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Furion The Master Of Backdooring [ Cheapest item build to backdoor ]

July 4, 2013 by zomkung
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Cheapest to Backdoor Guide

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Starting Item [ cut rune ]

Starting Item 2

Early Game

If their team have invisible hero

Core Items


Always Buy

Hero Skills


4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


15 17 18

Furion The Master Of Backdooring [ Cheapest item build to backdoor ]

July 4, 2013


Furion The Master Of Backdooring[/SIZE] [/CENTER]

Hero Background

Strength Agility Intelligence
19 + 1.8 18 + 1.9 21 + 2.9

Additional Statistics
* Affiliation: Sentinel
* Attack Animation: 0.4 / 0.77
* Damage: 45 - 59
* Casting Animation: 0.5 / 1.17
* Armor: 3.52
* Base Attack Time: 1.7
* Movespeed: 300
* Missile Speed: 1125
* Attack Range: 600
* Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Furion the Prophet is an unusual intelligence hero. His only damaging spell is his ultimate, and it is more effective when cast far from enemies to allow it to build in damage. Instead, Furion relies on his physical attack and his allies to take down enemy heroes. He is also a great sieger with his summoned Treants. Furion's main advantage is his amazing mobility. Using Teleportation, he can quickly be anywhere on the battlefield practically at will. A Prophet with good map awareness can be an invaluable help to his allies, since he can potentially be in any battle anywhere on the map. Using Sprout, he can trap enemy heroes and finish them off with his strong physical attack and allied help. After dealing with any resistance, he can summon an army of Treants and quickly destroy enemy towers and buildings before they have a chance to retaliate. Furion's final spell, Nature's Wrath, can be used to soften up targets across the map and give him a lot of gold from dying enemy creeps. For combating Furion and also playing him, map awareness is key.

Hero Introduction

Well This hero needs no introduction.I know him from ROC days.Here is a Video about Furion that are very close to my heart and bring out the The TRUE SPIRIT OF FURION.This video goes to the roots of dota and brings out the best in furion.

Furion Is the Best
  • Great Attack Animation
  • Decent Damage
  • Very Good Pushing and Backdooring power
  • Great Ganker
  • Free BOT at lvl 1(Teleportation is actually better than BOT).
  • Can Carry the game if needed

What is Backdooring?

Well there is no strict definition of what exactly is backdooring.So I have come up with my own simple definition.

"Attacking Enemy Structures(Towers,Rax and throne)Without the support of creeps is termed as Backdooring."

Here is Glimpse From An Actual Game Where backdooring Was Used

Please don't compare my video with WODOTA as this was my first attempt.

Some people would say it is unfair,but I would say it is much harder than normal pushing due to the risk factors involved and moreover the recent buyback changes.So it makes it all the more satisfying when you pull if off.


Changes That Make Backdooring Viable

Stygian Desolator
-Corruption effect now works on buildings.
- Desolator recipe cost decreased from 1200 to 900.

Ancient Janggo of Endurance
- Charges can now be refreshed by buying the recipe
- Attribute bonus and attack damage increased from 8 to 9
- Charges increased from 3 to 4

Assault Cuirass
- Assault Cuirass recipe cost decreased from 1500 to 1300
- Aura Attack Speed increased from 15% to 20%
- Assault Cuirass armor reduction works on buildings.

- Archer's aura AoE increased to standard aura sizes (900)
-Base attack time improved on Necronomicon Warriors from 1.0 to 0.75

- Sprout can now target the ground again

Hero Skills

Sprouts a ring of trees around a unit, trapping it in place.

Can be used on enemies, allies, own units, Furion himself, or on the ground.
Cannot be used on Ancient-type creeps.
The -disablehelp command will prevent an allied Furion from casting Sprout on you.
Trees created with Sprout can be destroyed with any item or skill which destroys regular trees, including Force of Nature.

Teleports to any explored point on the map.

Takes 3 seconds to cast.
Since the cooldown and mana cost take effect after this spell is finished casting, Furion will not use any mana or waste the cooldown on this spell if he is interrupted while casting (either by enemies or by himself).
When cast, this spell creates an obvious swirl effect on the target point which is visible to both allies and enemies.

