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Famasofwar's AOI Nyx - Blessed with the Nyx (6.82)

February 26, 2016 by famasofwar
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills


1 5 9 10

Mind Flare

3 4 7 8

Spiked Carapace

2 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Early game - Safe Lane support

You got thrown into safe lane? Have no fear, while your main items will be delayed, there can still be EXP and gold to have here while babysitting your carry!

You will level up your Impale first encase you are being ganked or your team wants to attempt a gank onto you.

Block the creep camp the moment it spawns all the way until the end of your tower (or farther if need be). Stay in lane until 40 seconds IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING THE MID CAMP PULL STRATEGY. You will stack the small creep camp by hitting them at :53 seconds into the match and then walking towards your tower. From there whenever an ally creep wave is coming and your lane is too far pushed out, just attack the small creep camp and walk into your creep wave. It is usually a good idea to attack the small camp when your wave is beginning to walk along the tree lining that leads to your tower.

If you DO feel comfortable pulling in a large camp then do the following. Stay in lane until you feel your ally creeps are too far out and then walk to your small creep camp and pull

Early game - Offlane Solo and Mid (Ganker/Carry Transition)

Solo offlane is often met with a safe play style. If they have stuns or slows, you'll want to be extra careful about going too deep into the lane. Luckily for you, Nyx is a very well made hero when it comes to surviving and harassing.

You'll want to first thing place a sentey ward to block their small creep camp from spawning. This will prevent pulling should it ever be an issue. Pay attention to see if they de-ward you, if it does happen then when the lane pulls out try to de-ward their sentey. A good warding idea is usually to place in a tree lining's crevice (area with shadow) so that the ward won't be in their immediate vision when they are trying to search for the ward.

Your play style is mainly passive. You will have one skill in Spiked Carapace right off the bat, which is good for four reasons
-You can use this skill to farm if the lane is full of harass. Go up to get your last hit and as their attacks are incoming activate it.
-The damage given to the enemy heroes is pure damage.
-You can activate this ability and then tp out of a bad situation.
-If they are trying to stun you, you can activate this as the stun is coming and you will pretty much negate their offense onto you.

From there you will just be upping your stun and your mana burn while trying to grab levels and gold for arcane boots.

Support Mid Game

You should be keeping up with observer wards, sentry wards, dust of appearance, and even smoke of deceit buying to help fill your teams needs up to now and during now. Now that it is near midgame, you should be transitioning the lanes more, looking to create space for your team and to help pick off heroes farming or warding with the help of your teammates. You NEED to be there in team fights. You are the support. You have auras being granted to your whole team that are very useful to the outcome of the match. Let's look at the item list:

Drums of Endurance - Great item. It will help grant your whole team bonus move speed as well as attack speed. This also helps fill the survive-ability gap that Nyx needs since he is naturally squishy. Use the charges with care.

Medallion of Courage - Again another great item for Nyx. Since you will be invis a large part of the game, pick offs are bound to happen against the other team. A medallion of courage is a cheap but effective way of allowing solo ganks of farming supports or carries, as well as helping debuff the enemy for DPS melee damage during a team fight.

Urn of Shadows - This item is pretty much a must on Nyx. The added strength helps boost him up to prevent his squishiness from getting him killed too often, but it also adds crucial damage and healing. This will probably be used mainly for healing your teammates, but if you see a carry or support on the other team out of position, do not be afraid to take a chance to use Vendetta to creep up on them, attack, stun, mana burn, and then urn them to try to secure the kill. Amazing item since its buff grants pure damage.

An item to consider:

Mekanism - Why would such a great item be only considered? Mainly because of Nyx's low intelligence build up and low intelligence starting value. You simply don't have the mana for this AND your abilities usually. That is why I love the other items listed; they provide great buffs with low to no mana cost. If you can handle mekanism, do it, if you can't, try to have someone else grab it.

