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Faceless Void - Who needs a face?

July 25, 2014 by JO3MWHIT3
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Main Build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

8 12 13 14

Time Dilation

2 4 7 9

Time Lock

1 3 5 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Faceless Void - Who needs a face?

July 25, 2014


So, Hey guys... This is my first guide, I guess you don't know me, I'm new in town. My name is Joe, I'm an avid Dota 2 player and have been playing for a while now. I have decided I would love to share my passion for the game with you guys. I want to make my guides as easy and simple to understand whilst still being effective. Please rate the and feel free to give your opinions and recommendations.


Items + Skills

So why the items and skill sets? Let me explain for you folks my ideas for these items and level choices. Let's start with items....

First, my starting items,
The starting items I choose are always based around a heroes playing ability. Faceless void is a very strong hero throughout the game, with powerful last hitting ability early game. So I would enhance that with extra agility and damage (Quelling and Slippers), not forgetting the hp regen (Tango and Salve)

Now, on to the more colourful stuff, Early Game, after 10 minutes of laborious last-hitting....
This is where our beloved faceless becomes powerful, his speed and lifesteal becomes apparent (Boots and Morbid) and the extra protection of the Poor Man's Shield makes for a very strong early game

Getting Shiny now.... Mid Game...
By now you should have a rather strong set of items. With massive cutting power from Mask of Madness and Battle Fury, plus the bonus speed of Phase Boots, If someone gets caught in your Chrono, they are pretty much as good as dead.

Right, now we win team!...
So, now you have your core items you can deal with certain situations, such as a BkB in case you are up against a magic nuker, and you can help your team with the Vladmir's Offering, and finally the maelstrom for those late game items (OP last hitting)

Ok, now it's GG, you chose what your heart desires, your as rich as you can be, buy items that will finish em' off.

Ok, so now we do your Skills,
Your skills are the core of your hero, they are what can cause you to dominate your play style, and destroy the other players.
I would advise you to start with your 2 passives; Backtrack and Timelock. They will be very useful early game for lane domination and last hitting,

Time Walk, your first skill can be useful for chasing of escaping a gank, I'd advise you get one level early on, and then all the rest later, as it isn't a key skill

Finally Chronosphere, in my opinion one of the coolest ultimates in the game, get this when you can, it is costly, and has a large cool down, so don't waste it.


So, Faceless Void, arguably the scariest hero to play against at the moment, I hope my item and skill sets suit you, enjoy the rest of the guide, don't worry, the stats and boring stuff is out the way. See y'all in the next section!

Pros / Cons

-Strong Throughout The Game
-Has Brilliant Passives
-Easy Lasthitting
-Lane Domination
-Good Escape and Chase

-Teamwork Is Difficult, A Bad Chrono Can Get Your Teammates Killed Too
-Can Be Squishy At Times

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