Force of Nature
Converts an area of trees into Treants. Treants have 550 hit points and deal 21-23 damage.

Will only summon as many Treants as there are trees in the target AOE.
Treants have 33% spell resistance.

Wrath of Nature
Summons damaging energy to swath around the map and damage random enemies. Each enemy hit beyond the first adds 7% damage.

Damage type: magical
Although the range of the additional bounces is map-wide, only currently visible enemies can be hit.
Can be cast through the minimap: the nearest valid target will be selected.
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).

Skill Build (Only useful if Backdooring/Pushing)

1. Force of Nature
2. Teleportation
3. Sprout
4. Force of Nature
5. Force of Nature
6. Wrath of Nature
7. Force of Nature
8. Teleportation
9. Teleportation
11.Wrath of Nature
16.Wrath of Nature


  • Force Of Nature is taken at level 1 as its an excellent scouting tool.
  • Teleportation is leveled at level 2 as Force Of Nature and Teleporation combo can be used for instant rune capture.
  • An Early level of Sprout is taken to gank other lanes if u wish.
  • Force Of Nature is maxed first as its ur standard Pushing/Backdooring/Jungling skill.
  • Teleportation is maxed next to maximize pushing potential.
  • Sprout is taken at later levels to maximize effect of Necronomicon on hero.
  • Wrath is taken whenever possible as its a good pushing skill.

Item Build

The Levels corresponding to the items shown are rough estimates.

Starting Item
Bottle is great item on furion on mid lane as he can easily take runes due to his Teleportation and Force of Nature skills.Force of Nature is Great for scouting and Teleportation for instant rune capture.

Mid Game
Ring of Basilus is got for great pushing power.
Necronomicon again for pushing as well as other benefits.
TP is carried always for greater mobility/escaping when Teleportation is on cooldown.

Late Game
Desolator is good as it reduces armor of buildings great for pushing/backdooring.
Assault is Got because it increases your backdooring ability tremendously due to -ve armor aura.
Another viable Alternative If you have trouble farming costly components of Assault but still wish to be useful in teamfights.With this route you become great utility with decent backdooring potential.

Ultra Late Game
After getting assault you can easily go for tier 3 towers without any help.At this stage Tier 3 tower + rax can be taken down within 20 sec.As we see both builds merge to the same final build.
I have replaced PT by BKB mainly because this the time you need to take major risks and BKB comes in handy.Also lack of mobility is easily compensated by Teleportation


Why Bottle As First Item?Why not ROB?

Here are some reasons I prefer bottle first (assuming you mid lane):

First and foremost bottle completely blocks the opponent mid hero's ganking ability since you can instantly capture runes using Force of Nature and Teleportation.
Another major advantage is that bottled runes like illusion and Double Damage can be great for backdooring due to the dps Boost they provide.Also Bottled haste rune can be used for escaping after backdooring.
It also offers minor advantages like being able to gank better,Quick regeneration at Fountain.
Also the fact that real pushing starts at around lvl 5 means you have enough time to farm Ring Basillus in your laning phase

Why no Power Treads early game?It helps a lot in farming/survival.

Ok the main reason I skip Treads early is because damage from necro book easily outclasses Treads while pushing/backdooring.Moreover +55 MS from boots means your not very slow either compared to PT. Also the +8 Str from necro means you don't miss the Power Treads a lot.So getting Treads would slow down your core for pushing/backdooring.While relatively only giving you the +30 Attack Speed extra compared to necro considering Belt Of Giant Strength is a component of Necro book.Not a good enough reason to delay the core.

Why do you make Desolator?There are better items like Manta.

I would say that all your tanking skills would goto waste if you cannot break the 90Hp Regen/Sec barrier while backdooring.I guess you are underestimating tower regen ability while backdooring.Desolator helps you break the 90Hp Regen/Sec barrier not so much because of its bonus Damage but rather due to -6 armor effect.
In my testing the -6 armor is invaluable and in terms of DPS advantage it gives (mainly due extra damage from Treants and necro book) it is comparable to Divine for purpose of backdooring considering cost is only 4100.
Lastly about Manta,One of the major let down with Manta was that illusions deal only 50% of normal damage while backdooring.Which forced me to look elsewhere.

