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Farmer, and his Farm: Anti-Mage

August 15, 2013 by SupYes
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Super Farmer

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

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Farmer, and his Farm: Anti-Mage

August 15, 2013

How to play Anti-Mage

How to play Anti-Mage:

Step 1: Farm

Step 2: Dont Die

Step 3: End the Fun

Anti-Mage is a hard hero since he relies so heavily on his supports to allow him to farm. If the supports do not do their job then it becomes easy to slow down and stop Anti-Mage's farm.
However if given proper support (or bad opponents) then there are very few heroes who can out carry and stop the Anti-Mage.

Safe Lane

The key to safe laneing as Anti-Mage or as any hard carry is to make sure your supports treat you as a god, willing to kill and die in your name. First thing to do is to ask your support for a set of tangos or 2. In a trilane or a dualane the biggest threat to your farm is the enemy so its key to quickly gank and kill or force your opposing laner back. Make him fear coming within attacking range of you or the minion. Once you have the lane to yourself send the support to go stack and pull in the jungle or gank other lanes.

If your lane gets ganked do not fear, blink away. If your support starts to die, it is ok to leave her behind, your life is worth more then the supports. Return to lane as soon as its safe or get an ally to come gank the lane back.

Last Hit, Last Hit, Last Hit

If all is going well 16 minutes later you should atleast have a BattleFury. If the lane went sour once you get a claymore you can start jungling. Once you have a BattleFury its on to part two of Farming.

Hard Farm

Farm by killing things its that simple, anyone can do it. However there are some tips and tricks to optimize your farm.

1. Following the motto of allowing the supports to treat you like a god, make sure the wards are place so that you can farm without fear of the other team ganking you.

2. Lanes give more farm then the jungle, when possible so farm in lane though its often less safe to enter a lane. The best way to farm a lane is to make sure no one on your team goes into safe lane to farm, this allows you to blink in and push it back to enemy towers whenever the creep wave gets large and close to your own towers.

3. Carry 1-2 TP scrolls with you, this way you can TP to a lane with lots of room to farm as well as TP into a team fight in order to prevent your team from yelling at you for only farming and never helping. Make sure your team is fighting by their own towers so you can TP.

Once you have farmed up to Manta its on to Part 3 of farming.

Team Fights

Once you have Manta you no longer need to worry about dying since there is now three of you.
Gather up your team and push towers, make sure you continue farming when you are not needed.

In teamfights you wanna wait for the initiation to go down, when they are all focused on that you can jump in behind the enemy team. Look for the hero on the opposing team with the biggest mana pool and blink in right behind him while activating manta. Ulti him and with some luck you will hit more then one hero with it. Then clean up the rest of the team.

However don't stop farming, continue doing what you did in part 2 and work your way to a Butterfly and a Heart. Once these items are down, or even one of these items in most cases, its time to end the fun. Blink in and rampage.

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