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Faceless Void: New Safelane Build

March 30, 2016 by LaneBoy
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 5 7

Time Dilation

10 12 13 14

Time Lock

2 4 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

Faceless Void: New Safelane Build

March 30, 2016


Hey guys,

New member here so you are about to see/read some mistakes as far as the guide is concerned.
I joined because i would like to share my build on Faceless. I am relatively new to the game, joined in the late 2014, so i did not have the pleasure the play the F.V 1vs5 everyone is talking about . Anyways, the moment i started playing this game i loved the hero, his timewalk, his passives and the best ultimate (for me) in the game the Chrono.
Since 6.86 patch almost nobody picks FV for safelane carry, at least he is not picked as he used to be. And those who pick him either stick to the old mom+daed+etc build or go the new one Vanguard+Radiance+Vlads+etc (and usually those guys go offlane..except for Waga :D ) .

Well my build is different and so far it works for me. I wanted to create a build that :
1)Allows FV to have an impact in game from early on 2) To be as cost effective as possible

For your information A.S=Attack Speed / DMG=Attack Damage / ARM= Armor / M.S.=Movement Speed

So here we go..



So the game begins , i buy these items because imo these are the only starting items that allow and help me be in lane and contest for some last hits and denies even when it's a dual enemy lane. The 8tangoes give the regen you need, the stout shield give you damage block and the faerie fire a +2 additional damage on an already high based dmg hero like FV AND most importantly to instantly consume and regen +75 hp , really crucial on whether you are going to survive a gank OR manage to kill in the nick of time your lane opponent.

2~3 Minutes in Lane

By now, if you have a proper support you must have accomplished enough last hits in order to buy your next items. First i buy from the Secret Shop next to me the Quelling Blade despite the high base dmg of the hero, i still get this item to help me "secure" the last hits i want when the enemy is really aggresive and can spam spells.
The second item i get is a Magic Stick which i upgrade as fast as possible to the Magic Wand this item synergises with your first skill in such a good way, because it allows you to stack it while you neglect the damage and spells you take by simply timewalking.

Early Game

After you have purchased your Magic Wand, your Quelling Blade and you already have your Stout Shield (which you can always upgrade on your Poor Mans Shield-if your farm is going the way you want) your aim is to get your good ol' Power Treads.

By now because of the MW your base stats will be A.S=130 / DMG=69 / ARM=5 / MS=300
the moment you get to have your Power Treads, because of the 1.26 armor and the 34 A.S of the item, your stats increase to A.S=166 / DMG=81 / ARM=6 / MS=345 .

In 1st sight nothing exceptional right ? but if you manage to get them early on, they will make your life 100% times easier in lane, because of the simple fact that most new players neglect it, that you can SWITCH them. You dont have mana to timewalk you switch them to INT, you need HP you switch them to STR and so on.

The second major item you get is YASHA now everyone will be like "wtf" but lets take a look at our stats after buying this thing A.S=197 (0,86!p/s)/ DMG=97 / ARM=9 / M.S=372 . So to cut a long story short you get enough Attack Speed and relatively mediocre DMG but this Attack Speed will synergize with your TimeLock passive which by now is maxed and can secure you a solo ChronoKill because simply the Timelock DMG is doubled inside Chrono (from 40/50/60/70 to 80/100/120/WHOOPING 140) it's best to target your chronoes on low hp heroes and most importantly Supports, i mean thats what always Void used to do in the early game right ?

Total Cost of P.T and Yasha= 3400 when MOM + P.T= 3150 or Vanguard + P.T.=3500
The old build is for 250 cheaper and the new one is 100 more expensive. With each build
you earn something - you lose something, with old build you earn A.S. you earn Lifesteal but you take 30% more damage with offlane build (for safelane carry usage) you tank up but u lack the A.S and the DMG a safelane carry wants.

MID Game

We are Mid Game now, if everything is going well you must have some chrono kills and taken some towers, my next item on my purchase list is Desolator yup
your read it right, Desolator but why would i buy this item instead of Daedalus or MKB or BF etc. For the simplest reasons, it gives you a whooping +50 DMG output, it gives you "7" armor reduction but most importantly it only costs 3500 when everything else costs 4500+++ and we are talking about MID game right. If you manage to chrono almost any hero in your chrono, you will simply melt him with the Desolator and Timelock DMG combination and the moment your opponents face you even if they know that you want have your Chrono, they will run away.
Your next purchase depends on wether the enemy team has silence or not and if they do have if its targeted 24/7 on you. If this thing happens you upgrade your Yasha into Manta, you activate and you get rid of that partypooper so can timewalk the dmg you take and rejoin fight or just #EEvoice#getback!getback!getback#EEvoice#! plus the stats are always good after Mante -> A.S.=210 / DMG=109+50 /ARM=10 /M.S=379. If the enemy does not have silences i usually go for Sange & Yasha for the tankiness,move & attackspeed.


Anyway, that's what i had to offer. I know a lot of people are going to question this build, laugh with it or whatever but at least give it a try. But please dont judge it in a game where your support is sleeping or any other lane feeds, judge it in a normal game.

I hope you like it, cu around folk!

Late Game Luxury Items/Situational

We have reached late game, our core items are bought and we got some gold to spent
on what we are going to buy depends (like always) on what you have to face. You have to face
a lot of physical dmg in teamfights you go for Assault Cuirass, you have to face enemies with evasion you get your Monkey King Bar, they burst you down you take Heart, you face a big on spells enemy team you take BKB, you need some critical damage to finish off big strength targets you buy your Daedalus or if the game is just for the giggles you buy as many moonshards as you like.

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