Why have you got Vladmirs?Ring of Basillus is sufficient.

Please remember you not attacking alone treants and necro warriors are attacking with you so this improves the overall damage output (due to bonus damage aura).
Treants get +3 damage.U have 5 treants which means +15 bonus damage.
Necro Archer gets +18 Bonus Damage.
Necro Warrior gets +11 Bonus Damage.
After Deso Furion gets +20 Bonus Damage at level 16 from Vladmir.
So a total of 15+18+11+20=+64 Bonus Damage in Total.
And that costs 2050 gold.Now tell me which other item would give you +64 bonus damage at 2000 gold.Well the answer is none.Hence I decided Vladmir is a good upgrade for ROB in my strat.
Also +5 armor is very useful for tanking the tower.

Assault is a poor item choice replace it with aghanims for greater pushing power.

First and foremost Tier 3 towers have 25 armor whereas Tier 2 towers have 18 armor.In order to compensate for the extra armor Assault is a must as desolator alone wont be sufficient to backdoor Tier 3 towers.
Assault Provides
  • -5 armor to tower
  • +15% Attack Speed Aura
  • +5 armor Aura
It will help to increase DPS from you and your minions.So this item is a must have if you have any plans of backdooring.

About aghanims upgrade well I would say it is great if you wish to hit heroes during teamfights.But +2 bounce count doesn't improve pushing power by much also the fact that it doesn't help while backdooring is another cause for concern.So it is definitely not worth the 4200 price tag especially in my backdooring strat.

Why don't you get Butterfly its a great backdooring item?

First and foremost Butterfly cost 6000 gold making it one of the costliest item in the game and it requires costly components.
Now let me get to technical aspects :
You would get no damage from the +30 agility (as Furion is not an agility hero)
Evasion doesn't help you backdoor towers.
Now going for such a costly item which you cannot even utilize to its full potential is not a good idea.Hence I have rejected this item from my build.

Why No Manta in your build? It is a great teamfight/pushing /Backdooring Item.

Ok Ill tell u that Manta was initially my last item in the build.But when I tried to think of other good backdooring items I figured that Janggo could replace manta.
The reason being
Janggo costs only 1765 gold whereas Manta cost 4900 gold.A huge saving of 3135 gold.
Janggo gives a total of +15 AS and MS when activated for 6 seconds in a large aoe whereas Manta give +10MS and +15AS but only for urself.Clearly we see Janggo is a better team fight item compared to Manta.
I agree Manta Illusions are very good as well as it gives greats Stats.But at what cost ? It costs 3135 gold extra than Janggo moreover In a team fight the bonus AS and MS for all yours heroes and necro warriors easily outperforms the Manta illusions which are easily destroyed by aoe skills.
This situation is very similar to Medallion vs Desolator Debate.
I agree Manta is a great item but Janggo gets the job done at a much cheaper price hence it is preferred in my build.
Also the limitation of Manta in backdooring (Illusions do 50% of their normal damage while backdooring).And the obvious synergy of Janggo with Treants and Necro Warriors while backdooring was another reason to choose Janggo over Manta.

Why don't you replace Vladmir with Mask of Madness as it is a great backdooring item.

The only problem is that you still need ROB for the armor aura as without that treants go down very fast and your backdoor attempt would fail.
My only reason to upgrade to Vladmir is that anyway ROB is going to occupy 1 slot in your inventory.So you might as well upgrade it to increase its potency.

Did you know that armor aura from Assault and Vladmir do not stack ? Now I would suggest you to get MKB instead of Vladmir.

No I did not know about this while writing the guide.

But Vladmir still offers +64 damage at 2050 I don't think any item can match that. So when it comes to cost effectiveness Vladmir is the winner.
But MKB is not a bad item if you have more gold (refer Other Viable Items).

Here is a glimpse of how powerful my build is

Backdooring Tier 1 Tower
Backdooring Tier 2 Tower
Final Build Backdooring Tier 3 Tower

Other Viable Items

This section is for the pros who those who can farm like ZSMJ.

I would suggest replace Janggo and Vladmirs with any of the following items based on the game situation for some OMG moments.

