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Faceless Void Versatile Carry

October 10, 2014 by darkranger6969
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

against aggressive lane

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

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sustain and survive

focus on farming until level6

Battlefury and MoM can be swap if you think you can grap kills early with chrono because most of range harrass heroes are squishy, keep farming hard between 2 chrono

BKB is a must then cuirass is armor i need

luxury will depend on how the game is going DPS or survival

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 13 14

Time Dilation

2 5 10 12

Time Lock

4 7 8 9


6 11 18


15 16 17

about me

I m new on dota fire and i enjoyed reading many guides so i would like to share my experience as i play dota before and now dota 2 since the beginning. I usually play the carry role when i play with my team with heroes like antimage, deathknight, Viper, tinker, Wraith King, Sven, drow ranger, sniper and Faceless void.

I m french but i live in China and play mostly on bbeijing server. Sometimes on both europe server when i come back France. I say that because the Puber are really stronger in china. also because i rarely see Stormspirit, QoP , tinker or Windranger carry in europe but it s very common in china. As in europe Puber try to kill more than farming, so that guide is my Void ways in China and may not suit perfectly to Europe high skilled games..............

pros and cons

-escape/slow/chasing ability 3 in 1!!! time walk.
-perma stun ability makin FV the ultimate carry. timelock.
-evasion ability only cancelled by doom with scepter. backtrack.
-scary ultimate can disable the whole enemy team. Chronosphere.
-very easy to snowball if getting few kills or/and easy farm.
-able to return a hopeless game after BKB.
-suit to different play style and different roles, hard carry to initiator.

-poor agility gain.
-lack of mana early
-item d©pendent to carry.
-super squishy.
-need a strong support to farm correctly.
-enemy team first target along the entire game.

Introduction: why will you choose Void?

I chose Void mostly since the recent buff. To counter hard carries like AM, PA, PL and dissapear *****es like RIKI, Weaver, BH. Void is not a first pick and you more than often need a bit of babysitting to farm properly. Some Heroes should be ban or pick to avoid an epic fail. Your team mates should be aware if you initiate and fast jump near buy the chrono to take the **** out.
I prefer a range support with a stun to save my *** and/or a heal. You are very items dependent so if you are bad at last hitting Void is not for you. And if you are new to play hard carry better starting with an other one.

i won't talk much about Hand of midas and the "initiator build" as i don t do well playing this way.


Faceless Void needs to focus on his core and farm for it fast and safe.
I start games 80% of the time with blade for last hit ,1 potion and tangos. I skip poor man shield and get boots then MoM. ALWAYS CARRY A TP WITH TO TIME WALK ESCAPE!!!!

MoM is first source of attack speed and help to farm fast but sometimes it s just too dangerous choice.

Mjollnir comes then for the damage and creep cleaning. I honestly don t go mjollnir except if i skip MoM because attack speed is a need for those bash and crits time lock provides.

I go battlefury or crytalis (then daedalus): battlefury gives damage and sustain your mana issues. Daedalus is a killing weapon for focus using the main enemy threat.
I usually go directly Daedalus because TP farm safe until chrono is available and ask a team gank. This is my play style and battlefury is better in most case for majority of players.
I chose battlefury against PL, Naga, broodmama: Battle fury is better than mjollnir agaisnt those because the damage output is permanent specially against PL to identify the true one.
If you are not born killer so make your battlefury first specially when no one has arcane boots....

If a Riki, brewmaster is picked or a PA then skip battlefury and make MKB and watch them cry. Never turn back on Riki or PA One by one wait the first bash then turn on MoM at same level and item farms: odds are in your favor.

When you get your damage item i always make BKB. Why? because if your a doing well they will hunt you and unleash their spell on you because no one wants to face a fat VOID.

My luxury item mostly depends on what i face. hard carry i go butterfly for an over 50% evasion combine skill and item. heavy armored centaur :assault cuirass. Need HP because they burst damage ultimate are now all for you : buy a heart: escape and come back for a rematch.

