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for your friends for your enemies

June 4, 2012 by zxgf
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DotA2 Hero: Witch Doctor

Hero Skills

Paralyzing Cask

1 3 5 8

Voodoo Restoration

10 12 13 14


2 4 7 9

Death Ward

6 11 16


15 17 18

for your friends for your enemies

June 4, 2012

Simple and Sweet

The main goal of this build is to rush your Bloodstone. Now some of you reading this are thinking WTFBBQ you're not even getting boots before a void stone. Sometimes I don't even get them before perseverance but generally that's up to you. Once again the most important thing is to get Bloodstone asap. The reason for this is simple; you need to maximize your mana pool and your mana regeneration. Why? Because of your ability voodoo restoration. As soon as you get your Bloodstone you should max out your Voodoo Restoration generally this will happen around lvl 14 so the build fits but if you get your bloodstone sooner start pouring points into it. When you have a Bloodstone your mana pool and mana regen are high enough to essentially leave voodoo restoration on permanently which heals at 40hp/sec for everyone around you. So in a ten second team fight you could have healed a possible 2,000 dmg. Now with those kinds of heals the enemy team will have no choice but to focus you leaving your team to destroy them. But because Bloodstone also gives you and extra 500hp and 8Hp/sec combined will voodoo restoration you'll be healing at approximately 50Hp/sec. The whole while sitting there with your Death Ward hammering away at your enemies. Then even if they do manage to kill you you dump a 400+ hp heal to all of your teammates. And that is why you rush bloodstone.

Thanks a lot, I know this was pretty short if enough people are interested I will come back and update and give a little more in depth info on the build.

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