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From swordsman to magician and back again

February 9, 2017 by tsukky
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Ember Spirit Mid Lane Guide

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

1 8 13 14

Sleight of Fist

2 9 11 12

Flame Guard

3 4 5 7

Fire Remnant

6 16 17


10 15

Hero Talents

-12s Remnant Charge Restore Time
2 Sleight of Fist Charges
+65 Sleight of Fist Hero Damage
+1 Searing Chains Targets
+1s Searing Chains Duration
+50 Flame Guard DPS
+200 Flame Guard Absorption
+15 Damage

From swordsman to magician and back again

February 9, 2017


Ember spirit is a hero that solely depends on item builds and decision making. Ember users around the dota world would definitely agree. A good ember could kill 2 heroes in a flash, a better ember could kill 3 heroes with the combination of the "remnant bomb" and searing chains but the best ember would know when to fight and when to retreat. He can wipe an entire team and win, or throw his life for a foolish exchange and lose it. In this guide I would recommend to analyze every possible situation that may arise during the game and take consideration of the circumstances. Ember spirit's potential lies in good positioning and good judgement. Good judgement comes from bad experience and bad experiences come from poor judgement.

The Items and the phases

The starting items for ember spirit would be
-Healing Salve
-Poor's man shield

I would highly recommend the combination of this two items when taking the mid lane. Ember benefits from the agility given by the shield and at the same time it protects him from potential harassment especially from range heroes. Some players experience difficulty in last hitting creeps so here's a tip, use flame guard. Melee heroes wouldn't dare to contest the creep wave once you have enough level of flame guard on the other hand range heroes would have difficulty in denying because of the attack animation. Before their normal attacks reach the target you could have probably taken the gold. The salve would be your great ally, restoring your health in quick time. The shrines would really be your life savior in tight situations.

The laning items would be
-infused raindrop
-phase boots
-magic wand

The bottle would be your priority. It gives you mana and gives you health. It can store up runes as well which would be useful in ganking later on. You will find yourself mana choked in the beginning. Thus, infused raindrop would save the day. It provides you mana regenaration and at the same time blocks incoming magical damage. Heads up? Imagine what could happen in close fight situation with an enemy nuker. Your flame guard plus the the infused raindrop. SURVIVALITY. Longer duration of the shield, the more damage dealt. Phase boots, cheap item that would provide damage and movement speed, magic wand for your mana problems and ace-up-on-the-sleeve in sticky situations.

The mid game
-Veil of discord
-Ring of aquila
-Euls scepter of divinity

Veil is probably the most powerful item for Ember spirit. With his talent spell amplification, and the damage increase given by the item, it would be enough to burst down heroes; supports and carry. It gives you armor, gives you regen, gives you mana and amplifies your skill. Just like in any shopping channel, "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE".

Ring of aquila provides you mana,armor and stats.Plus it's very affordable.

Euls. A lot people raise their eyebrows with this build. But here's my logic.It provides you movement speed which will benefit your remnants,your mana pool would be greatly boosted and here's the biggest point it creates an opportunity for you to activate your remnants for escape in facing enemies with silence and debuffs. I've seen a lot of pro players sharing my thoughts.

Desolator. It's for your primary source of damage, sleight of fist. Since we neglected the battle fury build in this phase it would compensate for the physical damage that ember lacks.

With these items and good teamwork I assure you. You won't be needing to read the next phases.

The Late Game
-Blink dagger
-Boots of travel
-Battle fury

Blink and you'll miss me. Provides you mobility. A great tool for escaping and initiating. It all falls down to decision making. Initiate or escape?

Boots of travel. Congrats. You're a tinker now. Kill heroes,respond to team fights, defend creep waves and go home. Easy as ABC. Leave a remnant, travel out, activate remnant and poof. You're back even faster than tinker. If you can build it in the mid phase the better.:)

Battle Fury and Daedalus. Let's face it folks. If the late game approached, it means the magician's guide is over. Most of enemy core players would have magic immunity items against you and your team. Time to show them the flames that could never be seen.You will probably find yourself alone facing 3 enemy heroes with your skills in cooldown, or worst you will be facing the whole team with their buybacks.

The Worst Case Scenario

You tried using the book of spells and incantations and sadly none of the enemy core players died, and now you are probably thinking of building A.K.A Phantom Assasin Items to carry your team. Rapiers, Black king bar and Assault of cuirass. I can guarantee you this, you can't build these 3 items at a single buy.

The Situational items

-Eye of skadi
-Octarine core
-Manta Style

Skadi gives you stats and provides you slow. It gives you a man to man battle you can outhit enemy carries and slow them down creating more space and time for you and your team to deal damage. It boosts your survival prowess with enemy lock down cores.

