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First line of Support...

January 5, 2013 by oigres_2
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Support Build

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills


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Focus Fire

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First line of Support...

January 5, 2013


This is a simple guide for players, playing her for the first time, and not make your team suffer :) Your role will be to SUPPORT the other members of your team by:

- Using Powershot to harass the enemy Heroes while in lane.
- Your long range can target the melee Heroes acting as a deterrent.
- Supporting your team when (!) are called out.
- Never venturing far from your towers.
- Never stay with a bunch of creep for a long period of time.
- Support other lanes (staying on your side of the map) with creep, to further push them up the map.

The most common way of dying are:
- Pushing too hard, even with a full load of creeps
- Counter-Attacked, You attack and you can't kill him or escape in time.

** I will be updating this as I go **

Pros / Cons

[+]Good Escapes/Fast
[+]High Dmg
[+]High Attack Speed
[+]Good Stun (if landed)
[+]Good Long Range "Nuke"
[+]Great Pusher

[-]Low mana early/mid game
[-]Easily Counter-attachable


Windranger requires precise aim in order to get the maximum effect in her Powershot and also Shackleshot (which has the stun).

So its best we learn to aim first with Powershot. So maxing Powershot first is the key and Windrun for your escape.
I suggest you get Focus Fire first over Shackleshot so you can help support taking down the towers with Focus Fire.

So this build is pretty much, high ranged damage and escape!

How to play

At the beginning, your #1 job is DO NOT DIE, your a ranged character, so hang back.
If all your creeps are nearly dead, start falling back to the next wave/tower. Hang back enough that you can still kill creeps.

- If a melee approaches to kill your creeps, auto attack him to see him off. DO NOT CHASE EVER (unless you have your team with you). If ever in doubt, run to your tower and regroup.

Using Powershot is all about hitting your mark, a miss will hurt your mana pool. Only use it on an enemy Hero and not on creeps. Use auto attack for creeps.

***** REMEMBER ******
- Creeps run in the inside lane (of the lane) so to speak (game mechanics)
- Powershot does the most damage to the first Hero/creep it hits first and decreasing thereafter, so shooting it through creeps will weaken your shot.

Create different angles by running on the outside(of the lane) on which to fire your Powershot. Instead of it going through a bunch of creeps (by firing in the inside lane), you can get maximum damage on a Hero. This can also be achieved by hiding in amongst the trees and shooting through them.

Now mid/late game your going to be supporting team kills. So when (!) pops up, move and help your team there. STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE MAP TO TRAVEL as you die real easily. When traveling, have Windrun ready just in case you run into an enemy hero, run to the closet tower/base. Throw a Shackleshot once in awhile to see what it does.

When assisting, sometimes its better to:
a) Let the melee Heroes engage first, then create a good shooting angle and fire Powershot for maximum effect instead of rushing in and trying to hit a moving target.
b) Powershot has such long range that you can pick off low HP Enemy still in the battle.
c) Stay as far back as auto fire will allow and if things are not going your way, run to the closest tower. If you win the battle, support the incoming creeps and them move away from that area.

What I like to do after a successful team battle, is help 1 or 2 waves of creeps and then move onto another lane and help 1-2 waves of creeps ready for the next team battles.


#1 - Boots of Speed
This will help you travel faster to team fights later and will also help you escape.

#2 - Ring of Basilius
For mana regen and +damage

#3 - Void Stone
This will further increase mana regen, bought from the special store.

#4 - Arcane Boots
More mana, mana restoring passive, fast speed.

Depending on how the match is going, If my team if winning, I'll wait and buy

#5 - Scepter of Divinity
This + boots+ ring = all the mana regen you need for mid/end game

But if it's a tight game, I'll buy

#5 - Medallion of Courage
That extra needed mana regen to tie you over till you can bu your scepter.

If you have the $$$$ at the end.
- Orchid of Malevolence
- Aghanim's Scepter

Advanced Play

A few tip after you have mastered the above guide and gained more confidence.

- You will soon fall into a pattern of running from lane to lane, helping your team mates and also helping those creeps.
- When running between lanes, check for Runes and pick them up with your Bottle and use them when most needed.

- When you get the hang of Shackleshot, you will learn that it's such a powerful move, and when executed perfectly, its has a long stun effect. Practice, practice, practice!!!! This shot become invaluable in team battles, so learn to use it properly after Powershot.

- When your team starts to push a lane, DON'T be the one charging in, but hang behind the melee then engage. If the push is enough to attack the tower, here is your chance to use Focus Fire on the tower. Just make sure there's enough creeps there to die for you, so you can cast the whole 20 second. Once destroyed, retreat out.

- At the beginning, it's good to team up with a stealth/charge Hero as a few Powershots can nearly kill an enemy Hero and then they can go in for the kill. (like Bounty Hunter/Huskar).

- At the beginning, I like to buy the Bottle first, as its gives me hp/mana early and can bottle runes to help support my team.

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