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Funny Necrolyte

June 24, 2013 by Droes
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stompin da plague

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Funny Necrolyte

June 24, 2013


this is very easy and hilarious if done right :p

basicly get treads and dagon, thats it lol.
your passive regen upon last hits works amazingly with dagon (as you get 10 times the regen bonus on hero kills), it keeps you alive as you can quickly pulse and dagon enemy heroes to death.

also in combination with your ulti this is just fun lol
put your ulti on a (kinda squishy) hero than simply pop dagon on him, the stun your ulti does gives you time to run towards the enemy and perhaps use another death pulse.

i will not guarantee the effectiveness in pubs or competitive as i haven't really tested it, but is sure is funny as hell to rampage bot games :p

against mindless players it might work, but it is easily countered by a BKB leaving you useless :p

anyhow have fun

(this is just for fun and not a serious built, but feel free to try it :D)

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