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Firebrand's Flavors of Lina (WIP)

January 14, 2014 by Firebrand
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4
Build 5
Build 6

Standard "supporting"

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

2 3 5 7

Light Strike Array

1 8 9 10

Fiery Soul

4 12 13 14

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18


The entirety of the guide part is item and build justification, not a guide on playstyle or anything like that.

I'll shape up the text section if I feel like it.

Standard "supporting"

This is more or less what I do when I'm feeling pretty lazy, or get behind in lane. There isn't really anything special about this. I'd like to mention that Disco Veil + Orchid are hilarious if you ever get the money for it.

Getting Handsy

Something I just messed around with until I saw Numeta's post about getting Midas on supports. Apparently it isn't unheard of, anyway.

The reason why I ditch tranqs before saving up for arcane is because by the time you would get soul ring it's better to make sure you have enough mana to blow your kit before you explode. If you don't explode, you'll have enough mana to use even more spells! I can see the flaw in the logic, but I'd rather save money for wards and such at the start.

Taking it Slow

Start however you like. I like to get Sage's Mask before wiz stave sometimes, but build into Atos first anyway. The idea is that since Atos is only 300 more gold than Eul's you basically get it around the same time. There is a bit more pressure because you're going to be holding onto more gold before buying a part of the item, but I believe the extra INT and HP from Atos are worth getting first over the mana regen from Eul's. On top of all that the cast range is much larger on Atos. It isn't a full disable, but it allows you to catch up to characters from farther away who don't have a blink.

Skadi for the perma-slow on anyone on the other team that is near you. Your attack speed should be good enough to place a skadi slow on at least three characters without allowing it to end on any of them, after your initial burst, before you have to cast again.

Shiva's is an okay defensive item. It doesn't give you the kind of stats that Skadi does, but it adds to your burst and doesn't require much effort at all to get the slow on a large number of people.

Ghost Scepter into Ethereal Blade is good for a defensive > offensive item. The damage you can put out with EBlade is absurd, and the 80% slow isn't anything to scoff at.

Taking it Slower

This is an experimental build I have been messing with recently. Diffusal Blade by around 10-13 minutes can be pretty abusive if you get even slightly ahead. The purge and mana burn is hell on supports, and it makes kiting and chasing infinitely easier. The slow is also greater (look up purges on the wiki) than the cripple from Atos, but the range is 400 less. On the topic of stats Diffusal gives you 22 attack speed and 26 damage (6 int 20 mana burn) while Atos gives you 20 damage (int) and 325 HP. Waiting to get Atos second is risky because you don't get the HP until 4.5K gold in so you have no durability for the early-to-mid game. On the other hand, if you don't do that well you can just finish your RotM into drums.

Getting on Top [Items]

Buy blades first if you want a faster armlet and more damage, or buy orb first if you want to mess with the enemy's hp regen a bit and you are going to buy Skadi at some point later.

This is a really aggressive first item, but it gives you all of the stats that you would care about early on. You have enough mana to cast an ult and a few more spells afterwards. Normally at the point where you would run out of mana without any items is when either you or your target(s) should be dead. The massive HP boost and 5 armor greatly help your survivability while the attack speed and damage bonus helps your hail of AA's to be noticeable.

Boot choice really doesn't matter much. Point Booster to get ready for Skadi. Crystalys for damage. Finish Skadi first for the stats. Get Linkens or BKB as a defensive item after Daedalus is done. For Luxury items I prefer getting Mjollnir or Scythe, but I really like Manta as an alternative. Abyssal is for shenanigans.

Getting on Top [Skill Build]

You're going to be leaning more on your attack damage with armlet more than your burst, and the increased attack speed you get from E makes up for the damage lost on your W. There isn't really much more to explain here.

Playing Rough [Items]

An even more experimental build that I recently started tinkering with. Skullbasher gives you a massive damage boost to your AA's while giving a chance to bash on attack. The idea is to get this if there are any important BKB characters on the other team when you don't have that many disables that go through magic immunity. The only downsides that I can think of are the lack of mana pool (I don't get arcane boots with this; low mana regen), that it is RNG-based, and that there is a cooldown on the bash after it procs. Your attack speed should (in theory) make up for the 10% chance to bash since you get more than twice the AA's in than most other characters would. Buying a helm, or even just a morbid mask, helps with your early durability issues with the lifesteal and/or armor.

Crystalys or Maelstrom to take advantage of the multiple chances to proc from her AS steroid and the damage from Skullbasher. BKB so you can AA in moderate peace. Abyssal (if you're doing really well) so you can have something more reliable for a disable vs BKB. Daedalus if you want the super crit. I prefer getting Mjollnir because of the extra chances to proc Skullbasher on top of chain lightning. Skadi helps for extra kiting or lockdown. Satanic and HoT for shenanigan tankiness.

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