Rapier??? yes always specially against Doom, lion, lina, PA..... But it is fun to take noobs 1vs5 no? Ok no Rapier so.

Scepter and refresh for some very special game when you switch for carry to initiator, specially if you have a godlike QoP, Tinker or fanzy blue panda in your team.

Items i don t do : poorman shield doesnt help much and delay your core. hand of midas same reason and just provide AS in fights. HoD / satanic , MoM or no lifesteal, satanic in very last item for epic dual against Wraiht king or PA. Desolator: doesn t stack with MoM.


Skills should be according what you face in lane and there is no truth and perfect skill build. i sometimes put one level first on time lock if my team is looking for the first blood, sometimes in time walk depends on my position. i always chose my skill at the last moment. if the farming is easy i will max time lock and 2 level in time walk then max backtrack. Chrono is one of the game breaker ultimate certainly in dota2 top 5 skills so please get each time possible.
if i front lot of harrass i will put 2 level in time walk and max back track first.
if i front 2 ranges squishy heroes i will play safe but still go for time walk 2 level and time lock 3 level then call for gank and chrono and last hit the enemies.

first skill to manage is escape gank with timewalk. your babysitter wards well placed , let the enemy believe he will gank you until the last moment then timewalk out in the trees if needed TP to safer place. time is money, money is item and more they lose time closer they are to lose the game.

the second is initiate with timewalk, to slow the enemy and pray for a bash to occur and power on MoM if it s safe.

last one and the hardest skill to master is the chronosphere: a perfect chrono is when the 5 enemies are on the edge of it and your team mates all out of it have 5 second of free wacking. But Do not dream, it will never be that perfect. Try to get all the enemy stunner and other silencer in it will be good enough. chose the most annoying one and put him to death ,chose another squishy one to try to get a bash when chrono is out of time. Primary targets: silencer, witch doctor, disruptor, kunnkka, POM if not ultimate yet, SF, outworld devourer, brewmaster, weaver, lich. The point is to cancelled the most annoying ultimate or to kill a sneaky carry.

Chronosphere CD is not that long so use it 1VS1 if you are sure to get this over fed slark or PL. Chrono doesn t reveal that slark ult' so use it wisely.

Creeping / Jungling

your are a battlefury or mjollnir player , farm your late game items. don t time walk if you lack of mana and feel like teamfight smell. time walk to Roshan so no one will notice you are getting the aegis. TP to other lane if the maps says they are coming for your head. try to get tower kill: it s a lot of gold specially early when chrono is not available and you won't do much in team fight, better you split and push.
for those hand of midas fans jungling during chrono cooldown is a must.

lane organisation

you picked FV and you have a range support with you. you are here to level up, kill creeps and denied yours timelock and a blade will help. your support will shoot anyone come close to you, spam skills to keep your enemies unsafe and help you to denie. he will provide wards and tangos, Level 6 call your midlane or offlaner and chrono. You are the carry and you should get the kills, make sure no one steal kill: this is your job early. Watcha for that gold/exp rune... this should be yours each time it s pop up as well.

Enemies will hunt you as soon as they will understand you to be the main threat. sometimes before that. then you have to carry TP and switch lane if they are camping yours making your farming impossible. If you get ahead the game is 90 % of the time won. anyone fears a big VOid so they will make your farm impossible so you need mobility. don t hesitate to call a counter gank as early it s really cool to get a last hit on a enemy hero to complete MoM or hand of midas.

best allies, worst enemies

As any heroes, Void sinergies with some heroes better than others.

during the laning phase i really like to be with:

Lich for the extra EXP, farming safely Under your tower, the high harass potential and Level 6 Deadly combo.

Witch doctor for the stun , heal and level 6 Deadly combo.

those 2 are my favorites because all the game a good chrono will lead to a successful team fight.