BKB is almost a must in higher level games with my strat.
Rest of the items depend on enemy line up and their Item builds.

Gameplay Strategy

Advantages Of My Build

Well I designed this build with backdooring in mind.
But taking a closer look reveals that this build is a very well rounded build and Backdooring is just the icing on the cake.
  • -11 armor is no joke be it on towers or enemy heroes.It makes furion a very good semi carry.
  • Necro has multiple uses like detect invisible heroes/wards,great dps in team fights and ability to destroy heroes like skeleton king,Slark.
  • Janggo and Vladmir are also very good items which can help you in team- fights,backdooring as well as conventional pushing.
  • Sprout :Through we may not level sprout until later.Let me remind you that level 1 sprout by itself is a 3 second disable so you can still gank reasonably well.
  • All I am saying is that compared to the conventional builds this build gives you the extra ability to backdoor.You would still be able to gank,push,defend,team fight very well.Its just that you could backdoor as well.A luxury that conventional build would never give.
General Gameplay Ideas For this Strat
  • Mid lane would be Ideal as It maximizes Pushing power very early.Laning would not be very easy in some cases but it essential to get the levels.
    *from my exp . jungler is good than mid lane cause you should lets mid lane gank and you can farm easily
  • Once the Laning Phase Is Over Push all the lanes possible.If you are not able to push keep farming dont die as It is a major setback.Also only go assured kills.If you are unsure of the gank hold back and wait for the right moment.
  • Once Your Necronomicon 3 is completed you can easily backdoor Tier 1 towers.
  • Now Before Backdooring Tier 2 tower Make sure you farm the desolator.This is because of the tower regeneration.
  • Once Desolator is completed farm up the smaller items like Janggo,Vladmir which synergise very well with your Treants and necro giving higher DPS and more tanking power Or you could directly go for assault if you are having an easy time farming.Assault >Janggo+Vladmir for backdooring.Since you can backdoor tier 3 towers much earlier.But it is definitely harder to farm.So you decide based on game situation.
  • Once Janggo and Vladmir are done tier 2 towers go down pretty fast.
  • So in order to backdoor Tier 3 towers Assault is a must.Dont worry about gold.Since by backdooring towers you will get lots of extra gold (around 500 per tower).So Assault would come pretty quick.
  • Now you are totally ready to get the rax on your own.Again timing is everything.Keep a close eye on which heroes have TP scroll and plan accordingly.
  • So there would certain games where enemies are vigilant and backdooring would not be easy.In those cases an early BKB( after desolator ) would be extremely useful to TP out safely.
  • Also always carry a TP so you immediately TP out once you get the Tower/Rax.
  • Also If backdooring completely fails (due to opponent line up).Do not worry as you can still revert to normal playstyle and this build is flexible enough to support that.
  • Just remember that late game 1 teamfight can change everything. So make sure you are ready to capitalize on your opponents mistake and this build will make them pay dearly for loosing teamfights.
How To Create the Situation for Backdooring
  • Dota is won by destroying throne not by killing heroes.
  • Yes killing heroes is important but that's not the only way to play dota.
  • We can also distact the enemies and take full advantage by bding.
  • Yes I know TP scroll> bd.But I dont think heroes have luxury to tp in middle of team fight and thats where this strat comes in.
  • Just for example go roshan enemy team will follow there will be team fight but furion will go and backdoor.
  • Yes it can work you need the right kind heroes to complement furion.Good heroes could be heroes with large teamfight presence and in general heroes that take longer to die to buy time for furion.

    Here is another situation where this build would be useful.

