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Full Support Tanker

December 17, 2012 by theblitzstahn
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Full Tanker Support Tide

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills


1 7 9 10

Kraken Shell

4 17 18

Anchor Smash

2 3 5 8


6 11 16


12 13 14 15

Full Support Tanker

December 17, 2012

Chapter Title

This Item build for team fights and gank, a tanky tide can win the game successfully because of the ravage but if the enemy build bkb you can use ravage by waiting bkb off im sure this item can make you alive every battle because of the regeneration of hp,mana regeneration is not important the only need is to tank and spam anchor smash and bully enemys for carry supporting you can be front of the clash and pushing by this item enemy will be scared because your front most of all they will focus on you so carry and other team mates can set there attack from back of you if the enemy decide to attack from the back you can still front by force staff and meka healing and force staffing your self can help your team so good and for the lategames i choose necro and pipe because your a tanker and necro summon so pain to all heroes and you can regen your self by tankying enemy because of blood stone^_^

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