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Faceless Void - Lategame dominion

January 26, 2013 by Light2
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Hardcore Farming

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 4 5 7

Time Dilation

3 12 13 14

Time Lock

2 8 9 10


6 11 16



Chapter 1. When to pick Void

The most important part of the entire game with Void is at the Hero-selection stage. You need to know when to pick Void and when not to pick him. I'm actually thinking of pedagogic ways of how to stress the importance of the picking stage. Throughout this guide, I will refer back to this chapter because 90% of the problems that you might face when you play Void is related to the picking phrase. Roughly speaking:

i) Pick Void when you feel you are going to be able to farm relatively undisturbed throughout the game.
ii) Do not pick Void if you feel the enemies or your team is going to greatly disturb your ability to farm.

(ii) can occur in many situations, for example;
a) Your team already has 1 or more carrys.
b) Your enemies have heavy nukers and disablers.
c) Your team doesn't have enough good support heroes picked.
d) etc, etc...

1b. Heroes that synergize with Void

i) Ranged damage dealing heroes such as Invoker, Shadow Fiend and others. Rationale: If you jump in and ulti and your teammates have ranged damage heroes, ulti the enemies so that your ranged damage dealers are outside of it, able to damage the enemies within the Chronosphere.
Ranged heroes who compete with Void in farming such as Troll are suboptimal.

ii) Lane-support heroes such as Omniknight, Dazzle, Lich and others.

iii) Stun-based heroes such as Earthshaker and Magnus.

1c. Heroes that do not synergze well with Void.

i) Other heroes designed to hard carry such as Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Spectre and others. Rationale: Void does not need competition to farm creeps, jungle and do ancients and other hard carry based heroes offer unhealthy competition to Void's farm.

1d. Optimal and suboptimal team composition for Void

Two examples of good team setups for Void:
i) Leshrac, KotL, Earthshaker, Shadow Fiend, Faceless Void.
ii) Enigma, Chen, Dark Seer, Sven, Faceless Void.

Two examples of bad team setups for Void:
i) Phantom Assassin, Sniper, Juggernauth, Lifestealer, Void.
ii) Troll Warlord, Medusa, Lychantrope, Phantom Lancer, Void.

(The bad examples are extreme just to teach a clear message: Do not pick Void when your team already has carrys. You are just going to compete with eachother for forest-farming and you will be ganked to hell by good opponents and loose early)

Chapter 2. Choosing lane

The best lanes you can choose as Void are either
i) Bottom lane as Radiance or
ii) Top lane as Dire

For the reason that these lanes give access to the forest. Midlaning is not suitable for Void at all. There are exceptions to this rule.

Communicate with your team. For reasons explained above, clearly Void should avoid laning with another semi carry or carry in the team. Try getting to lane with a Dazzle or Lich. If they do not understand it, tell them that you need to farm so they shouldn't try out-last hitting you. Void starts with about 61 white damage. With a Quelling Blade, it should be quite impossible to out-last hit a Void. However, there are such heroes like Tiny who have really high early game damage. Make sure they do not compete with you in last-hitting.

And if you are in a team where your allies really want to last hit because they need farm, then you have chosen Void in the wrong team composition for reasons explained in Chapter 1.

Chapter 3. Utilizing spells

Optimally, you want 2 or 3 enemy heroes in your Chronosphere. More than that is rare and requires the enemies to stay really close to eachother. Do not be affraid to ulti even if you catch only two enemies within it. Sometimes it can be really bad to ulti more than two heroes, because if you do not have enough gear or team support, you will die immediately when the ulti is out. Use your judgment and experience to use Chronosphere well.

Which spell you max first is heavily dependant on your team and your enemies. There are situations where you should max Backtrack first if you face heavy nukers in your lane. You might want to max Time Lock first aswell, getting only 1-2 points into Time Walk. Use your judgment as to which spell to max first. Generally, I go for the skill build you see posted above.

Skill combo: Time Walk (W) into 2-3 enemies. Ulti (R). Pop MoM (SPACE). Focus the enemy carry or nuker first. High priority targets are:
i) Troll Warlord
ii) Drow Ranger
iii) Invoker
(you get the picture).

Chapter 4. Short notes on itemization

I know I'm probably going to get a lot of **** from teenagers for this statement but I've played DotA since 5.84b and I remember the good old days when Void ultimate used to stun all heroes around the map for 2 seconds, with a very-very long cooldown. The good ol' days when Terrorblade dominated all heroes in lategame. There is a lot of experience behind this statement which reads:

"Itemization is generally not that important for hard-carrys, what is important however is the fact that you do have gold to buy high tier items in the first place!"

So the start items and early/mid/lategame items I posted are just suggestions. Feel free to play around with it. You might skip Hand of Midas, go straight for MoM and then Battle Fury. There are situations where you might have to start with a BKB if you face heroes such as Shadow Shaman and Lion who just keep on stunning you. There are situations where you might skip Battle Fury totally and go for a Mjolnir, I've seen Na'Vi players do this with Void.

The items themselves are not that important and are subjected to judgment, what heroes you are facing and so-on. But what is important is that you have enough gold to buy good items! Then if you choose Daedalus, MKB or Butterfly, I don't care (although I prefere MKB personally).

And please, before all the black-and-white arguments come, I said "generally". I didn't say "always", but "generally". That means that there are a few exceptions to this. If you play Clinkz, I'd strongly argue that you need to rush for an Orchid Malevolence. If you play Lifestealer, an Armlet, etc.

Chapter 5. Heroes to be careful when playing against

There are almost no counters to a farmed Void in lategame. However, there are plenty of counters to Void in early/mid game making him unavailable to farm. If you feel the enemies have many of these gank/nuke heroes, do not pick Void.

i) Pudge
ii) Tinker
iii) Queen of Pain
iv) Storm Spirit
v) Invoker

You get the picture.

There are a few heroes that have a chance of countering Void in lategame. Examples of such heroes are:

i) Phantom Lancer
ii) Axe with Blademail
iii) Omniknight who doesn't get Chronosphered
iv) Silencer, etc.

Chapter 6. Support and nuke heroes

Are the most important heroes in DotA 2. The heroes such as KotL, Chen, Dazzle, QoP, Pudge, Storm Spirit etc do decide the game. Their failure or dominance in early game will be the crucial determinant of your success. If your intelligence heroes fail early game, you will not be able to farm and you will loose. In these cases it would have been much better for you to not pick Void in the first place (read ch 1, when to pick Void).

Chapter 7. Replay

Match-ID: 108587707
Comments: I thanked Pudge after the game and I did commend him, because his dominance in early game gave me the space to be able to farm properly. And you saw the consequence of a farmed Void.

Match-ID: 105254142
Comments: A much more problematic and non-linear game. Watch how Void can beat some harder carrys later in the game.

Match-ID: 100802033
Comments: Shows how a farmed Void can turn around a lost game.

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