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Furion the Master Asshole

June 19, 2014 by Mxknwolf
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Right-Clicking Carry (Safe-Lane)

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Hello, my name is mxknwolf and I have 100+ games with Furion or Nature's Prophet, so I think writing a guide for him will educate a lot of people who just want to learn the basics of prophet, or experienced players who just want to learn a few extra tips to improve their game. Prophet is a ranged intelligence hero who thrives in and out of the jungle, playing a multitude of roles within the average team. I think there are 3 acceptable ways to play Furion, as a Right-Click intensive hard carry who can farm amazingly fast, a split-pusher who takes advantage of every single teamfight, or a semi-support ganker who focuses on aiding his allies in getting kills, snowballing out of control, and eventually transitioning into a great right-click threat. With this guide I hope to help all of you to see the true power of Furion!

Pro's / Con's


    -Able to help his teammates at any time, anywhere on the map
    -Amazing pushing power using treants
    -Able to gank at a moments notice
    -Even if Furion doesn't teleport to the fight, he can use his ult to do really good damage
    -Great attack animation (Makes last hitting in lane a breeze)
    -Requires a lot of farm
    -Slow move speed
    -Low damage without items
    -No positioning skills within fights
    -Sprout is an easily countered "stun"

How to Jungle / Lane

How to Jungle

First, sit in spawn until the clock reaches 0:01, then spawn your treants, wait for your mana to regain, and move to your first camp. For dire, your first camp will be the common pull camp, closest to the path the creeps will take. For radiant, your first camp will be the one closest to the tier 2 tower mid. Start clearing the camp, have your treants tank. There should be one treant taking all the damage, and the other one should still have full health. Once the damaged treant gets really low on health, select it, pull it back so the neutral creeps aggro the healthy one, then move him back in to attack again, this way you can get the fullest health out of all your trees, and still retain their damage. Once you are done clearing this camp, spawn more trees and move to the next camp, always pop one of your clarities when you don't have enough mana for another batch of treants. Then just circle around the jungle, killing camps closest to you.

How to Lane(Safe-Lane or Offlane)

Laning with prophet is fairly basic, just last hit, (Unless you are running the support build) deny creeps, and try to get kills when you can. Sprout has an unbelievable duration at level one, the only problem is people that early on will probably carry tangos or a quelling blade, so they will probably be able to get out without too much trouble.

Early Game Strategy

Early game Furion is rather simple, if you are going a push build, just teleport to a lane, spawn treeants, push the tower and when someone shows up, shadow blade and teleport to another lane and push there. In the early game with hard carry Furion, focus your attention and energy into farming and last hitting more, you can stay in lane to farm, but when the creep equilibrium is under their tower, quickly transition into the jungle to kill one or two camps until the creeps come closer to you. Doing this will maximize farm and assure you are able to gain core items very quickly. Finally, when playing Furion as a semi-support ganker, try to coordinate with your team to stun right when you are teleporting to allow them no time to escape. Always try to put pressure on the enemy when you can. Even if you don't teleport, you can always teleport and cancel the animation just to sort of remind them you're still there and can gank at anytime. :P

Mid Game Strategy

Mid game with Furion is what you would expect. For the mass splitpusher build, just well... split push. Teleport to a lane when the enemy is distracted, start banging on the tower with your trees, and if someone shows up to defend, shadow blade and TP to the lane farthest from the lane you are currently in and repeat. If no one shows up, just keep pushing. You can easily take 1 or 2 towers and even threaten racks if they leave you for alone for a long time. *A helpful hint: Don't always select both you snd your treants, just keep your treants focused on the tower while you last hit creeps. This also sets you up so that when they do come, your treants will still be hitting the tower and you can shadow blade and back off.* Mid game with Hard Carry Furion is much like other carry heroes, just continue to last hit and gain gold, and teleport to any teamfight or big team push. In team fights, you should focus on sprouting a high-value target, such as the enemy hard carry (especially if they are melee) and right click them. Also remember to use your ultimate on the opposite side of the map of where the teamfight is happening, this will do absolute tons of damage if used correctly. Finally, for the semi-support build, focus on ganking and setting back the enemy hard carry. If you successfully shut down the enemy carry before you probably won't have much trouble continuing to make life suck for them.

Late Game Strategy

This is where things tend to open up a lot. From this point on with every one of these roles and builds, you can now transition into a right-clicking beast. It doesn't matter if you started a hard carry, split pusher, or even a support, by this point in the game you should have substantial farm and if you shut down the other heroes hard enough, you should be able to easily kill every single one of them. Despite Furion being able to be outfarmed by harder carries like Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, or Alchemist, Furion is not the worst late-game contender. Your goal, if the game lasts this long, is to end it as soon as possible, before those hard carries mentioned before pull ahead and slaughter you.

Concluding Thoughts

While it is over now, I had a lot of fun writing this guide. I feel glad that I was able to spread my knowledge of Furion to those who might want this information. Overall, if played correctly, Furion is likely to win almost every game he plays (with a little teamwork and coordination of course :P). Please post in the comments what you think of my guide and how I can improve it, I am open to all suggestions.

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