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Focus Them Down

January 19, 2015 by savageiam
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Mid Carry Windranger

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

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Focus Fire

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Focus Them Down

January 19, 2015


This is a really cool build. Often when I play it someone on my team will be like "what are your items? Wtf are you doing?" But then we have one fight and they see why its good. This is a mid carry build. You need to XP and gold gained from midding in order for this to work. The sooner you get lv 6, the better.

Early Game

I like to start with the null talisman because it gives you really good stats, I chose this over going for a bottle, because it makes last hitting easier with the extra damage and still ups your intelligence and mana regen. It's also a lot cheaper. Once mid, get phases first, then go for blink. The phases are good for damage and speed, and the blink for positioning. I chose to go blink here rather than force staff. For several reasons:
1) Lower cooldown
2) No mana cost
3) Farther distance
For this build those are really important, the faster you can get into position the better. You should use the blink to get into a position alongside them so you can shackle them to trees and then destroy them.

The only downside to this build that I see is the fact that focus fire has a long cooldown (60 seconds) early game before you get Aghanim's Scepter. Thats why you up power shot all the way first. So that early game you still have enough damage to get some kills.

Once it's maxed out dont be afraid to use it. It has a very small cooldown and does a lot of damage. Use it to clear a creep wave or to get that one last hit in on an enemy running away. Make sure you save enough mana for a shackle and a focus fire though.

After Aghanim's Scepter

Once you have Aghanim's Scpeter, use it. Gank A LOT, blink, shackle focus fire. They'll be dead very fast, unless they're really tanky, but that's where the next item comes in.

After Aghanim's, I usually prefer to get Daedalus, its the most damage for your money and the crits make it so that nearly anyone you focus fire will certainly die.

Thats essentially the core idea for this build. Focus fire makes it so that yo have max attack speed, once you go for Aghanim's, the cooldown is 15 seconds. Making it one of the best abilities in the game if you have something to boost your damage (like crits).

If you find yourself dying a lot, then get BKB, you can decide if you want to get it first or second. But it's also a good pickup. Although, if you're having a problem staying alive and the main reason for your death is someone's right click damage, just use WindRun instead, as it grants you 100% evasion and allows you to escape if you need to.

I also put MKB up there in case you have a PA or something on the other team, in that case, get MKB instead of Daedalus, there's no reason for both though, you can spend the rest of your money on beter things.

Basher isn't really necessary in this build, but it is fun. I would still get Daedalus first, but if you feel like being a **** or being annoying its really fun to focus fire someone and then watch the bashes stun them like once a second.

Late Game

Linkens Sphere is a great pickup after Daedalus, it makes sure that they can't get you with an ability, usually it's a stun. It saves, it really does. If you got a bkb, dont bother though. And if you get a linkens, dont get a bkb, pick one or the other.

Now, if you have either a BKB or linkens (or you actually don't need either for some reason) get either Desolator or a Skaadi, because, with Aghanim's, these will work. It makes it so that unique attack modifiers work with focus fire. The slow is nice on the Skaadi if you're having trouble chasing, it also really helps with survivability.

I personally think the Skaadi pickup is better than the Desolator, but if you really just need armor reduction and a **** ton of damage, go deso. Still though, if you aren't doing enough damage at this point you're probably doing something wrong. Go for a Skaadi like 95% of the time.

Once you're done that, go for BOT's and then you should be 6 slotted with the following items
-Blink Dagger
-Aghanim's Scepter
-Daedalus / MKB
-Linken's Sphere / BKB
-Eye of Skaadi / Desolator
-Boots of Travel

Now go destroy!

Side note

Dont use this build against someone who gets stronger the more you attack them. I'm specifically thinking about Timbersaw. He'll just get a **** ton of armor and you wont be able to do anything. Huskar is questionable. You should be able to win, but there are better options against him that this build. Otherwise though, it should be fine. It builds in enough of everything that you shouldn't have any problems killing anyone.

Good luck :)

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