    The enemy team pushes all the lanes and tries to get mid rax but the loses the teamfight.
    Now if you use the conventional way of pushing the lanes back,by the time you would reach their base they would have respwaned back.
    But with this build as soon you win the teamfight furion would Teleport to their base and start taking tower/rax.
    If they decide to buyback well its a good thing as they waste money and their buyback goes to cd.
    In which case you join your team and try to pull off a conventional push.
Q & A

Who should tank the tower damage while backdooring?
The ideal scenario would be to share tower damage between all your units.
But unless you are a super pro at microing it is not practical.
Now the reason is :
1. While backdooring you need to have your eyes on the minimap as you need to cast your wrath at the right moment in the team fight.
2. Also you need to be on constant look out for heroes coming in to defend the base.
Microing the creeps is an undue pressure you are putting on yourself unless you can do multitasking very well.
So I have a simpler plan just take the damage on furion initially and after 1 -2 hits divert the attention of tower to the treants using attack ally feature of DOTA.
Yes early-mid game if the tower starts attacking necro warriors try to pull them back as they deal considerable damage and tower killing them could hinder your strat.
But late game with even your necro warriors become extremely tanky using my build so microing is not even necessary as they easily last 10-15 seconds taking full tower damage.

I had asked a related question in Advanced Mechanics. HERE is the link to that thread.
This video summarizes the discussion Treants will always have higher priority over Necro Warrior 3 when attacked by the Tower.

Backdooring Rax vs Backdooring the Throne,which is better?

There is a general tendency to go for rax first before trying to go for the Throne.But with Furion Backdoor style the strat is a bit different.I would suggest you to go for the throne especially if the Tier 4 Tower are down.
This is because Throne does not have Backdoor Regeneration(Source).Whereas rax does have backdoor regeneration.It takes almost the same time to backdoor the Rax or the Throne. Such decision making can some times be the difference between Victory and Defeat.

How to use Wrath of Nature in the game?

Earlier I used to just spam Wrath of Nature whenever on cooldown.But the new cd nerf on Wrath has forced me to use it more judiciously.

Here are the reasons you should not spam Wrath of Nature whenever on cd
  • Earlier levels of Wrath leave creeps with low hp so there is no allied hero near the creep,the creep would die without giving exp,gold to anyone.
  • Wrath pushes lanes even if you don't want it to.As there are situations when your carry needs farm desperately.But wrath sees him straight away heading to the jungle.

Here are the ideal scenarios where you should use Wrath of Nature
  • When pushing Multiple Lanes
  • When Ganking
  • During TeamFight
  • When Counter Pushing
  • To kill Very low hp Heroes.
So my conclusion would be to wait for the right moment to use Wrath of Nature (Use can also get Rampage with the right Timing :))

Good Allies

Mobile Heroes
As the saying goes the more the merrier.
Naix can always infest inside furion :D .

Heroes That take Long time to Die

Team Fight Heroes

Other Pushing Heroes
Multilane Push + Backdoor = Deadly Combo.

Heroes with +Attack Speed or +Damage Skills/Aura

Other heroes that would increase the teams backdooring ability If you have Wisp in The team

Worst Enemies

Heroes that can disable Especially the the BKB piercing ones

Other Notable Counters

Purge > Summoned Units.

Well when I went through recent DOTA changelogs.Looking at the changes in items made me think that Icefrog is almost trying to attract us to good backdooring strats.So I came up with this build and I would say it is not copied from anyone and is totally my own idea.So I would you to test this build in clan/pub games and tell me how is my guide and how I can improve my guide.

This Guide is very noob friendly as it has cheapest yet very effective items so it would work great in pub.Yet there is enough in it to keep the pros interested.

I think 6.73 could just be the beginning of the Backdooring Era.Backdooring is definately one of the most underused strats and maybe its time has come now.


Well I am not very good when it comes to gameplay so use these replays for general strategy for backdooring.

Here is a Replay Shortened in form of Video Where Backdooring Was Used

Here is a Replay showing strength of bottle as an item on furion as well as impact of necro book 3.I could not test rest of the aspects of my build this game.

I would be thankful if someone could give me good replays using my strat.


  • Foede for providing me awesome links for guide making.
  • Thanks a lot to to people who replied to my thread on Game Strategy as without their help I could have never added so many finer points to my guide.
  • Guys From Advanced Mechanics who answered several of my technical question.Thanks guys it was really helpful.
  • FRAPS for video capture and screenshots.


you can help your team gank in eairly game
not forcus on farm

remember at first game your attack is very low

you just use necronomicon and your creep then back it's greatest in eairly game

sprout is very good to help your team gank and escape

tip : you can use creeps to spread warding and necronomicon have vision and see invisible
you can use it to warding enemy if you not sure

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