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Fast Pushing Guide on SF

March 11, 2018 by ArticWalker
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SF - Agressive Pusher

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

Purchase Order

Ring of Aquila
Drum of Endurance
Shadow Blade
Boots of Travel
Black King Bar
Assault Cuirass

Fast Pushing Guide on SF

March 11, 2018

The Game Play Mechanics

The Shadow Fiend Most of The Time Known as Insane Damage Dealer.

You already see the damage in 10-25 min of the game,
any hero will die after you triple razes.
However sometimes it happens the more time on clock,
Less powerful you spells become and enemy buys core items like
Orchid on Storm or BKB or Sven, Antimage with 4-5 slots then you lose.

However Shadow Fiend could win the game by simply fast pushing and
damage dealing to enemy from min 8 to 18 min get to 4-5 towers and
early Roshan.

My mechanics of playing Shadow Fiend Simple for everyone to explain.

Lane Phase you buy Ring Aqualla and Drums to give extra armor to creeps,
Use Drums at first teamfight when at 8-12 you get to enemy safe lane,
Kill Enemy Carry Like PL, Gyro, Sepctre, etc then get tower after it.

Mid Game you should buy Shadow Blade look potential kill on enemy cores.
Due to enemy Carry already lost the tower on safe lane, he prefer to farm
the jungle. So that time you smoke with your team or just Shadow Blade + Ult.

After grt some kills and split pushing the side waves you can get Aegis,
ask your teammates to buy medallion or just help you with Shadow Shaman Wats.

Next item to but is Boots of Travel to split Push then whenever the enemy
want to farm creep wave you use Shadow Blade + Ult.

If you get the core player I can ask your team to push highground with Aegis.

In this meta you go for enemy physical damage to deal more damage to the towers.
Myself I prefer to build Butterfly and AC to 30% miss and Armor.
In between the game build BKB if needed.

Importance of this meta look for kills with Shadow Blade,
Early Agressivr Pushing and Split Pushing with Travels.

Guide is done. My first guide, don’t blame me to much.

Made by ArticWalker

Pros / Cons

The Shadow Fiend:
+Very Strong Laner
+Massive Early-Mid Game Damage
+Farming Speed
+The Most Epic Ultimate in Game Damage Reduction and Slow.
+Armor Reduction Passive Aura
+Very easy to solo kill anyone.

-Doesn’t Have Escape Mechanics
-Can be out played in late game scenario.
-Easy to lock down and burst.
-Require some skill in positioning and map awareness.
-Depended on necromastery.
-Starting Last Hits Without Souls Deal Less Damage

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