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Faceless Void Utility Carry [7.00] Updated

December 18, 2016 by Bendarr
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Build 1
Build 2

Incremental Offlaner

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 5 7

Time Dilation

4 12 13 14

Time Lock

2 8 9 10


6 11 16


Hero Talents

+140 Chronosphere AoE
+20% Backtrack
+70 Time Lock Damage
+120 Attack Speed in Chronosphere
-1.5s Time Walk Cooldown
+7% Time Dilation slow per Cooldown
+0.5s Time Walk Backtracked Time
+6 Time Dilation Damage Per Second


The 'new meta' you'll see in tons of 1k or 2k games is safelane void with vanguard for survivability, radiance and octarine.

The problem with this is, there are so many problems actually.

1) There are many better heroes that can benefit from the safe lane plus periodic jungle farming.
2) Void is either a full on tanky carry capable of team wiping, or he just gets targeted and killed off early on because this build is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE and offers no early game strengths aside from being durable enough to run away or hope your team comes to your aid before you finally die.
3) Late game you fall off. Like, you only get kills by being lucky with this build.
4) Completely depends on another carry to pull off the victory

The reason for this build is because he no longer has a 25% evasion chance from backtrack, so you have to use time walk defensively. This is fine in some games but not all, especially the instant the enemy team recognizes you are building a tank void. Every game I see it I know my team can easily remove him from the game. The 17% evasion at the massive cost of a radiance is meaningless, and late game it does such insignificant damage it isn't worth it. Radiance is meant for fast farmers, not to force a slow farmer to farm the entire game almost.

Why a utility semi-carry?

With him losing backtrack and the 25% chance at completely evading a magical target spell or a physical attack, and now also him losing his extended duration ultimate with Aghanim's Scepter, you cannot pull off a hard carry unless the enemy is dumb enough to let the game extend enough for his items to be completed or for void to free-farm enough to get all of his endgame team-wipe build items.

I played plenty of games with a full-on carry void, and plenty with the 'new meta' as well as other builds and it just doesn't work out in most situations. I don't even prefer radiance on him. You end up completely relying on your teammates. So that's where utility team-supporting void comes in!

The fact that you are going to be in the front-line of almost every team fight makes you having the Vladmir's Offering an almost necessity. If you put it on another team member they might die which compromises the entire team and makes it weaker. You are the strengthening bond of the team. You also save another hero from having to buy it, which opens up other item options for them further strengthening the team. Why no radiance? Because while it does give 17% miss-rate scorch to the entire enemy team surrounding you as well as denies blink attacks, it just simply costs too much. It turns void into a guy that walks around the map, sometimes using his ult, but unable to really kill anyone in it by himself if needed. It turns him full-utility rather than semi-carry, and with his passive bash and other skills he is much more advantageous to be used as a utility semi-carry.

While laning - Keep your creep wave close

You MUST last hit even if it's the offlane and the other heroes are focusing you. Void specifically is built to withstand the offlane, almost better than any other carry hero. This allows the main carry to take advantage of the safe lane farm.

You must use the stick and your Q to last hit and deny your own creeps as much as possible to keep the creep wave near your tower. You get the bonus armor near the tower, plus you can use it to your advantage to initiate the enemy and trick them into getting hit by the tower while you properly evade everything they throw at you. Haha.

If the lane is relatively easy, you can auto attack (making sure you still try to last hit) and push the lane out far, then instantly run and kill the hard camp near the ancients, then rotate back to your lane once it is pushed back towards your tower. You have to have balls to solo lane, so if you are too uneasy and can't seem to get the last hits you need, demand a ranged support come with you to help you farm.

Why the incremental item build?

The incremental small items are a combination of all 3 of the best builds I've played with to allow him early survivability, early ganking capabilities, and then mid-to-endgame full utility support and kill potential.

The final items of this build are for extremely extended late game to turn him back into more of a hard carry to aid with the finish of the game and to ensure victory. Buy the shard and farm for the Silver Edge, or just eat a shard when you have an additional 4k saved up after Silver Edge! Only in rare cases would I suggest to get an early shadow blade, but don't waste a slot on a blink dagger in my opinion.

Build order quick-reference

- GET THE RUNE. I REPEAT GET THE RUNE. (unless you have an alchemist or 2 early farm dependent carries)

- Secure tons of last hits with quelling blade; if you can't last hit, this hero is not for you. Use the magic stick early along with the Poorman's Shield and Ring of Health to keep going out and last hitting even if you have to use your time walk after taking damage.

- Rush the midas but get treads and toggle them for last hitting and being attacked if needed. The treads are your initial hp bank and speed away from towers.

- Buy TP scrolls as needed to aid the team, this should be a given.

- Bloodthorn and Silver Edge are very beneficial as items because they basically combine 2 pre-existing items and put them into 1 slot, almost giving you 8 items instead of 6.


If you can pull this off correctly, it is so far the most durable, most effective, most cost efficient and team strengthening core utility/carry builds I've ever played in the game.

As long as you can last hit and keep the creep wave EXACTLY where you want it, I've been able to get all the the starter items plus an orchid or rush the echo-vlads between 16 and 20 minutes usually. If it's a rough lane maybe 22 mins. You can even push the lane out and rotate between the hard camp and back to lane since the Q distance is extended even more. Very safe.

Test it out yourself. Let me know what worked and didn't work for you! Compare it to the (lame) vanguard-radiance-octarine core build and you'll see the difference in team fighting.

Update: May 4th - Added an alternate utility build to aid in teamfights against extremely right click dependant melee teams.

Update: December 19th 2016 - Changed the build around for 7.00

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