Radiance is a middle item that I considered to be situational. It's too expensive. It provides you evasion,damage per second and physical damage. Veil of discord would sync with this item but think carefully, is it worth it?

Octarine core. Here we go again. if you want to build this, don't be a carry. Be a magician. It would lessen the cooldown of your skills, provides you spell lifesteal and probably grant your wish of finding true peace. Remember, in the late game a second of stun could mean "Good Game Well Played". This item would not help you in those times. It would really be a powerful item if ember would take the semi carry role.

Mjolnir. It is the only item I would recommend in considering the late game. Attack speed and at the same time would give you the power of lightning. Plus a good item for your hero talent and veil item.

Ember 101

The skills and talent tree

I highly recommend going for level 2 sleight of fist. It won't provide you significant amount of damage but it could be a potential tool for killing low hp escaping heroes, plus it would also allow you to dodge incoming projectiles if used correctly. It could also be used in landing the first ability; searing chains.

The primary source of your damage would come from flame guard and the kiting of your remnants while holding them with searing chains. This is the most commonly used combo with ember spirit. However, there are some combos that will be as much as effective like these:

The Flash combo

Walk with you're enemy like you are friends. The only difference is that the flame guard is on. Most of heroes will not be able to withstand the damage per second thus forcing them to retreat, making them isolated. That's your cue. Send two remnants on his advance trail, then cast searing chains. While the enemy is being held, activate the remnant and finally use the sleight of fist to deliver the killing blow.

The Remnant Bomb

These works really well if you didn't put any 2nd skill. Activate flame guard, isolate the enemy, cast searing chains and send out those 3 remnant charges. Activate it. Boom goes the dynamite.

Dance with the blades
Note: The skill build should be level 2 chains, level 4 fist and level 1 remnant. This is for carry build.
This is my favorite combo. If ever we meet in a ranked match you would probably know its me. Kite him with sleight. Use it every cooldown. The enemy would have two choices, to fight you head on or to retreat. Whatever he chooses it won't matter. send out all your remnants a little advanced to his position, activate it. Then use your mini-omnislash, then use the chains. Juggernaut with abyssal blade.:)

The Talent tree

The best talent tree would be getting the spell amplification, followed by the +6 stats, the cooldown reduction, and the last talent would be very difficult to decide but I will go for the +2 secs searing chains.

Please don't get movement speed. It is really a bad choice. Later on you could have a lot better than that. The 20 damage could be compensated by phase boots. Armor? Will you take hard carries head on? NO. You will be kiting them with sleight and chains. Take the cooldown reduction. The last talent is up to you.

Ember Spirit excels at kiting enemies and surprising them with high damage arsenal of skills. Always remember that remnants should be used wisely in the early stages of the game. Only use the remnant bomb if the kill is assured, or else it would be a disaster for you and your teammates. Isolation is one way of winning the early laning phase, however as the game progresses you would want to fight two or more heroes at once. All of your skills deals damage to areas, making you a good source of nuke.

The Enemies

Here are the list of heroes that would probably be your nightmares.


Dude, you seriously don't wanna mess with the goblin engineer of dota 2. The laser deals pure damage, it means it cannot be blocked by the flame guard or the raindrop and at the same time it would make your attacks miss for a certain time. And the real nightmare begins here, what if Tinker leveled the March of the machines? Tanan! Flameguard is useless. You will just simply watch him farm all your creeps while you wait for his leftover minions he wasn't able to deny.

Tips: Ask for help. Put pressure on the mid lane. If possible try stacking neutral camps and get it by the means of a max leveled flameguard. Go and gank.

Outworld devourer

Come on, don't mess with him. If he builds the typical astral imprisonment skill, you will have a chance but if he goes for the arcane orb, farewell to you my little friendo. No intelligence = No mana = No skill = useless. With his ultimate you got no chance. DROP THE HAMMER by O.D.


Of all the carries you will face, he would be the most difficult, without mana ember would be half dead. You can buy defensive items to stop his mana onslaught but it would be really difficult for you to kill him alone. In the middle game, if he picks up some hp items and the combination of his skill apell shield, its going to be a tough fight.

To sum it up Ember is a powerful hero. It's not impossible to win and reach your dream mmr. It's just that most of the time we always recognize the fault of others without realizing our own. Always remember ember does not blame his remnants for being unable to attack. He just simply dances with his sword while leaving them behind, ;)

So far i'm really doing good with my ember analysis. Feel free to criticize me and share your opinions. I'm still new at this community and hoping to here from others! I hope you learn something from me.


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