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Furion: Guide to Pusher/Add-carry

February 10, 2013 by holyknight00
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Furion: Guide to Pusher/Add-carry

February 10, 2013


When you pick Furion you have to take a decision you can focus on farm in order to be a carry/add-carry or to early farm and then push all the towers quickly.
Nature Prophet is a very flexible hero, and you can also play as a ganker or a support; but now we'll focus in more aggressive builds.
First i must clarify that this isn't a competitive build, but you could have great fun playing this build in any pub. Feel free to comment or criticize. If you later decide that you like the guide you can ask me to upload some replays.



When you cast this skill a circle of trees will appear in the area that you clicked. You can target this into a unit or the terrain itself. It's a very useful skill and it has various uses. At early game sprout won't be that effective because all players mostly carry quelling blade or tangos.
It's the core spell in the ganking role it will allow ranged allied heroes hit the hero ganked, so it's like a stun. You can also use it to summon treants in a place that has no trees.

Tip #1: Inside the sprout the enemy units won't have vision of that area, so you can use it to safely teleport yourself to base.

Tip #2: Sprout gives you vision of the area so you can use it to scout higher terrains.


This is one of the most awesome skills in the game, you can teleport yourself to any area of the map. It's important to max this skill if you want to gank/push in early game. In lvl 4 it has only 20s cd. With this spell you can storm all the lanes at the same time, and you can also use it to refill your life/mana in base and continuing pushing.
One useful fact about tp is that you can cancel it in middle of the casting (with Stop key) and the cd will not run again. You can play with this because the animation will go on, so you can simulate a gank or a push, and then cancel it.

Tip #1: Teleport and TP scroll don't share CD, so in early game you can combine this to safely ward enemy territory.

Tip #2: You can teleport yourself into higher terrains in order to clear neutral camps without being hit by the creeps.

Nature's Call

This spell will summon some treants if you cast it over trees. This treants are the core spell for the pushing and for jungling too. It only has 37s CD and the treants has 550hp each, it will be more than enough to kill some towers in early game.

Tip #1: You can also use them to harass enemy heroes and difficult their movement.

Tip #2: You can use them to check runes and to scout enemy camps. With some practise you can also use them to pull and stack.

Wrath of Nature

This is the farming core of the nature prophet. When you cast it it will do base damage to a unit you select (global range) and it will bounce to other visible units stacking +7% dmg in every bounce. It normally do 225dmg(skill lvl 4) and bounce 16 times, but with aghanim's scepter it will do 275 base dmg and bounce 18 times.
You should cast it every time you could. It will support all lanes push, it will do massive damage in a team fight and well casted it will give you 600-900g in every cast. With aghanim's scepter the enemy creeps will never push the lanes alone.

Tip #1: You should cast it to a low hp creep wave at the same time a new creep wave appear in other lane (you must have vision of the units)

Tip #2: If you want to kill an enemy hero or do massive dmg you should cast the spell the farthest away creep (from the enemy hero) you can so the spell will stack max damage when it arrives to the enemy hero.

Tip #3: Don't cast it if you realize that the enemy hero will go out of your vision. You must take into account that the spell will take 2-6 secs to hit (it depend on how many units it will hit)


Ring of Basilus

This item is the best you can buy in early game. It will improove your mana regen and it will give your treants more armor so they'll not die so fast.

Hand of Midas

A quite expensive item but it worth the sacrifice. It will give you +30AS and using it into a creep it will give you 190g and double exp from that creep(you can't cast it on ancients). You should focus on the higher lvl creeps of the large camps so you can lvl up faster.

Aghanim's Scepter

Probably the most important item in the whole build. You must have it before minute 20'. It will be a great boost on farming and lane pushing. It also increase your mana and hp.

Power Treads

With some practise you'll not need the boots till minute 20-25. You can use the gold to buy an early midas or early aghanim. If you play as support/ganker you must buy them in early or you'll be useless.


