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Fast Farm Pubstomp Guide for Anti-Mage!

June 28, 2012 by Kard1nal
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Fast Farm Pubstomp Guide for Anti-Mage!

June 28, 2012


Hello and welcome to my guide. This is a quick guide on how to pubstomp. From my experience, you will not want to use this build/guide in competitive play. A-M needs farm, and with this build you should be getting it very fast. This build is for fastest possible woods farming and then TPing around the map farming pushed lanes. It's pretty badly written but hopefully you will get the info you need to pubstomp.


I usually grab a Quelling blade to help my last hitting in lane (I'm pretty bad at them). If you want to though, you can grab a sheild and work into a fast poor man's. The reason you go into a poor mans is because it will help you survive in the jungle and lane. I will usually stay in lane with a partner until I grab a quick battlefury and then head into the woods. Once you get your battlefury, head into the woods and start your farm frenzy! Power Treads will come up very soon (put them on Agi) and vlads will be not very far afterwards. Vlads will give you damage (for your team also)/armor/lifesteal/hp regen, and you will be able to walk out of the ancients with full HP. At this point I would usually stay in jungle until I get my Yasha before i start teamfighting, but if my team needs me, there is no problem with teamfighting after vlads.


Why max blink? When you get into the woods, you can quickly blink to the next creep camps. Maxing Mana Break simply isn't worth it because you should be getting into the woods asap and the extra 38 damage to SOME creeps compared to blinking from camp to camp, it's just more efficient to max blink. You also don't need boots, either, when you get into woods saving the time to farm boots and get you into the woods asap.


Max blink, get battlefury as fast as possible (I can usually get at about 13-15 minutes), get into the woods and get your farm on! When you hit 35 minutes you'll usually have about 300 cs and should be by far the strongest hero on the map. Remember to TP to empty lanes, take the farm, and hop back into the woods :D.

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