Ganker/Carry Transition Midgame

Your main focus right now is to obtain kills (mainly from the enemy team carry). How do you go about finding suitable targets to kill? Early to midgame, carries should be farming out in the jungle or in lane alone (sometimes with a support with them if in lane). Getting these kills is easy if the enemy hero is squishy.

Things to remember:
-Always check the rune before going in for a kill. Double damage, haste, or invisibility can be an immense help.
-Watch the mini-map or scout the area to make sure the carry is alone. Nothing is worse than trying to kill a Drow Ranger only to be ultimated by Bane.
-MAKE SURE YOU CAN KILL THE ENEMY. Wraith King tends to not end well.
-Look at their inventory. If they have a teleportation scroll, HOLD OFF ON IMPALE. Wait until he tries to TP out before stunning, unless he is going to get away regardless, in which case just stun. If you can burn his mana out while he is running to below 75 though, you are in the best condition possible.
-BE CAREFUL OF SENTRY WARDS PLACED THROUGHOUT THE MAP. You do not want them to know where you are. It sets up the possibility of them organizing and killing you instead.

While finding the carries is your main priority, you shouldn't necessarily avoid team fights. Nyx is a great flanker. During a team fight you can go invis behind them and kill their main DPS quickly that would have normally been hard to attack. You can also help initiate team fights by ulting in, attacking, and then activating spiky carapace and impaling multiple heroes.

Urn of Shadows - Great for healing yourself after killing someone. You should also use it right after your stun to help damage the enemy. A recent buff maid this pure damage.

Medallion of Courage - A medallion of courage is a cheap but effective way of allowing solo ganks of farming supports or carries, as well as helping debuff the enemy for DPS melee damage during a team fight.

Orchid Malevolence - A very important item for assassinating a lone carry. This item will increase your mana pool and mana regen rate to allow for more constant killing and ability use. It also gives damage and attack speed. The greatest aspect of it though is that you can silence AND allow for 30% more physical damage onto the unit.

Orb of Venom - A good, cheap, effective item to keep the enemy slowed. Allows for much easier catching up to secure the kill or damage more.

Crystalus - Strong weapon that allows for higher damage output. KEEP IN MIND THAT VENDETTA DOES NOT GET ADDED ONTO CRITICAL DAMAGE. Your critical damage is calculated and then added ONTO Vendetta's damage.

Support Late Game

Not a huge difference from the midgame. You still need to be warding/de-warding, instead of dust you might want to consider buying a gem for your team, and smoke can still be useful. Hopefully by this point you have no died too much. If you haven't, I'd assume you have at least 1-2 major items. You still need to be in the team fights to give auras and disable.

In team fights you should be focusing on three types of heroes: your carry, the enemy carry, and enemies with channeling abilities. Your carry is your top priority; she needs to be surviving and killing. Try to give him/her auras to boost her along, along with healing, and disabling any enemy that is trying to damage him/her. The enemy carry can be tricky in late game, as many tend to have BKB's. To help get around this, try to have your team wait out the enemy BKB and then try to constantly disable the carry until dead. You should also be mindful of enemy channelers like Witch Doctor or Bane. These heroes can provide huge damage and/or disables to your team. Try to keep one stun always at hand if you are going against them, to help end their channeling.

Items to watch:
Scythe of Vyse - Good to acquire another reliable disable. Helps give you all around stats and helps with your mana pool and regen.

Boots of Travel - Pretty standard late game. You need to be able to get around the map, especially if you decided to get necronomicon to help push out the lanes or catch up to the team if you died.

Black King Bar - Good if the enemy team is trying to disable you or has large magic damage output. Can keep you alive longer to deal more damage and to disable the enemy more. Also good to activate the BKB and then TP away if you are in a bad spot.

Necronomicon - A good item for supports. It helps provide damage output and pushing power for your team, burn through enemy mana, and de-ward the map without having to acquire a gem. Also gives Nyx nice stats to have for late game.

