing two, or even three towers at once (with your minions). Also, you can be pushing a tower and immediately jump into a teamfight if needed. This spell won't be needed too much until you started getting farmed up, so that's why I level it up second. Note: If you double-tap W (or whatever your hotkey is), you will automatically teleport back to your base. Also, unlike TP scrolls, if you get stunned, yout teleport spell does NOT go on cooldown!

Nature's Call: Converts an area of trees into Treants. Treants have 550 HP and deal 21-23 damage.
Range: 750
Radius: 150 / 225 / 300 / 375
Number of Treants: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Treant Duration: 60
Mana Cost: 160
Cooldown Time: 37

This skill has a bunch of uses, but it is mainly for pushing or jungling. For pushing, it's pretty self-explanatory. You cast it, and use the treants to push the tower. For jungling, use the treants to tank. If there are no nearby trees, cast sprout on the ground, then follow up with a Nature's Call. For more experienced players, you can try and use the treants to block passages or enemy heroes. Also, when the game reaches 0:40 (counting down), cast Nature's Call and send your treants to scout the runes.

Wrath of Nature:: Damaging energy bounces around the map, striking enemies close to the cast point that are in vision. Each enemy hit beyond the first adds 7% damage.
SCEPTER UPGRADABLE: Increases damage and bounces.
Range: Global
Max Targets: 16 (18*)
Damage: 140 / 180 / 225 (155/210/275*)
Mana Cost: 150 / 200 / 250
Cooldown Time: 90 / 60 / 60

This spell is just a monster. Use it at every cooldown, unless there are no minions that are in sight...which I don't think would ever happen :\ Basically, you should get around 400 gold every minute, and with scepter, 800 gold if your lucky. This spell, in my opinion, doesn't really have that much of a damage potential, so you should use it just to kill steal someone, unless they are going to get away. Remember, it deals more damage every bounce, so if you see someone with low health, cast it further away from them. Also, this spell only effects enemy units that are visible. So if, for example, Riki goes invisible with a sliver of hp left, your ult will not hurt him. Why is scepter so important on Furion? You get 6 more bounces, which, with the bonus damage, will grant you about 100-200 more gold. And with that gold, you can buy more items, which results in you being stronger than the enemy.

Item Justifictation

Items for early game are pretty standard. Tangos, salves, and clarities for lane sustain, gg branches and the mantle for some bonus stats. This is usually what I build on most heroes, swapping the mantle for a wraith band/gauntlet. If nobody on your team purchases courier, swap it with the mantle instead.

On your first trip back to base, or by using courier, get your boots of speed, magic wand, null talisman, and a bottle if needed. The magic wand is there because it is a LIFESAVER and also helps lane sustain. Since you already got the mantle, upgrade it to Null Talisman for some better stats. Boots, self-explanatory, and the bottle is there if you need/want it.

Aghanim's is just a must-have on Furion. It helps with farming immensely, and with the bonus bounces and damage, the last target your ult hits will receive roughly 869 damage, if it bounces all 18 times. Desolator is to add to your insane pushing power. Teleport to a lane that is pushing, get some treants, and the tower will be gone in an instant. Then, just teleport out and repeat! For second tier boots, I prefer getting Power Treads over Arcane boots, mainly because with Power Treads, you get a small mana regen boost and some nice attack speed. But if you find yourself in need of mana, go ahead and buy Arcane.

Now is when you determine whether you want to go Daedalus or more supportish items. If you want more damage, go ahead an get a Daedalus or a Dagon. If you want for support items, go ahead and buy Shiva's and sheepstick. If you need some escape mechanism other than teleport, Lothar's, Eul's Scepter or Force Staff. Orchid is there if you want some nice stats and insane mana regen. The other situational/luxury items fall into most of the categories stated above. I'm not a big fan of Midas, I don't see the point in getting it when your ult gives your 2x the amount of gold and exp with a shorter cooldown.

Early Game

Furion's early game consists mostly of farming and ganking. I like going mid with this hero, but jungling is another viable option, but for now, I will focus on early game laning.


Just focus on farming and denying creeps. Harass with your autoattacks when you can. Try not to push the lane too much, unless you know that the enemy hero is gone. Always keep an eye out for lanes in need of help. Good map awareness is needed on this hero. You should always check if top/bot lane needs a gank, or notify them if the enemy heroes are missing. But just focus on getting your early game items before level 6. (Magic Wand, boots, etc)

Duolane(you are being supported):

Farm, farm, farm. Tell your laning partner to deny and harass and let you farm. If they have a stun, try and go for an early first blood. Basically what you do is after your laning partner stuns, wait for the stun to end and cast sprout around them. They should die after a few more autoattacks. Even in a duolane, you should still check to see if other lanes need a gank or if any hero is missing.

Duolane(you are the support):

Basically do the opposite of what was stated above. Deny and harass the enemy all day long. Try and let your carry farm. If he/she is ranged, try and go for first blood by using sprout. Also, because you are support, you will probably be forced to build like a support, which isn't all that bad.


Furion's midgame consists of ganking and pushing. Farming will just come with your ult taking down towers and enemy heroes.


Push, push, push. Not much to say about this. Teleport in near a tower that being pushed, get some treants, and push that tower. Get Aghs and Desolator as fast as you can. Gank when you can though, but remember, towers are more important than kills...usually. :3


Now this Furion playstyle is a bit different, but you might be forced into it. Push when you can, but try and stick with the team. Instead of getting Aghs and Desolator, grab a Mekansm, then build Shiva's, sheepstick, and Orchid. I suppose getting Aghs as support Furion wouldn't hurt either, but Mekansm is more important.


Furion in lategame doesn't really do much, except for sprouting enemy heroes, and pushing. If you pushed like crazy during midgame, then this game should be an easy win. If not, then you're not going to do much, like I said.

Fed Furion:

Go around melting faces with you Daedalus. Grab an MKB or butterfly and proceed to 3 shot enemies.

Unfed Furion:

You should still have Aghs and Desolator, so just keep pushing if any tier 2 tower hasn't been pushed down.

Basically, if you did good midgame, you should do well late game.


If you want to jungle as Furion, start out with a Ring of Basilius and 2 clarities. At the 0:40 mark, send two treants and scout the runes. 4 seconds after the games starts, summon your treants again, wait for your mana to regenerate, and take off to the jungle. Fight to small camps first (ghosts, etc), and once you get to around level 4-5, and have more treants, go ahead and take on the larger creep camps. (centaur, etc) Drink you clarities when you're low on mana and the treants are tanking, so you don't take any damage.

Note: I'm not a huge fan of jungling, so I might have some mistakes in here. Any help would be great :)


Overall, Furion is an extremely fun champion to play. He has insane farming potential at any stage of the game with his ult, and great pushing and ganking power with his teleport and treants. I hope you all enjoy playing Furion as much as I do!

Note: Any constructive criticism is accepted, along with suggestions and how I can improve this guide. Any feedback would be great, and I will adjust this guide according to it. Thanks for reading!

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