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From swordsman to magician and back again

February 9, 2017 by tsukky
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RaiderBR | June 14, 2017 9:30am
just loved your funny guide, but I got myself thinking how to deal with all those bkb's later in the game and instead of going physical damage, I would like to know what do you think about an extremely hard magician build with even maybe ethereal blade and a Scythe of Vyse so your enemy can't use bkb in time, blink dagger would easily help to initiate this crazy build. I see ember as such a good nuker, don't think it could work to get some pick-off ?
TheBoyWhoDied (1) | February 11, 2017 10:50am
I actually believe a combination of Veil of Discord and Fire Remnant is a very efficient build to kill many enemies BUT: Ember Spirit is not an Alchemist to afford farming THIS amount of items you propose. You have to choose : Magic damage or Physical Damage so i really think it wouldn't be wise to buy a Veil for 2250 gold and go farm with it with a Battle Fury ! I really liked the idea about Eul's Scepter of Divinity however, Ember Spirit should not have problems with mana because he tends to go back to base and refill his bottle so often.
At last, I recommend adding a Linken's Sphere to your guide cuz many times it's a must for Ember Spirit.
tsukky | February 14, 2017 1:29pm
Hi there. Thanks for taking time to read and leaving a comment for my work. I really appreciate it. Let's get down to business. Have you seen the recent meta of pro players? They are really going with the magic damage build, ( I'm referring to the mjolnir, veil, octarine, radiance, shivas) and what mostly can you see? They dominate the mid game however as team fights were dragged on, their effectivity and efficiency decreases. Long story short, Magic alone is not enough to carry a game. Regarding your comment about my item suggestion, You only have six usable slots (9 to be exact; the backpack) and I do believe that ember spirit is quite capable of building any of those in the game. And in the guide I made, I left a note to consider every possible scenario that may arise during the game. I purposely bulked up the situational item list so that I can fully explain the pros and cons of some items to ember. I'm not implying to build every single item listed there. (just saying) The bottle refilling that you mentioned has a point, definitely you scored one on me, however you will find yourself unable to use it in dps types of heroes. The purpose of euls and veil is to boost mana reserves in situations you can't regenerate. Linken's sphere is a good choice but its effectivity solely depends on the enemies you are facing unlike BKB, powerful in all phases. I just want to share something, I played last time in a ranked match and sadly someone took ember spirit, ( I was going to pick him), all of my teammates were being raped by the deso-veil build, and this ember chatted " Read guide *****es." and later on I predicted the next item builds and my teammates were amazed "How did you know?" I simply told them, " It was the same guide I published in a certain community." the game dragged on and we were able to turn the tides of battle because he neglected building physical damage items. I suggested my team to build bkb if possible or go pipe and glimmer cape if they can't rush the item. He relied too much on the chains.(I got 4 commendations after the match) I hope sir/mam we could discuss a lot more of these. Rest assured that your points would be included to the next guide I'm going to make. Thank you and more power. :)
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