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Frezing's guide to SF

February 15, 2013 by hello.itachi
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my build

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

Purchase Order

early PO

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Mid game

Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Power Treads
Blink Dagger
Ogre Club

Black King Bar
Manta Style
Ethereal Blade
Eye of Skadi

Hero Skills


2 5 6 8


1 3 4 7

Presence of the Dark Lord

9 11 16

Requiem of Souls


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Frezing's guide to SF

February 15, 2013


Shadow fiend is one of the most epic carries that can dominate mid game and late game he is one of the carries that is almost unstoppable when farmed and can even rampage thru the enemy defense line with good timing and skilled wrazes
and yeah this is my first ever dota guide so plz dont do any harsh remarks

which lane to go ?

SF usually goes to mid lane due to his necromastery and his abilty to control the lane with wrazes however you can also lane in a tri lane due to def purposes as he is fragile in early game

Eayly game

try to grab lots of creep and my advice to you is let the talon go ahead in the creep block as it allows the enemy to push the lane and you can grab the souls
Remember you need bottle as fast as you can and boots within 4 or 5 mins and do max bottle crowing
also you can see in early build i bought 3 iron branch and tango this saves you upto 300 gold and you can get a bottle within 1:30 min time spam however do not go for this if u are against early aggression heroes

Mid game

by now you should have your boots,dagger,BKB however you can also opt for a shadow blade if you cnt skill ult with dagger or you find dagger hard to use but my advice is to practice to play with a dagger as it provides better chasing ability and positioning

Late game

you are now required in evry gank and every team fight you should always have Town Portal Scroll or get an Boots of Travel and now you the most imp thing is never use your same]]build and items in every game for e.g your enemy carry is Phantom Lancer or Lifestealer so make butterfly to evade dmg ethereal blade to be free from physical damage and nuke em with ur ulti or get an daedulus with satanic to fight one on one


i hope you would have found this guide useful plz remember this is my first ever guide so plz ... btw i hope you learnt SF playstyle plz feel free to ask question and leave comment below ty hope you rampage with the nevermore

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