Late Game Ganker/Carry Transition

You have arrived at the late game. You hopefully have gotten enough kills or farmed the lane enough to have a good deal of gold and experience. You are going to need it. Try to stay oriented with your team and push out the lanes. A GREAT part about vendetta is the cool down, not only can you stay invis for as long as you want, but you can ALSO use it to land two ultimates if timed correctly. Simply wait until your ultimate is about to run out/run off cool down(2 seconds or so left), attack the enemy, stun, ultimate again, and attack again. You might have a hard time against much harder and more true carries such as Phantom Assassin, so try to play smart if that is the case.

Let's look at some items:
Daedalus - REMEMBER, YOUR CRITICAL DOES NOT WORK ON VENDETTA. Critical damage is applied normally WITH vendetta damage added onto it.

Butterfly - Absolutely amazing after 6.82. You can use it to gain damage, attack speed, evasion, and use the active effect to catch up to enemies or run away quickly.

Eye of Skadi - One of my personal favorites. This item will secure any kill on a hero found alone. Not only will they not be able to run away, but you also get stats to strength, agility, and intelligence WITH added health and mana.

Black King Bar - Good if the enemy team is trying to disable you or has large magic damage output. Can keep you alive longer to deal more damage and to disable the enemy more. Also good to activate the BKB and then TP away if you are in a bad spot.

Boots of Travel - Pretty standard late game. You need to be able to get around the map to help push out the lanes or catch up to the team if you died.

Heroes to Watch out for:

Bounty Hunter - His track can make it difficult to escape or kill if it is set on you.

Slardar - Again an issue if true sight. You don't want it set on you and he is also very hard to outrun.

Blood Seeker - Probably one of the most annoying heroes. If your health is below 30% you will not be seen as invisible to the other team.

Faceless Void - His ultimate is able to give true sight and you are not high enough in health usually to survive him.

Life Stealer - Naix is a hard person to solo kill if found in the jungle simply because he is able to grant himself magic immunity and then teleport away.

Juggernaut - He is able to grant himself magic immunity and teleport away, so it is all but impossible to kill him alone unless you have very high damage output.

Wraith King - You won't kill him if his ultimate is up. Don't even try, it is a waste of time.

Zeus - Able to give true sight to surrounding areas and through his ultimate. Very squishy otherwise though.

Heroes Nyx Loves (To Kill):

Drow Ranger - Very squishy hero and her ultimate agility bonus is lowered the moment you get close.

Witch Doctor - Again a very squishy hero. You should have no problem killing him if he is alone.

Techies - Not only is he one of the easiest to kill heroes in the game, but you can usually find him out trying to lay mines. Be careful to avoid those mines though, and be sure to use your spikes to negate his self destruct damage.

Lina - Very easy to kill. You can usually find her out placing wards. Try to negate her ultimate's damage however.

Lion - Same as lina, avoid the ultimate. You are too squishy to take the damage.

Disruptor - Pretty much a free kill if you find him alone.

Chen - Very easy to find alone in the jungle. His squishiness means you can secure the kill without much hassle, but avoid stuns from his creeps.

Crystal Maiden - Her name is Crystal Feeder for a reason. One of the lowest HP and armor build ups in the game, she is very easy to kill. Look for her placing wards as she will usually not be away from towers or carries throughout the game.

Ancient Apparition - Low strength build up and can sometimes be found warding or on the other side of the map trying to ultimate heroes.

Things to Understand

You shouldn't be choosing to go support Nyx assassin. He is not really the best support in almost every case. Simply take this guide as a way to support if you are somehow thrown into the situation.

You also shouldn't be using Nyx as your main carry. He is a great ganker midgame and he can transition decently into lategame if he acquires gold, but he is not an Alchemist or Phantom Assassin who will mow down enemy upon enemy. In team fights expect yourself to get 2-3 kills best in most matches.

For harassing you will pretty much always be using your mana burn not only to damage the enemy, but also to prevent them from nuking you or stunning you. If a hero has low mana in lane, he is less likely to have a good gank given to him against you.

Hope it helps.

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