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Fools die… as you well know ( Invoker 3 Ways)

December 14, 2015 by NikeE Panda
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Quas Exort (Pushing/Solo Killer)

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Fools die… as you well know ( Invoker 3 Ways)

NikeE Panda
December 14, 2015


Hi! This is my guide/build to Invoker. Invoker is my most played hero and I have around 150 games at last count on him. and in my last 50 games ( now that im not god awful at him ;), i have a 70% win rate)

Invoker is an exceptionally versitile hero as obvious by his arsenal of 13 spells, and when I play him, I play him one of 3 ways depending upon the composition of both teams. This guide is here to simply explain both the reasoning of items, and when to go for certain items. At some points I will dabble into how to actually play Invoker with all of these builds.

Quas Exort

When to pick

Quas Exort is the build to pick IF one or multiple of these are true.

1. Your team wants to go for the late game

2. Your team is pushing heavily or Lacks pushing

3. Your team has fairly strong lanes, and do not require a gank early game.


1.Quas Exort Invoker, due to the midas and the max in exort has very high physical damage, and a large amount of farm meaning he will often be 6 slotted by 50 minutes, meaning he will be exceptionally useful in the late game.

2. With double forge spirits at level 9 and a necrobook 3 before 30 minutes, you push EXCEPTIONALLY fast, which can either supplement an already excellent pushing team, OR it can help your team push if they lack pushing.

3. Quas Exort Invoker, excluding sunstrike is completly useless in helping other lanes due to him requiring lvl 9 before you have large amounts of damage, and even then without a blink, you are unable to gank effectivly.

Item Reasoning
1. Phase boots: Invoker has.... well frankly awful movement speed (280) and thus phase boots are most definatly required to partially supplement his awful speed.

2. Midas: Midas is needed for 2 reasons, firstly you despretly need your early levels to be useful. Secondly Midas, providing you use it whenever it is off cooldown gives you 126 extra GPM. which is a very large boost and in long games you will really see the value.

3.Blink: This is to help further with your mobility and allows for very very easy ganks with double forge spirit and cold snap against fairly squishy targets.

4. Orchid: This is to help even more with ganking, especially against heroes such as AM, Clinkz, Riki and other heroes with escape mechanisms.

5. Necro 3: This is to help with pushing and combined with forge spirits allow you to take out towers so damm quickly, simmilar to lycan speed! they also add some more ganking and utility if you use them well.

6. Hex: Besides hex being great for the stats that help you scale into late game it is very good against carries in the late game and further helps with solo pickoffs.

Laning Tips

WIth exort you have very good damage, and with quas you can trade very well from early levels. A quick tip, against squishy heroes such as SF you can solo kill them at level 4 with forge + cold snap, followed up by sun strike if they are out of position. Generally, just farm up with your damage and play safe! with your pathetic 280 movespeed.

Quas Wex

When to pick

Quas Wex is the build to pick IF one or multiple of these are true

1. They are tanky heroes, who will find very difficult to solo kill

2. Your team either has a lot of, or too little teamfight.

3. Your team is early game focused, and will gain a large advantage early on.


1. If you cant kill 'em! take all their mana and watch them try to fight!

2. Tornado + Emp makes you an exceptionally strong teamfighter especially before people have manapools of 1000+ with them being simply unable to cast any spells which = ez teamfight.

3. Even if you gain a great start it is harder to scale into late game/DPS due to how late you get high levels in Exort.

Item Reasoning

1. Phase boots: The great thing about wex. You have movement speed! But... you have pathetic damage without exort. so get early phase boots to give you fairly decent right click.

2. Urn: The reason that you get urn is very simple, since it was changed from hp removal to pure damage it procs cold snap, making is a brilliant item on him, with cold snap with lvl 4 quas combined with an urn charge (zero right clicks added) does a total of 220 damage ( taking into account magic resist of 35%) you can clearly see why it is such a good item!

3.Orchid : This is to supplement your ganking abilities and with the mana regen allows you to simply run around the map killing fools.

4. Desolator: This is the wierdest item on my build i'm aware, BUT! I really do think that a desolator on quas wex invoker is absoloutly brilliant, for two main reasons. Firstly with desolator, cold snap and orchid, you can solo kill pretty much anyone providing you are doing well already. It is just awesome at killing people from my expieriance. and secondly this does help supplement your pushing which you lack due to not getting double forge spirits until very late on in the game, this with alacrity really helps you take towers.

5. Linkens: this adds some much needed stats and survivability and also helps you buff your own carry if used correctly. this is an item that nicely rounds off the item build.

6. Hex: Hex is an awesome item for finishing out the game with an amazing disable to add to your arsenal and some more stats and damage, a very nice item in general.

Laning Tips
Your lane will be hard due to the early low damage, try to get a few last hits, and get those phase boots and urn asap, carry a tp scroll in order to start ganking early on and snowball from there. One thing that helps alot in lane is early alacrity giving 30 damage which you sorely need.

Flashy Build!

The Flashy build is the build to pick IF one or multiple of these are true.

1. You can actually combo very well and don't hesitate nor need more than 1 or 2 seconds to invoke anything

2. Your team is going for late game teamfights

3. You will need to gank heavily although not early

4. You want to show off ;)


1. There is no point in building these items if you cannot use them to near their full potential, or atleast well, they revolve entirely around you knowing what spell you need and building able to invoke it in an instant and then use it before repeating the process.

2. If you want the full refresher, aghs, shiva, euls its gonna take some time! especially without a Midas, and the full potential of these items is unleashed in late game clashes, although if there are many bkb carries present, you will have a hard time.

3. The Euls means you can 1 shot anyone without spell immmunity (Lifestealer/Bkb) however it will take some time for you to get it, and have the damage from the spells that you neecd. an example of when this applies would be if you have strong early game, strong late game, but have a lapse midgame.

4. No justification needed here :)

Item Reasoning
1. Phase Boots: these yet again help you heavily early game, in this supplementing your movespeed quite alot, althought not needed as desperatly in the two aspects compared to QW and QE.

2. Euls : Euls, enables you to land sunstrike, chaos meteor, deafening blast combo which deals a huge amount of single target damage where at level 16 you will do way over 1500 damage. this also helps you transition into the late game.

3. Orchid : Orchid further increases your damage from the euls combo to sometimes other 2000 damage, an extreme amount of damage. secondly it adds a lot of utility aswell, whilst enabling you to gank harder targets, as euls does not purge the orchid if it is a friendly orchid.

4. Aghanims : Aghs is very helpful for getting out your full potential in teamfights lowering the cooldown to 2 seconds and allowing you to prepare your spells before the fight without using any mana. whilst providing some great stats that allow you to tank more in fights aswell.

5. Refresher : Oh boy! This is where it gets fun, with tornado, EMP, Meatball and blast TWICE you have HUGE teamfight potential and a ridiculous amount of damage that you can use in teamfights providing you can land the tornado to start the initial fight.

5. Shiva's Guard : Shiva's is a great item to add more to your teamfight, in the form of the active and the passive aura (aoe slow and nuke) adding a further 400 magic damage to the combo.

Laning tips
Laning is fairly easy with this build due to the exort damage and alacrity from early levels, meaning you should have a pretty good time in lane.

Finishing tips

Invoker is a pretty difficult hero to learn, and it will take a good few games before you have a good grasp on the hero, and you will most likely not make the best decisions with spells and items in certain situations until you have played quite a lot of Invoker.

Also this is my first guide, so feel free to comment tips and opinions and leave a rating :)

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