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Faster Breaker Bones

June 17, 2013 by Braxxar
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Nice and Easy

DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

Hero Skills

Charge of Darkness

4 5 8 9


1 3 7 10

Greater Bash

2 12 13 14

Nether Strike

6 11 16


17 18

Faster Breaker Bones

June 17, 2013

Spirit Braker

Barathrum the Spirit Breaker is a powerful ganker type melee strength Hero that concentrates on taking out single targets, while lacking in larger team fights. His Charge of Darkness lets him charge towards any target available, while knocking off all enemies in his path. If you see the charge coming, it may already be too late. He is picked mostly for his high damage given by his Greater Bash which crushes the life out of his hapless victims. Barathrum can instantly and quickly move to his enemy via Nether Strike and shock them with a soul-bashing blow.


Spirit Breaker will run through units, trees, structures and terrain.

Allies of Spirit Breaker (and he himself) will see an animation over the head of the target.

Any unit you pass through (300 radius) will proc a Greater Bash of Spirit Breaker's current level, if Greater Bash has been learned.

The charge stops if you click anywhere, or if you are disabled.

Spirit Breaker gains shared vision of the target for the duration.

If the target dies, the charge is transferred to the nearest valid target.

Some items are usable during the charge without interrupting it. Using Black King Bar right before you strike will ensure your charge doesn't get countered.

Does NOT provide True Sight on enemy unit.

Because Linken's Sphere triggers on cast, this ability can be used to instantly and globally put an enemy's sphere on cooldown.


Black King Bar can be used without interrupting your charge, activate it just when you get close to the enemy to take advantage of it's duration during the fight.
Use Charge of Darkness to get close, stun your target, and make him vulnerable to your attacks.
Nether Strike deals major damage to the target enemy and teleports behind them, wherever they go. You can use this to catch blinking or teleporting enemies before they get away.
Greater Bash deals more damage depending on Barathrum's movement speed. Getting items that increase movement speed, such as Sange & Yasha and Drum of Endurance, will greatly improve your damage.
Chaining together Charge of Darkness with Nether Strike can deal high amounts of burst damage in a very short amount of time.
Spirit Breaker has very little teamfight presence due to his specialized skills, but he can still be useful at neutralizing targets and forcing enemies back.
Charge of Darkness allows Spirit Breaker to run through units, trees, structures and terrain. In a recent change, Charge of Darkness no longer indicates your enemies when activated, letting you setup ganks.
When charging enemy heroes in mid game, be 100% sure that they are alone. A lone enemy may wait out in the open while their ally hides in the trees, waiting for you to charge the bait hero, and finally be ganked. Therefore, Observer Wards can greatly reduce uncertainty before charging.
Although Charge of Darkness is typically used to get into fights, it can also be used to get back out in a pinch; by targeting a creep in a different lane Spirit Breaker can move quickly to avoid death, then cancel the charge when he is out of danger.
Sange and Yasha is a fair pick on Spirit Breaker, as the bonus movespeed improves the damage of his Greater Bash as well as his general speed, improving his chasing ability even further in conjunction with it's maim.

Barathrum's fun/alternate name is Roadrunner.
"Barathrum" means "underworld" in Latin.
He has the highest base strength in the game (29).
His response "Rampage" might be a reference to who used to be his equivalent in Heroes of Newerth (most of the HoN hero skills changed since the port)

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