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fleeing hero Terminator

November 4, 2012 by Thretcha
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fleeing hero Terminator

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

Purchase Order


Ring of Basilius
Vladmir's Offering
Boots of Speed
Robe of the Magi
Boots of Travel
Diffusal Blade
Assault Cuirass
Manta Style

Hero Skills

Spirit Lance

1 4 7 9


2 12 14 17

Phantom Rush

3 5 8 10


6 11 16


15 18

fleeing hero Terminator

November 4, 2012

Why to buy xyz at that point of time ?

This guide was made because of weak early game of other guides and I think this guide should probably fix that issue .

At the beginning we are aiming for some more survive ability and mana. You could stand against any hero without "Vladimir's offering" it just helps you to stay longer on your lane, save some gold and die less often. After "Assault Cuirass" you should win every 1v1.

The Butterfly is a pretty strong item because it let's you do very fast attacks and that's useful because you have just little of time while attacking fleeing heroes.

Logic behind this Build

If you die more than 5 times with this hero you are pretty weak ! After you bought "assault cuirass" you shouldn't die anymore.

This build is for killing fleeing enemy heroes. Because of this you have your armor to tank the towers while running through. Try to hit the enemy hero with the "Spirit Lance" and then use your "Doppelwalk" the "Doppelwalk" gives you a nice Speed buff. Which is very useful to get close to the enemy hero and hit him a few times till the slow "Spirit lance" is over. After the slow is over just follow the enemy hero till you can use "Spirit Lance" again and do this till the enemy hero is dead or you can't reach him without getting killed.

You can start doing this after you bought your "robe of the Magi". Because before you have too less mana for killing a normal enemy hero with low health. After you bought "assault cuirass" you can kill pretty much anyone who has at half health or less.If your team doesn't fight against fed enemies you should be able to kill nearly the whole team !

This guide was setup after about 30 matches with this hero. This hero is my main hero ! But I don't want to call me a pro dota player . But I think this build can stand any pro guide for Phantom Lancer . It is perfect for it's purpose. I am not going deeper into the hero because this guide is just thought as a item/skill guide .

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