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Furion's Ultimate Guide

May 15, 2012 by Adronius
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Jungle Build (Ganker)

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Scepter Desolator Vyse Style

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Nature's Call

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Wrath of Nature

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Furion's Ultimate Guide

May 15, 2012


You are here, because you like to play Furion. Maybe you are already good at it, maybe you want to learn new ideas, or maybe you are looking for something that wasn't mentioned in other guides, or you never played Furion before.
Why is this guide the right for you? Just because, it is TESTED! It is not some kind of delusion guide. This was (and still is) tested, verified and validated.

What's nice about Furion is that it can be played with different styles. Furion can be hardcore pusher, ganker or even late game carry. In this guide you can see mainly ganker/carry style, because it is the most games I play with this hero.

Creeping / Jungling

Stack, Pull, Stack, Pull, Stack, Pull...

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