Great item. It will boost enormously your AS (+80) and your dmg (+24). Also the active lightning shield and the passive lightning skill will improove your pushing hard. It stacks with any other attack modifier such as desolator or lifesteal. Greatly recommended if you're the carry or the pusher.

Carry Items

This items will be the best ones if you're the carry. There isn't anything to add.

Shadow Blade (Lothar)

This item is ocational. You can buy them if you got too stalked in the pushing. Also you can use your teleport skill without breaking the invisibility. It will give you a nice +30 dmg and AS.


Nice item if you're planning to support. You can teleport into the middle of a team fight and save some ***es.


You can use it in early game to gank with some more nuke power. Great item for a ganking furion.

Farming: Explanation

Early Farming
Buy the basilus and the clarity. Wait for the minute 0:15 and cast treants near the base. Then refill your mana and head to the easy camp (Neutral creeps will appear at minute 0:30 and every minute). Then you can start stacking and pulling for your safe laner.
If you can't farm and your safe laner don't need pulling you can teleport to some safe spots to farm without being hit.

Tip #1: You should stack 2 or 3 times on those camps and then teleport to the safe spots. If you can't kill them you can use the help of your treants.

After some farming depending on your profile you can start ganking or stalking enemy heroes in low hp. You must be always watching all heroes hp. You can also use your global presence to save an ally from being raped.

Ganking, Stalking or Pushing

In minute 10-20 you should have your Midas and almost your aghanim's. You can start pushing hard some lanes.

If you succeed in pushing in minute 30 you should have Midas, Aghanim, Power Treads and Desolator. At this point you can stalk squishy heroes all over the map. You can place wards in their neutrals in order to spot weak heroes farming.

With some kills here you can overcarry most heroes. You should now buy Mjollnir and Deadalus fast, that should be easy with your global farming capability and the stalks

You can storm 2 lanes with an split push on your own or coordinating with your allies. If you done good enemy heroes will be afraid of going out of base and they will be always together. You can exploit that storming quickly 2 lanes at the same time. They will hunt you all together or they will split defend. If they split defend you can take care of one or two squishy ones.

Tip #1: If the whole enemy team decides to push you should counter push massively the other two lanes while your team defend. That will scare the enemy and you'll have great farm.

Tip #2: Don't dive too deep into enemy base without having wards on the map. They could be waiting for you.

Tip #3: Don't let the enemy safe push or farm, you should always storm the lanes.

Tip #4: If you die some times in a row while you're pushing, you should focus on farming some shadow blade or BKB.



In general all ranged heroes with great damage will be a great companion. It's simple you teleport and sprout an enemy; and then your ally nuke him.


  • Storm Spirit is the worst hero you can face. He can quickly ult into your sprout and cancel your teleport then you're dead.
  • Spirit Breaker can chase you from anywhere on them map and also through invisibility and sprout. So the only thing you can do to counter him is place wards everywhere so you can safe teleport out of a lane without being raped.
  • Doom Bringer can ult you and you're dead.
  • Tinker always can tp with travel to anywhere on the map and counter push. Very annoying.
  • Pudge's hook goes through the sprout so if he can land the hook you're dead.

Pros / Cons


  • Great farming capability
  • Early push and gank
  • Massive global presence
  • All lane superiority in mid/late game
  • Useful in any kind of team (push/support/carry)

  • Too Squishy
  • Can be easily overcarryed by a regular carry
  • Useless without decent farming
  • Can be easily counter picked


Furion is great and flexible hero. You can pick it in almost every match and with some practice you can play all the roles. There are many people that knows how to counter a Furion so in many matches you can expect counter picking and heavy ganking in jungle. So you must be prepared for everything. You must know that this is not the only way to play furion but it's the one that i like and the one that i do often.

Please you must forgive my bad English, i'm not a native speaker so it's kinda difficult for me.

Feel free to comment anything you want! I want to read the good and bad things of this guide.

Thank you all for reading.

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