Wind ranger is also a quite good support with heavy harass potential and stun giving an extra wacking time after Chrono.

disruptor is Deadly at level 6 but doesn t support that well early because he can t keep you safe farming.
Same for Ancient Apparion.
SkyWrath Mage is of the same kind but he can insure you an easy last hit kill Under chronosphere. better than the 2 above whom deal sequenced damage.

after those best friends Lion, Lina and shadow Shaman can be correct support there disable and higher damage early keeping your lane enemies low health and subject to gank.

Healers like Dazzle, warlock and omniknight are viable but doesn't allow a safe farm against very hard lane with double stuns or stun + orbwalkers.

I forgot to talk about those allies whom work well in team fight but not in laning phase (thanks to comments):
Sand king can put his ultimate really easily after Chrono.
earthshaker or tiny can safely place their deadly combos as well

Now Lets talk about our Worst enemies:

silencer is always as he lick your mana and hit hard : cahnge lane or call for a tri lane.

Doom makes you useless but you can still lifesteal if he doesn t have scepter now. hunt for him in the jungle during his ultimate cooldown.

Skywrath mage slow and silence + ulti can take you down in a second, but in the chrono he is just food.

Viper skills are really annoying in team fights: if you wack him you lose AS and MS if he wacks you and he will, you lose MS and AS too. in lane phase his harass hurts badly.

Lich is also a pain in the *** specially his frozen armor which make enemies tanky and rapes your AS...

Any heroes with a long disabaling ulti going through BKB: Bane, batrider, Beastmaster, Enigma.

Omniknight is any hard carry enemy with his ult.

late game a fat Tiny is always a problem with cracky exterior.

Bane and outworld devourer will reduce your farming ability greatly.

The super ganker can be a problem for you like Centaur (dagger), io, VS, Lion, lina, NYX, pudge (dagger), shadow shaman (dagger), sven (dagger), Puck.
And the worst of them Storm spirit who can hunt you down after chrono timewalk even if you TP!!!!

My favorite teams to enjoy my void:

1 Witch doctor, kunkka, sky wrath mage, centaur or Axe
2 Lich, disruptor, darkseer, axe or centaur
3 venomancer, VIPER, AA, Centaur or AXE or earthshaker
4 Gyrocopter, withdoctor, elder titan, lich
5 Ogre magi, withdoctor, tidehunter, Viper
6 warlock, tidehunter, stormspirit, Kunkka.
7 Windranger, darkseer, disruptor, kunkka.

mix of those team works well for most cases.

unbeatable enemy team:

DOOM, Stormspirit, silencer, puck, Viper..... if you see that: Repick for a range carry if you have to carry.

Mistake i have seen/ failed Void.

*Void should farm his core. if your team ganks a lot don t waste time walking lane to lane : use TP. if you don t have ultimate ready, think twice before going with your team.

*MoM should be wisely used... don t light it on to earn AS if you want to reach that Viper : you will be dead before reaching him.

*Wasting ultimate when you are sure to die in a gank.

*using ultimate to steal kill because your team mate doesn t feed you: better to let them understand you need this money and EXP more than them.

*Build a Hand of midas if you are having hard time to farm....

*focus fire a centaur or axe.

*rush BKB: if you don t have damage output you are not ready to go in to team fight except if you are the initiator.

*Chrono Under enemy tower while the tower is not in the bubble. taking free damage is never welcome.

*ultimate slark while he already ultimate.....nothing reveals him.

*blink in enemy team without BKB on and get disable/silence before chrono.... Noob Void

*blink into trees to escape if the enemies can blink or destroy the trees.

*don't participate to team fight and ganks as soon as chronosphere is available!!!!

Chapter Title

It s my first guide here and i expect comments and suggestion to give any Void player a strong playing support. faceless void have different ways to be played in order to farm items and pawning late game.

hope you enjoy reading my guide and forgive my poor English.

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